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Ivy is one of the characters in Digimon World 3. When Teddy, Ivy, and Junior are going to the Digimon world, Junior wonders why she want to come, since she has never shown interest in Digimon. She changes her name to "Kail" when she enters the Digital World. Later on in the Weast Sector, it is discovered that she was searching for Kurt (a.k.a Lucky Mouse) who was actually her brother. Ivy in the beginning didn't get along with Junior. Later on though, Junior and Ivy begin focusing on more important things than arguing, like trying to defeat A.o.A.

In the end however, Ivy and Junior once again begin to fight. When Kurt creates a new company to replace MAGAMI and reopens the Digital World, Junior accuses Ivy and Teddy of being "late" to go to the digital world. This once again sparks and argument, but Teddy intervenes and stops it. Then, she and the rest of the group go to the new Digital World.

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