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The following is a list of episodes from the anime series Digimon Frontier.


Ep# English title (top)
Japanese title (bottom)
air date
air date
01 "All Aboard"
"The Legendary Warrior! Agnimon of Flame"
"Densetsu no Toushi! Honō no Agunimon"
(伝説の闘士! 炎のアグニモン)
04-07-2002 09-09-2002
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 01
After Takuya Kanbara receives instructions from a cell phone to take a ride on a train unlike the Human World's, he ends up in the Digital World with three kids: Zoe Orimoto, J.P. Shibayama, and Tommy Himi, along with two odd Digimon Bokomon and Neemon. When Cerberumon attacks at the train station, Takuya takes the H Spirit of Flame and becomes Agunimon to defeat him. 
02 "Lobomon: Warrior of Light"
"Wolfmon of Light, the Battle in the Underground Labyrinth!"
"Hikari no Vorufumon, Chikameikyū no Tatakai!"
(光のヴォルフモン 地下迷宮の戦い!)
04-14-2002 09-16-2002
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 02
While looking for a way back home, J.P. and Tommy run into a lot of Pagumon who chase them down because of J.P.'s chocolate. After Koji Minamoto rescues them in an underground labyrinth, one Pagumon digivolves into a Raremon, but even Agunimon isn't enough to defeat him. Koji finds the H Spirit of Light, becomes Lobomon, and prepares for the true fight. 
03 "Kumamon Baby, Light My Fire"
"Don't Allow Bullying! Evolution of Chackmon of Ice"
"Ijime wa Yurusanai! Kōri no Chakkumon Shinka"
(いじめは許さない! 氷のチャックモン進化)
04-21-2002 09-23-2002
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 03
On their way to the Forest Terminal, the gang (minus Koji) is ambushed by a large group of Candlemon, who try to fry them. Agunimon isn't even able to stop them with fire, but just when it looks like things are over for him, Tommy's desire to help summons the H Spirit of Ice, and he spirit evolves into Kumamon in time to help take down a Wizardmon
04 "Kazemon Kicks It"
"My Painful Kick! Female Warrior Fairimon"
"Watashi no Kikku wa Itai wa yo! On'na Toushi Fearimon"
(私のキックは痛いわよ! 女闘士フェアリモン)
04-28-2002 09-30-2002
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 04
Takuya, Tommy, Zoe and J.P. follow a railroad track to the Forest Terminal. The track eventually splits; Zoe and J.P. go left while Takuya and Tommy go right. Zoe and J.P. enter Breezy Village, a friendly village full of Floramon who are constantly harassed by the Mushroomon Brothers who have been taken over by evil. In the midst of an argument, Zoe finds the H Spirit of Wind and spirit evolves to Kazemon to fend off the Mushroomon. 
05 "Ladies and Gentlemen: The Beetlemon"
"Thunder Power Shaking the Ground, Blitzmon!"
"Daichi wo Yurugasu Ikazuchi Pawā, Burittsumon!"
(大地を揺るがす雷パワー ブリッツモン!)
05-05-2002 10-07-2002
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 05
The group stumbles across the Wind Factory, run by Kokuwamon, Goblimon, and Minomon. The group take a tour of the factory hoping to find some food. Later, the Kokuwamon tell the group that the Goblimon kidnapped them to work in their factory under the command of an evil Snimon. The group make a plan to destroy the Wind Factory so the Kokuwamon can be free, while J.P., lacking a Spirit, leads the Kokuwamon to safety. The plan backfires, and the group is almost defeated when J.P. finds the H Spirit of Thunder in the heart of the factory and spirit evolves to Beetlemon and wins the battle. 
06 "A Molehill Out Of A Mountain"
"The 5 Legendary Warriors VS a New Warrior!"
"Densetsu no Gotoushi Tai Aratanaru Toushi!"
05-12-2002 10-14-2002
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 06
When looking for food, the group comes across KaratsukiNumemon who ask for their help in exchange for food. They take the challenge and take a train up a cliff to the homes of the KaratsukiNumemon. The group meet up with Koji while at the homes, and they all try to work together to free the female KaratsukiNumemon captured by the dark Legendary Warrior Grumblemon. He, with his Beast Spirit Gigasmon, manages to defeat the Warriors and take the Fractal Code of the mountain. The group falls and becomes separated. 
