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Gravimon Darkness Mode is the DigiFuse of Gravimon, Thunderbirdmon, Eaglemon, Hippogriffomon, Sagittarimon, Cerberumon, and Centarumon. Regeneration Frustration!


  • High Gravity Punch: Elastically extends its arm into a gravity-enhanced punch.
  • High Gravity Pressure: Elastically extends both of its arms and burdens the opponent with intense gravity pressure, compressing them to their limit.


Gravimon Darkness Mode has Gravimon's body, with Thunderbirdmon's wingtips on its head-wings, Eaglemon's wings as head-wings, Hippogriffomon's shoulders, Sagittarimon's groin, Cerberumon's feet, and Centarumon's legs.


Gravimon Darkness Mode (グラビモン ダークネスモード)

Name used in Digimon Fusion. No official romanization available.


Digimon Fusion

Notes and references

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