Guilmon X
(ギルモンX抗体 Guilmon X-Antibody)
Guilmon X b
Level Rookie
Type Demon Dragon
Attribute Virus
Family Nature SpiritsDragon's Roar
Debut Bx-52: Guilmon
Next forms Growlmon X[1]

Guilmon X is a Demon Dragon Digimon and carrier of the X Antibody.


  • Fireball
  • Fire Mitt
  • Rock Breaker


Guilmon X is an enhanced version of Guilmon. It lacks Guilmon's Digital Hazard and some of its triangle markings.


Guilmon X-Antibody (ギルモンX抗体)

Standard naming scheme for Digimon who are not natural carriers of the X-Antibody.

Notes and references

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