Keisuke Amazawa
(天沢 ケイスケ Amazawa Keisuke)
Keisuke Amazawa b
Appears in:Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory
Partner(s):Gotsumon, Tentomon, and Betamon
Gender Male
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Hacker

Keisuke Amazawa (天沢 ケイスケ Amazawa Keisuke?) is the protagonist of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory.


Keisuke has black hair, fair skin and wears the Blue Coat of Hudie. Sporting his white shirt while wearing black longs pants and blue shoes. He stashes his goggle digivice around his neck he use in entering EDEN. His Enjoy! Chat avatar is a pouty duck-like bird named "AMA".


Keisuke is a drop out high school student and the newest recruit of Hudie. He is a regular and average guy with low and average grades but his reason to stop attending classes was because of the criticism he received after his EDEN Account was hacked and stolen. He doesn't involved himself from reckless fights, has the sense of judgment for righteousness and helps every digimons he encounter in his missions.

At first he was dumb to know new things such as his hacking ability and relies for explanations from Chitose and Erika. He lets out his pout face whenever he doesn't understand it but Erika the most understand his circumstance. Yet he commits himself as a hacker in the process; step by step learning how and which to use, helping his team as a frontliner, and giving the support they needed.


Keisuke Amazawa (天沢 ケイスケ)

Name used in Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory.

  • Ja: Amazawa (天沢?). Japanese surname that means "heavenly swamp".
  • Ja: Keisuke (ケイスケ?). A Japanese masculine name.


Other forms

Yuuko Kamashiro

Yuuko Kamishiro b

The Zaxon hires Hudie to infiltrate Kamashiro's Server in order to find any hidden secrets of the company, where it leads to Chitose Imai and Keisuke's mission to convince and gain access to Yuuko's account. Chitose, on the other hand, failed to flirt to her but Keisuke succeeded by accompanying her on eating a gigantic rice ball inside a restaurant at Nakano Broadway. However Yuuko states that Yuugo has contacted her and is already aware of their plans. Keisuke logged into Yuuko's account and realizes he is now Yuuko while Wormmon hangs himself behind him. Though before he can do anything, Erika Mishima quickly makes a call and states him she'll kill Keisuke if he attempts to do anything dirty and Wormmon will see him through the end of their mission. Keisuke accesses Kamishiro's server but finds out Rie Kishibe is also there. She askes why Yuuko is also there and says: "I am tired and ended up here by accident". Rie accepts his answer and leaves the server allowing Keisuke to download all the hidden information on the server. After that, he leaves the server and gives back Yuuko's access for her account


Poyomon b

Ryuji Mishima came back to Net Cafe Hudie to give their team a new info for their newest mission: to infiltrate the Tokyo Metropolitan Police's Server. The group come up with a plan to have Keisuke pretend to be a malware installed Poyomon. Inside the Eden, Ryuji will lure Matayoshi while Keisuke will try to 'accidentally' touch the latter, which will copy the access rights of the detective's avatar into Erika and later on used by Keisuke. They ask Yu Nogi to pretend Poyomon as his pet, though just before Keisuke could touch Matayoshi, Makiko Date blocks the way and frantically calls Poyomon's cuteness; hugging it so tightly. With the situation they were in, and Erika angrily seeing as if Keisuke is enjoying Makiko's "Bs", she considered to copy the access rights of Date's account instead of the Detective's. Then Matayoshi leaves with Ryuji and Date after answering a call pertaining to a threesome hacker inside Kowloon.

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