07 "Island of Misfit Boys"
"Town Floating in the Sky! Toy Country of ToyAgumon"
"Sora ni Ukabu Machi! ToiAgumon no Omacha no Kuni"
(空に浮かぶ街! トイアグモンのおもちゃの国)
05-19-2002 10-21-2002
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 07
Takuya, Koji and Tommy, split from the others, land on a moving toy island home to Monzaemon, Pandamon and a large group of evil ShadowToyAgumon. Monzaemon kidnaps Tommy and Takuya with Koji try to bring him back with the help of Pandamon. The group purifies both Monzaemon and the ShadowToyAgumon, and they receive a flight out toward the Forest Terminal. 
08 "The Odd One Out"
"Save Everyone! Evolve Tunomon"
"Min'na wo Sukue! Shinkasuruda Tsunomon"
(みんなを救え! 進化するんだツノモン)
05-26-2002 10-28-2002
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 08
Zoe, J.P., Bokomon and Neemon come across a Digimon School run by a Togemon. One of the pupils, Tsunomon is having a hard time fitting in because he can digivolve to Gabumon. When a flash flood heads straight for the school, Kazemon and Beetlemon make a barrier, but Kapurimon is thrown into the water. Tsunomon digivolves to Gabumon to save him and becomes a role model for all the other students. 
09 "Welcome to My Nightmare"
"Chackmon is the Enemy!? The Mysterious TV Forest"
"Teki wa Chakkumon!? Nazo no Terebi no Mori"
(敵はチャックモン!? 謎のテレビの森)
06-02-2002 11-11-2002
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 09
The group reunites and camps in the mysterious TV Forest. They are harassed by an evil Bakumon, who turns Tommy against all the others. He attacks them as Kumamon but is eventually turned back to normal when Agunimon purifies Bakumon to its original state. Koji gets a message on his D-Tector indicating that his Beast Spirit is near. 
10 "Can't Keep a Grumblemon Down"
"Uncontrollable Beast Spirit!? Garummon's Evolution!"
"Bīsuto Supiritto wa Seigyofunou!? Garumumon Shinka!"
(ビーストスピリットは制御不能!? ガルムモン進化!)
06-09-2002 11-12-2002
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 10
Koji, with Bokomon and Neemon following, looks for his Beast Spirit at the same time as a Gotsumon. They come across the Gotsumon Village being terrorized by Grumblemon. Lobomon confronts Grumblemon and a battle ensues. The rest show up and in the fight, but Zoe loses her spirit to Gigasmon. Koji's Beast Spirit appears, and, though he has difficulty controlling it, he spirit evolves to KendoGarurumon and defeats Gigasmon. 
11 "A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon"
"Defeat Me! Legendary Warrior Vritramon Runs Wild"
"Ore wo Taose! Densetsu no Toushi Vuritoramon Bousou"
(俺を倒せ! 伝説の闘士ヴリトラモン暴走)
06-16-2002 11-13-2002
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 11
Bokomon takes the group to the Fortuneteller Village to meet Shamanmon. Shamanmon tells the future of the group as Grumblemon shows up with his new minion, Golemon, and Tommy loses his Spirit in the ensuing battle. Shamanmon is possessed by the B Spirit of Flame and attacks all of the combatants as BurningGreymon. Agunimon manages to wrest the Spirit away but is then consumed by the feral nature of the Spirit. 
12 "Fear and Loathing in Los Arboles"
"Roar, Vritramon! Defeat Gigasmon!"
"Hoeru Vuritoramon! Taose Gigasumon!"
(ほえるヴリトラモン! 倒せギガスモン!)
06-23-2002 11-14-2002
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 12
Takuya gains control of his Beast Spirit thanks to Tommy, and the group goes on the hunt for Grumblemon. Grumblemon evolves to Gigasmon and kidnaps Tommy, but Takuya, bolstered by Tommy's faith in him, becomes BurningGreymon. Gigasmon loses in a match, and BurningGreymon retrieves Tommy's and Gigasmon's Spirits, but Grumblemon awakens before he can retrieve Zoe's. Ranamon, Mercurymon, Arbormon and Duskmon appear as the remaining Legendary Warriors. 
