Hina Kurihara
(栗原 ヒナ Kurihara Hina)
Hina Kurihara b
Appears in:Digimon Links
Gender Female
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Navigator

Hina Kurihara (栗原 ヒナ[1] Kurihara Hina?) is the player's navigator in Digimon Links.


Hina is a teenage girl with fair skin, green eyes, and short pink hair. She wears a blue and white beret with a pixel-like pattern on it, a white and blue ear microphone on her left ear, a white sleeveless dress with a dark blue collar, a yellow scarf and green brooch on the chest, and light pixel-like patterns on dress's hemline, and near the waits. She also wears white with a dark blue fold in the wrist, similar to the dress's collar, a beige belt, a red Digital Monster-like pouch on the right hip, black leggings with a blue hemline, and white dark blue sneakers, also with a fold similar to dress's collar. The sneakers also have a beige belt on the ankle.



Hina Kurihara (栗原 ヒナ)

Official name used in both Japanese and English version of Digimon Links.

  • Ja: Kurihara (栗原?). Japanese surname that means "chestnut field".
  • Ja: Hina (ヒナ?) A Japanese feminine name.


Notes and references

  1. Her given name was initially written in hiragana as "ひな".<!->