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What could possibly be wrong with gaining knowledge and information?

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Johnny Beckenstein
3-49 Johnny Beckenstein
Appears in:Digimon Tamers
Voice actor(s):(En:) Dave Wittenberg[1]
Age 51[2]
Gender Male
Nationality American

Johnny Beckenstein (ジョニー・ベッケンスタイン Jonī Bekkensutain?) is an American ally of the Monster Makers. It's not known how they know him, but he too is a technical wizard. When the D-Reaper was attacking the real world, Johnny worked with the Global Taskforce to counterattack with a series of magnetic jamming devices, which were dropped into the D-Reaper’s mass by stealth bombers. Johnny made contact with the Monster Makers via their computers, but he was then cut off as the jammers interfered with the transmission – but unfortunately, they failed to do much damage to the D-Reaper, as it destroyed them with it’s own heat. Afterward, they were able to get back in contact with Johnny, who informed them that a handful of the probes were still functional, and relaying information that allowed them to deduce that the D-Reaper was a quantum bubble. Johnny then left the Monster Makers to their calculations.

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