13 "Better An Egg Than An Egg Shell"
"Seraphimon Awakens! Secret of the Ten Warriors"
"Mezameyo Serafimon! Juttoushi no Himitsu"
(目覚めよセラフィモン! 十闘士の秘密)
06-30-2002 11-15-2002
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 13
The group makes it to the Forest Terminal and encounters Sorcermon, who leads them to a frozen Seraphimon. The DigiDestined's D-Tectors revive Seraphimon, who tells them of the past. The dark Legendary Warriors burst into this meeting and fight Seraphimon. Mercurymon's attack leads to the Seraphimon's defeat and his fractal code stolen. The DigiDestined escape with Seraphimon's egg due to Sorcermon's sacrifice, tasked with finding Ophanimon
14 "No Whamon"
"Rock-Breaking Thunder! Bolgmon's Do-or-Die Challenge"
"Ikazuchi yo! Iwa wo Mokudake! Borugumon Kesshi no Charenji"
(雷よ! 岩をも砕け! ボルグモン決死のチャレンジ)
07-14-2002 11-18-2002
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 14
Trailmon (Kettle) takes the kids to an underwater cave where they meet a Whamon who is stuck here due to the likes of Grumblemon. When fighting Grumblemon and Arbormon's Beast form, Petaldramon, the B Spirit of Thunder appears, and J.P. evolves to MetalKabuterimon. He defeats Grumblemon for good, and Whamon takes them to the surface. 
15 "Beastie Girl"
"A Squid Beast Evolution! Calmaramon"
"Ikashita Bīsuto Shinka! Karumāramon"
(イカしたビースト進化! カルマーラモン)
07-21-2002 11-19-2002
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 15
The group end up on an island paradise run by four Toucanmon who are also members of Ranamon's fan club. They steal the boys' D-Tectors, leaving Zoe the only one to spirit evolve. Ranamon shows up to make trouble and manages to find her Beast Spirit, but her lack of control over her Calmaramon form gives the DigiDestined reprieve. 
16 "The Swiss Family Digimon"
"Strength Alone Isn't Enough! The Beautiful Warrior Shutumon"
"Tsuyoi Dakeja Damenanoyo! Utsukushiki Toushi Shūtsumon"
(強いだけじゃだめなのよ! 美しき闘士シューツモン)
07-28-2002 11-20-2002
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 16
The Toucanmon, with the boys' D-Tectors, fly to Goma Island. When the DigiDestined attempt to follow, Gomamon stop them by warning of the dangerous whirlpools, but Zoe wants to help the Gomamon return home. Ranamon interrupts them and manages to defeat Kazemon, but Zoe finds the B Spirit of Wind and spirit evolves to Zephyrmon to take care of her. 
17 "Bizarre Bazaar"
"Blizzarmon, Blow the Snow, Call the Glaciers!"
"Burizāmon, Fukeyo Yuki, Yobeyo Hyouga!"
(ブリザーモン 吹けよ行き、呼べよ氷河!)
08-04-2002 11-21-2002
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 17
The group make it to the Autumn Leaf Fair and look for the D-Tectors. Tommy finds a Datamon with them and can get them when he trades him something. Tommy takes the camera the Toucanmon traded the D-Tectors for but is fooled and double-crossed when he saves their lives. Datamon gives him the D-Tectors anyway after seeing Tommy's selfless nature along with the B Spirit of Ice, which allows Tommy to become Korikakumon. Ophanimon contacts them through their D-Tectors with their new goal: to reach the Rose Morning Star
18 "Trailmon vs. Trailmon"
"Choo-Choo! The Great Trailmon Race"
"Chiki Chiki! Toreirumon Mou Rēsu"
(チキチキ! トレイルモン猛レース)
08-11-2002 11-22-2002
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 18
The Great Trailmon Race is about to begin, but due to the appearance of ShadowWereGarurumon and Doggymon, most of the Trailmon Racers don't have partners. The DigiDestined jump on the Trailmon as replacements. Due to ShadowWereGarurumon's foul play, Zoe, J.P., Tommy and Koji are disqualified from the race but when Takuya digivolves to BurningGreymon, he and his Trailmon win tickets to the Hamburger Village
19 "You Want Fries With That?"
