Guardromon (Gold)
(ガードロモン (金))
Level Champion
Attribute Unidentified, Free
Debut Digimon World: Next Order
Prior forms Solarmon[1]
Partners Tokyo Shock Groove

Guardromon (Gold) is a Digimon.

Guardromon, guardian of the Chrome Digizoid mine, transformed to withstand the repeated, relentless raids from illegal miners. This is supposedly the result of Guardromon's armor taking in the Chrome Digizoid dust data floating in the air, making it more durable than a normal Guardromon's armor. It also succeeds in raising the output of its special move, Destruction Grenade. In exchange, however, the armor is heavier and its movements are consequently sluggish.[3]


  • Destruction Grenade (Grenade Destroyer): Fires whistling missiles from the retractable missile launchers in its forearms.


Guardromon (Gold) has an armored body is made of solid golden iron. It also has rocket jets mounted on its back.


Guardromon (Gold) (ガードロモン (金))

Official name used in Digimon World: Next Order. Base name shares a romanization with Guardromon.


Digimon World: Next Order

Guardromon (Gold) is an Unkown attribute Weapon type Champion level Digimon and digivolves from Solarmon and ToyAgumon and can digivove to MetalMamemon, Datamon and Rapidmon (Armor), as well as PlatinumSukamon if his waste gauge is filled to maximum.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory

Guardromon (Gold) is a Free Electric type Champion level Digimon, who uses 6 memory and is number 80 in the Field Guide. It digivolves from ToyAgumon, Solarmon and FanBeemon and can digivolve to Grademon, Duramon, Andromon, Rapidmon (Armor) with the Digi-Egg of Destiny and Magnamon with the Digi-Egg of Miracles. Its special attack is D-Grenade and its support skill is Ironclad Defence which increases Defence by 15%.

A Solarmon hires Keisuke Amazawa to find out how it can get a glorious golden body, just like its boss - Guardomon (Gold). Keisuke and Solarmon then hack into the area that Guardromon guards, to intentionally get its attention. When it shows up, it is in no mood to talk as it has to deal with the hacker who just got into the system. Keisuke defeats it however, though when explaining why he was here, the Guardromon explains that it once used to be a Solarmon, so the Solarmon just needs to work hard and it'll eventually digivolve and gain a golden body too. The Solarmon is ecstatic to learn this, whilst the Guardomon is happy that a real hacker wasn't the one to get in, though states it'll need to work even harder to keep the area safe. The two then thank Keisuke, who then leaves.

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