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KendoGarurumon is an Android Digimon whose Japanese name and design is derived from the mythological Garmr and whose English name is derived from Kendo (剣道?) and Garurumon. It possesses power over Light which bears the might of AncientGarurumon. It is capable of moving at extremely high speed, perhaps because it was discovered on an optical communication Net, so it slips through the bullets to get close to the enemy, and then its sharply-pointed Golden Claws and Clasher Fangs tear through those it considers evil without wasting breath on discussion. As the possessor of a righteous heart becoming the name of Garmr, who fights with the war god Týr at Ragnarok in Norse mythology, its feelings of hatred for evil are stronger than that of others. Although it will never obey those whose hearts are even slightly evil, once it has sworn its allegiance to someone it will never betray them.[6] It wields the Claymore Wing Wing-blades on its back.

Digimon Frontier

Digimon Battle Spirit 2

Digimon World 3

BladeGarurumon is a result of DNA Digivolution of Grizzlymon and Growlmon.


  • Howling Star (Speed Star): Charges at extremely high speed, cutting the opponent to pieces with the Claymore Wings.
  • Lupine Laser (Solar Laser): Absorbs light energy through its mouth, then spews it out right at the critical point.

Notes and references

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