"Save the Burgamon! Tomoki's Pure Heart"
"Bāgamon wo Sukue! Tomoki no Pyua-na Kokoro"
(バーガモンを救え! 友樹のピュアな心)
08-18-2002 12-16-2002
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 19
Petaldramon raids the Hamburger Village and captures the best cook in the village. The DigiDestined stop by and work to save him, but Zoe, J.P. and Tommy are captured by Chamelemon. They prove to be more than a match for these guards and manage to not only free Burgermon and his children but also destroy Petaldramon's Hideout
20 "From Dawn To Duskmon"
"Mystery Warrior Hidden in Darkness, Duskmon!"
"Yami ni Hisomu Nazo no Toushi, Dasukumon!"
(闇にひそむ謎の闘士 ダスクモン!)
08-25-2002 12-17-2002
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 20
The DigiDestined travel into the Continent of Darkness. Initially fearful of the dark world, they soon find the light within the darkness and learn that darkness by itself is not evil. Inside, however, they confronted by Arbormon who slide evolves to Petaldramon. The Legendary Warriors defeat Petaldramon and takes the B Spirit of Wood. Duskmon shows up and kills Arbormon as he is in no use without his Beast Spirit. 
21 "Darkest Before Duskmon"
"Total Destruction of the Five Warriors!? Terrifying Dark Power!"
"Gotoushi Zenmetsu!? Asorubeki Yami no Pawā!"
(五闘士全滅!? 恐るべき闇のパワー!)
09-01-2002 12-18-2002
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 21
Duskmon defeats all Legendary Warriors with most in their Beast Spirit forms, so they decide to regroup and plan out their attack. Takuya and Koji have a disagreement over leadership; Takuya believes in their strength while Koji advises more caution. When their plan comes to motion, Duskmon appears and defeats them all, with Koji is seriously injured. Takuya, spirit broken by his bravado and failure, hops on the Dark Trailmon and returns home. 
22 "Home Again, Takuya Returns"
"My Home! Takuya's Lonely Return"
"Waga Ya he! Takuya natta Hitori no Kikan"
(我が家へ! 拓也なった一人の帰還)
09-08-2002 12-19-2002
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 22
On the verge of a breakdown, Takuya returns home. However, he comes back on the day he left for the Digital World with the choice to stop himself from ever going in the first place. In viewing the past, however, Takuya finds that he does not want to leave things as they were. He marshals his strength and goes back for the sake of his friends and the world. 
23 "Sockit Takuya"
"Feel the Power of Digimon! Takuya's Full-Body Strategy"
"Kanjiro Dejimon no Chikara! Takuya Konshin no Sakusen"
(感じろデジモンの力! 拓也渾身の作戦)
09-15-2002 02-10-2003
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 23
Takuya returns back to the Digital World, but J.P., Zoe, and Tommy have been captured by Mercurymon and Ranamon, who torture them for information. Lobomon intervenes before it goes too far, but he is still injured from the battle against Duskmon. Takuya, using his newfound connection with the Digital World, helps free the others, and the group, now five strong again, drive off Ranamon and Mercurymon. 
24 "Alone But Never Alone"
"Confrontation, Volcamon! Junpei's Battle with His Past"
"Taiketsu Borukēmon! Junpei, Kakoto no Gekitou"
(対決ボルケーモン! 純平、過去との激闘)
09-22-2002 02-11-2003
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 24
When they are reunited, J.P says he'll lead the way. However, later they get stuck in the Beast Warrior of Steel, Sakkakumon. J.P is alone in the Earth Area and encounters Volcamon. Volcamon tries to hurt J.P. emotionally to get his spirits, but J.P. evolves to Beetlemon and destroys the walking volcano. J.P's shadow keeps talking to him, doing the same thing as Volcamon, and eventually taking a physical form as Beetlemon and summoning copies of his friends to mock him. When his real friends come to his aid, J.P. finds his resolve and destroys his shadow. 
