Knightmon Wise-Sword Mode
6-54 Knightmon Wise-Sword Mode
Debut Digimon Fusion,
"Final Fusion - The Fight For Earth!" [54]
Prior forms Knightmon + Wisemon[1]
Partners Fusion Fighters United Army

Knightmon Wise-Sword Mode is a DigiFuse with Knightmon and Wisemon. It bears the Crest of Hope on its cape. Final Fusion - The Fight For Earth!


  • Wise Sword: Elongates its Wise Sword into a giant blade and unleashes an enormous shockwave.



Knightmon Wise-Sword Mode

Name used in both Japanese and American English versions of Digimon Fusion. Official spelling from the American English version; no official spelling or romanization for the Japanese version is available.


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