This article is about the Hackmon who appears in Digimon Adventure tri.. For the Hackmon who appears in the Digimon Adventure PSP game, see Hackmon (Adventure).
(ハックモン Huckmon)
Hackmon t
Appears in:Digimon Adventure tri.
First appearance "Reunion" [01]
Last appearance "Coexistence" [05]
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Shunsuke Takeuchi
(En:) Aaron LaPlante[1]

Hackmon is a messenger of Homeostasis.


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Hackmon is a Digimon who observes the DigiDestined's Digimon.

On June 19, 2005, he observes Meicoomon walking in the port. Later, he observes the DigiDestined after their fight against Kuwagamon. Several days later, he observes Alphamon attacking Meicoomon, and fades away. Reunion Some days later, he stares at the building where Meiko Mochizuki lives. When Leomon is talking to the DigiDestined about the infection, he hears their conversation. Leomon detects him, but Hackmon leaves before being caught. He later spies as Meiko shows her festival outfir to Meicoomon. At Tsukishima General High School's cultural festival, Hackmon observes the fight against Imperialdramon. Determination Some time after Meicoomon's disappearance, Hackmon reports to someone that he still can't find her, but thinks she's not in the Digital World, and that he'll continue to look. When the DigiDestined arrive at the rebooted Digital World, Jesmon is fighting Alphamon. Confession

Some time later, Hackmon reveals himself to Daigo Nishijima, explaining about the behavior and the true intentions of Maki Himekawa. He tells he is a messenger of Homeostasis replacing Gennai after he had fallen to the dark side and serving as an agent to King Drasil. He also tells about Maki becoming an ally of King Drasil, revealing that she was the one who was responsible for the reboot of the Digital World. Hackmon finally warns Daigo about the progress of King Drasil's plans for Digimon and humans, and that Meicoomon is the "Libra" that can cause the destruction of both worlds if it falls into the wrong hands. Hackmon disappears after this. Loss He later reappears to warn Daigo again for the upcoming catastrophic event that are about to occur if Meicoomon is not stopped. He tells him that Homeostasis decided to take the matter on its own hands as DigiDestined have failed to solve the situation. He warp digivolves again to Jesmon in an attempt to destroy Meicoomon under Homeostasis's orders, but fails due to the interference of both the DigiDestined and Alphamon. Coexistence

Other Forms


7-03 Jesmon

Jesmon is Hackmon's Mega from. He is able to defend himself by donning his cloak. Confession

When the DigiDestined arrive on the rebooted Digital World, Jesmon is fighting Alphamon. Confession

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