Himari Oofuchi
(大淵 ヒマリ Oofuchi Himari)
Himari Oofuchi and Rikka b
Himari is the girl.
Appears in:Digimon World: Next Order
Actor(s):(Ja:) Nao Toyama[1]
(Eng:) Cristina Vee[2]
Gender Female
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Tamer

Himari Oofuchi (大淵 ヒマリ Oofuchi Himari?) is a Tamer partenered to Rikka.[1]


Himari is a teenage girl with tanned skin, short dark purple hair, purple eyes, and a large chest. Her hairstyle resembles a cat's fur, with two tufts of hair in the back of the head resembling a cat's ears. She wears a purple headband on her head, and a white "X"-shaped hairpin on a left tuft of hair. She also wears a purple shirt with baggy sleeves and a blue ribbon in the chest. She also wears white short shorts, a pink belt, white stockings, and brown boots. The stockings have purple paw prints on the thigh, and a purple cat face-like logo on its top. Both the stocking and the boots are cut in a way that exposes the back of the feet. The stockings also have purple bows near the bottom cut. In the in-game model, the shirt also has two blue straps tied to the neck in choker-like shape.


Himari is a stable and strong-willed person, although it appears that the moment she gets an idea into her head she immediately goes into action without a second thought, she's actually the type to suppress her own feelings and work hard for someone else. Occasionally, Takuto/Shiki sees her making a tormented expression.[1]


Himari Oofuchi (大淵 ヒマリ)

Name used in Digimon World: Next Order.

  • Ja: Oofuchi (大淵?). Japanese surname that means "large deep pool".
  • Ja: Himari (ヒマリ?) A Japanese feminine name. Similar to Hikari, the name of a Digimon Adventure character who is also partnered to a Salamon. The name Himari can be written "光鞠", which contains the kanji for "light" (?), like "Kouta" when written "光太".


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