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Koji Minamoto (輝二 (コウジ) Minamoto Kouji?) is a main character in the Digimon anime series Digimon Frontier. He is one of the "DigiDestined", children who were chosen to receive the ability to transform into Digimon in order to save the Digital World.


Koji is a preteen boy with pale skin, long black hair which is tied in a ponytail, and dark blue eyes. He wears a blue jacket with yellow stripes on the sleeves over a yellow T-shirt with a blue neckline and sleeve trimmings, grey pants that end at his ankles, long blue socks, and white sneakers with blue stripes. On his head, he wears a blue bandana with dark grey stripes. His face is identical to his twin brother, Koichi.


Koji is a quiet boy who prefers to keep to himself. He starts off rather standoffish and doesn't think much of the abilities of others, but in truth, he is a shy and lonely boy who isn't sure how to approach others.


Kouji Minamoto (源 輝二)

Name used in the Japanese version of Digimon Frontier and related materials. Given name romanized in a commercial for Digimon Frontier Character Song Collection: Salamander.[2]

  • Minamoto (?). Japanese surname that means "origin" or "source". With "Kanbara" it form the phrase "spirits' origin" (神原の源 kanbara no minamoto?), like a reference to the Ten Legendary Warriors.
  • Kouji (輝二?). Japanese male name composed of the kanji for "radiance" (?) and "two" (?). "輝" is likely a reference to the Spirits of Light, while "二" refers to the fact he was born after Koichi. Revealed Past! Duskmon's Secret
Koji Minamoto

Name used in the American English dub of Digimon Frontier and related materials.


Koji was the child chosen to wield the Spirits of Light. Koji starts the series as the group loner, but gradually warms up to the others. Koji receives Ophanimon's cell phone message while he was out buying flowers for his stepmother. He followed the instructions on the SMS, which led him to a subway station where a Trailmon took him to the Digital World.

Koji traveled alone until he met Tommy Himi and J.P. Shibayama and had to save the two from a horde of attacking Pagumon. From then on, Koji showed up to help the other DigiDestined from time to time, and then eventually joins the group permanently.

Koji also meets his twin brother, Koichi Kimura, for the first time in the Digital World. Koji's parents had split up when they were too young to remember each other, and his mother had moved out with Koichi and their grandmother. Koji's father remarried, but lied to Koji, telling him that his mother had died, and never informed him of his twin brother. As such, Koji grew up never knowing he had a brother, let alone a twin. But he missed his birth mother very much (not knowing that she was actually still alive) and he would constantly look at a photograph of her that was on the backside of a framed picture containing his current family, something his father seemed to disapprove of. Despite his stepmother's kindness and the fact she genuinely cares about him, he had a really difficult relationship with her, not willing to accept her presence in his life. He actually finally decided to accept her as his mother on the same day he would unknowingly be sent to the Digital World, ordering a bouquet for her and his father's third[citation needed] wedding anniversary and making the decision to call her "mom". When he and the others returned to the Real World, he was able to fulfill his task, graciously presenting his wonderfully surprised stepmother some flowers. He was also later reunited with his birth mother with the help of Koichi.

Digimon forms

Koji wields AncientGarurumon's power through the Spirits of Light. In Digimon Battle Spirit 2, Koji can become AncientGarurumon himself as a "finishing" move. If Lobomon fills up his power meter, he can warp digivolve into AncientGarurumon and slash his swords at his opponent.


Lobomon t
H Spirit of Light

H Spirit of Light

Lobomon (Ja: Wolfmon) is Koji's Digimon form when he uses the Human Spirit of Light. The name "Lobomon" comes from "Lobo", the Spanish and Portuguese word for "Wolf". His helmet is grey with white lines on the eye holes and a black nose. His scarf is light purple with darker purple stripes. His chest and abdominal armor is grey with four purple rectangles. He has a pair of white pants with two grey and purple kneepads and a belt wrapped around each upper thigh. His feet are "wolf-shaped" With a black upper part with a grey-outlined purple diamond on each foot and two pieces of the armor covering his ankles. a square sheath is where his Kendo swords are sheathed. His shoulder pads each have the "symbol of light" on them. His gauntlets are grey and purple and on his left gauntlet is his "Howling Laser" where his "Saint Amethyst" is, giving the laser power. His gloves are black with purple knuckles. His power rivals that of a champion/ultimate. Lobomon first appears in episode 2 of Digimon Frontier. Tommy Himi and J.P. Shibayama were being chased by a group of Pagumon and fell into a mysterious chamber. They were found by Koji, who beat off the Pagumon using a pole. However, a Pagumon digivolved into Raremon, and turned the tables against Koji. Takuya Kanbara and Zoe Orimoto arrived and Takuya proceeded to evolve into Agunimon. However, he lost the fight and reverted to his human form. Trying to push Tommy away from an attack, Takuya accidentally pushed Koji into a deep hole. Raremon's acid attack hit the wall at just the correct spot, releasing a beam of light that revealed Koji's Human Spirit of Light. This allowed Koji to Spirit Digivolve into Lobomon for the first time. He seems to resembles Garurumon (His scarf/armor design,the helmet and his "Howling Laser" attack)

