Infermon b
Level Ultimate
Type Unidentified
Attribute Unidentified
Family Dark Area
Nightmare Soldiers
Debut Digimon Adventure: Our War Game!
Prior forms Chrysalimon[1]
Next forms Diaboromon[2]
DigiFuse forms DigiFuse Chart
Partners Willis[3]
Dark Master
Metal Soldier
Arata Sanada
Voice actors (En:) Paul St. Peter (Digimon: The Movie), Richard Cansino (Tamers)[4]
Cards (Ja:) St-274, St-275, St-802, Bo-243, Bo-428, Bo-29t, Dα-038
(En:) Bo-222, Mo-11, DT-141, DM-092

Infermon is an Unidentified Digimon. It has an appearance like a long-legged spider, and while its form is usually in an outstretched state, with its head and limbs extended, it is also able to assume a cocoon form, with its limbs retracted into its body. When it goes into its cocoon form, its defensive power is raised such that every attack is deflected, but it can only go forward in a straight line, and the fact that it cannot modify its trajectory is a clear weakness. It is able to penetrate every Network, despite the strength of their security. If Infermon is released from the Network, the world will probably then collapse into chaos.[5]


  • Spider Shooter[6] (Hell's Grenade): Fires off shells of a terrible, destructive energy from the gun muzzle inside of its mouth.
  • Cocoon Attack: Charges the opponent with its cocoon form.
  • Virus Skater
  • Network Grenade


Its design is influenced by the Y2K Bug. Its spider-like appearance may also reference the Web crawler, also known as a web spider.


Infermon (インフェルモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


Digimon Adventure: Our War Game!

Main article: Infermon (Adventure)

Digimon Adventure (PSP game)

Main article: Infermon (Adventure)

Digimon Tamers

While Beelzemon tests his new powers on a bunch of Chrysalimon, Calumon's power digivolves the remaining Chrysalimon into an Infermon. It immediately attacks Beelzemon but is unable to surmount Beelzemon's strength. It is quickly defeated and absorbed. The Imperfect Storm

Digimon Fusion

Main article: Infermon (Fusion)

Digimon World 3

Infermon can be found in Amaterasu's North Sector, in the Dark Dungeon within Kulon Pit. The Dark Master has this Digimon. Infermon can also be fought on the Gunslinger Satellite in the Real World. In the PAL version of the game, Infermon can be found in Amaterasu's Circuit Boards underground, once Galacticmon has been beat.

Digimon World 4

Numerous Infermon are seen in the Machine Pit.

Digimon Digital Card Battle

Infermon appears in Infinity Tower as the Battle Master. Infermon belongs to the Dark card group. He is also the only Ultimate digimon that needs only 20 dp to digivolve.

Digimon World DS

Infermon digivolves from Chrysalimon, and can digivolve into Diaboromon or Beelzemon.

Digimon World Dawn and Dusk

Infermon is #233, and is an Ultimate-level, Attacker-class, Dark-species Digimon with a resistance to the Dark element and weakness to the Light element. Its basic stats are 224 HP, 229 MP, 126 Attack, 122 Defense, 88 Spirit, 102 Speed, and 45 Aptitude. It possesses the DarkBreath4 4, Protect 4, and Flee 3 traits.

It dwells in the Chaos Brain.

Infermon digivolves from Kurisarimon and can digivolve to Diaboromon. In order to digivolve or degenerate to Infermon, your Digimon must be at least level 36, with 3300 Machine experience and 200 attack.

Infermon can DNA digivolve to Armageddemon with Diaboromon, or to Piedmon with Arukenimon or Phantomon.

Digimon Story: Lost Evolution

Infermon is #156, and is an Ultimate-level, Speed-class, Dark-species Digimon with a resistance to the Dark and Thunder elements, and a weakness to the Holy element. It possesses the Super Escaping Feet, Rich, and Digimon Professor traits.

It dwells in the Shadow Abyss. When defeated, it can drop the debug plate for Infermon

Infermon digivolves from Chrysalimon and can digivolve into Diaboromon or Parasimon. In order to digivolve or degenerate into Infermon, your Digimon must be at least level 26 with 105 defense and 100 speed, but only if you have befriended a Kuramon and revived Infermon.

Notes and references

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  6. This attack retains its original name of "Hell's Grenade" in Digimon Masters.