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Hyokomon b
Level Rookie
Type Chick
Attribute Vaccine
Prior forms Chicchimon[1]
Next forms Buraimon[2]

Hyokomon is a Chick Digimon whose name and design is derived from the onomatopoeia for unsteady steps (「ひょこひょこ」 "Hyokohyoko"?), as well as the Chick (Gallus gallus domesticus) ( Hiyoko?). It is a chick samurai that digivolved from Chicchimon and went wandering in order to master swordsmanship.[3]

Digimon Story: Lost Evolution

Hyokomon digivolves from Chicchimon and can digivolve into Buraimon. It can be found in the Packet Coast.


  • Karatakewari (からたけわり? lit. "Cleaving Cut")

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