Koji fights in this form in Digimon Battle Spirit 2.


  • Lobo Kendo (Licht Sieger, lit. "Light Winner"): Uses his "Light Kendo" swords to slice his enemies in two.
  • Howling Laser (Licht Kugel, lit. "Light Ball"): Gathers energy to the weapon on his left wrist, and releases it in a burst of light energy.


KendoGarurumon t
B Spirit of Light

B Spirit of Light

KendoGarurumon is Koji's digimon form when he uses the Beast Spirit of Light. KendoGarurumon is a wolf-like digimon who can move at the speed of light. He is completely covered in white armor with yellow edges and blue stripes. a curved yellow spike is on his chest armor. He has the "Rocket Skates" on each of his feet and The "Howling Blades" on his back.

KendoGarurumon first appears when the group fought against Grumblemon. Koji helped some Gotsumon by replacing a gem into the eye of a rock, and released the Beast Spirit of Light. Koji became the first of the group to Spirit Digivolve with a Beast Spirit, turning into KendoGarurumon and defeats Grumblemon. He had trouble at first controlling the Beast Spirit but quickly got over it.

This is Koji's digivolution in Digimon Battle Spirit 2.


  • Lupine Laser (Solar Laser): Shoots a beam of energy from his mouth.
  • Howling Star (Speed Star): Uses the "Howling Blades" on his back and "Rocket Skates" on his feet to slice apart the enemy.


BeoWolfmon t

BeoWolfmon is the combined form of both of Koji's spirits. He wields the "Beo Saber" (Trinität, Deu: Trinity).

BeoWolfmon first appears when Koji was trapped within Sakkakumon's Darkness Area. Koji fought, and was defeated by Duskmon, forcing him to revert to his human form. About to be killed by Duskmon, Koji started thinking back to all the things he felt he regretted in his life. His will to continue living wakened Seraphimon's Digi-Egg, upgrading Koji's D-Tector and giving him the power to combine his Beast and Human Spirits.


  • Frozen Hunter (Zweihänder, Deu: Two Hander): Raises his saber forming a giant wolf of light energy, and then takes a slash that is faster than the eye can see.
  • Cleansing Light (Licht Angriff, Deu: Light Attack): Fires missiles and a laser at his opponents.
  • Beo Saber (Trinität, Deu: Trinity): Uses the Beo Saber to attack his opponent.


MagnaGarurumon t
4-35 Unified Spirit Evolution Spirits (Koji)

Koji achieves this form when he Unifies the Spirits of Light, Darkness, Thunder, Water and Steel. He fights against, and eventually defeats, Dynasmon and Crusadermon alongside EmperorGreymon. This is the form he assumes during most of his fights against Crusadermon. He also fights against the corrupted Cherubimon. He has the ability to disarm himself and attack using "Starburst Hunter" and "Magna Sabre" then reassemble the weaponry and armor.

When the Old Clock Shop Man summons the heroes of the past to the Fusion universe to help take down Quartzmon, MagnaGarurumon shows up with Ankylomon and Cody Hida to assist in the DigiQuartz. A Great Legendary Hero Gathering! The Digimon All-star Showdown!!


  • Magna Missiles:[3] Consecutive missiles are launched at the opponent.
  • Magna Rocket Fires Rockets from his Strike Phantom.
  • Feral Fire (Machine Gun Destroy): Leaps into the air, propelling himself forward while raining a wave of gunfire blasts down on the enemy below.
  • Starburst Hunter (Starlight Velocity): Dashes forward, and surrounds himself in an aura of light as he crashes into the opponent.


Main article: Susanoomon (Frontier)

Notes and references

  1. Digimon Battle Spirit 2
  2. YouTube: "digimon frontier cms."
  3. This attack is only named in the dub.

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