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Hong Kong Landing! Protect the Super-Maiden Idol!!
(Hon Kon Jouriku! Chō-Bishōjo Aidoru wo Mamore!!)
Airdate (Ja:) December 4, 2011
Toei Animation

Nene calls Xros Heart to Hong Kong.


After receiving an urgent call for help from Nene, who is working as a popular idol in Hong Kong, Tagiru and his friends head to Hong Kong. Nene says she's been having problems for about a week with a stalker in a mask following her around. Worse yet, when the police pursued the masked stalker, he escaped to DigiQuartz, the Digimon world! Tagiru suddenly becomes intent on protecting Nene, but it turns out the masked stalker is a powerful foe who uses Harpymon, a Digimon with extraordinary flying ability, in his schemes! The strength of Nene's Digimon, Sparrowmon, is essential to defeat Harpymon. Nene and Sparrowmon immediately join Tagiru and company as they all venture into battle together!

--Adding beginning/middle parts soon; just adding ending

After Tagiru asks Nene to lend Sparrowmon, he DigiFuses Arresterdramon and Sparrowmon to form XrosUpArresterdramon. Arresterdramon hits Harpymon, who then flees in an attempt to escape. They fight around the area, and Harpymon launches an attack to drive Arresterdramon off, but he avoids and counterattacks, defeating Harpymon. Tagiru then collects and captures Harpymon's data. Nene thanks Tagiru, and he blushes greatly.

The masked man takes off his wig. Nene and Ewan recognize the man as their father, who doesn't remember what he did recently. Mr. Amano finds the two here and Nene asks him what happened. He tells them he was reading a newspaper and looked at his laptop, worried about Nene. Two eyes appear on the laptop, and he is dragged into DigiQuartz, finding a Digimon and is in shock. The Digimon tells him that he wants to protect his daughter, and that he'll use his energy so he will always be close to her. Mr. Amano is then hypnotized into his trance.

Mr. Amano tells Nene that something had taken over his mind and used his love for her into energy. Mr. Amano apologizes to her, Ewan and their friends for causing trouble to them. Nene hugs him for knowing that he is watching over her despite the decisions she made for herself.

Back in the Real World, Nene's fans await an encore from her, which she does. Mr. Amano and Xros Heart watch from a distance, with Mr. Amano is glad for Nene, whose concert was wonderful and that many people came to see her.


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Hong Kong, Victoria Harbour
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Amano Nene
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Digimon Introduction Corner

Type: Mythical Animal
Special Moves
Wind Seeker
Clockmon: "Harpymon! A Digimon with wings for arms, who flies the skies at high speed!"
Old Clock Shop Man: "Its special attack is controlling the winds to release hollow blades of air, Wind Seeker!"
Mikey: "Okay now! DigiXros with Jijimon! DigiXros! Huh? It's just Jijimon... Where did Harpymon go?"
Harpymon: "Hapy!"
Gumdramon: "There he is! He's using him as a bird's nest!"

Other notes

Continuity errors

Animation errors

  • When Nene starts to dance, her stockings are missing and her boots are colored all red.

Digimon references

Real-world references

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