25 "The Dark Heart of Friendship"
"Tomoki's Lonely Battle, Asuramon's Trap"
"Tomoki no Kodoku na Tatakai, Ashuramon no Wana"
(友樹の孤独な戦い アシュラモンの罠)
09-29-2002 02-12-2003
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 25
Tommy enters the Flame Area where he meets Asuramon. He tells Tommy that he wants to help the boy look for the other DigiDestined, being overly friendly all the way, until Tommy realizes that his ideal of friendship doesn't work. Enraged, Asuramon burns his cloak away, revealing his true form and demands the boy hand his Spirits over. Tommy becomes defeats him with his new resolve, escaping Sakkakumon in the process Koji, on the other hand, enters the Wind Area, where he encounters Karatenmon, who fights him for the Light Spirits. Karatenmon pokes at Koji's psyche, trying to find his emotional weaknesses, but his attempts only anger Koji to the point where he handily defeats him. 
26 "Zoe's Unbeelievable Adventure"
"Ranamon's Tenacity! Female Digimon Personal Combat"
"Rānamon no Shūnen! Onna Dejimon Ikkiuchi"
(ラーアモンの執念! 女デジモン一騎撃ち)
10-06-2002 02-13-2003
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 26
Zoe is stuck in the Water Area, where she has a flashback about being teased and finding a new friend. She soon finds a group of Honeybeemon who are attempting to capture her for Ranamon. Ranamon later forces them to feed Zoe an apple that causes nightmarish visions. Zoe soon breaks out of the spell and spirit evolves into Kazemon. Both slide evolve into their Beast forms, but Zoe proves superior and ends Ranamon once and for all. Meanwhile, Takuya defeats Parrotmon in the Thunder Area, and J.P. takes care of Cherrymon in the Forest Area to escape. 
27 "Stuck In Sakkakumon With You"
"Double Spirit Miracle! BeoWolfmon is Born"
"Kiseki no Daburu Supiritto! BeoUrufumon Tanjou"
(奇跡のダブルスピリット! ベオウルフモン誕生)
10-13-2002 02-14-2003
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 27
Takuya finds himself in the Ice Area, where he defeats IceLeomon. Takuya has the chance to leave Sakkakumon but chooses to look for Koji instead. Meanwhile, Duskmon enters Sakkakumon, troubled by the fact that Koji seems so familiar to him. Koji does battle with Duskmon in the Darkness Area, and the severity of the fight causes Seraphimon's egg to fuses Koji's two spirits, allowing Koji to fusion evolve into BeoWolfmon. Duskmon's true form as a human is revealed briefly, before both Duskmon and BeoWolfmon are blown out of Sakkakumon. 
28 "Darkness Before the Dawn"
"Takuya's Fusion Evolution, Aldamon's Explosive Attack"
"Takuya no Yuugou Shinka, Arudamon Waza Sakuretsu!"
(拓也の融合進化 アルダモン技炸裂!)
10-20-2002 02-17-2003
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 28
Takuya, still inside Sakkakumon, jumps through a portal which brings him to the Steel Area where Mercurymon's subconscious is located. He enters the Light Area, where he fights Mercurymon, who absorbs the Seraphimon's fractal code and becomes ShadowSeraphimon. ShadowSeraphimon overpowers Takuya, forcing him back into human form. Seraphimon's egg uses the last of its special power to give Takuya the power to fusion evolve into Aldamon. Takuya is then able to defeat ShadowSeraphimon, and Seraphimon's egg hatches to Patamon
29 "Phantasmagoric Sakkakumon"
"Escape! The Phantasmagoric Sephirotmon"
"Tousou! Hengenkizai Sefirottomon"
(逃走! 変幻自在セフィロットモン)
10-27-2002 02-18-2003
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 29
When they think Mercurymon is defeated, he returns in his beast spirit Sakkakumon. They attack him, but he just shoots their attacks back at them, and in their panic they flee. Takuya shows his leadership skills as he gets the group to calm down and focus, wherein they discover that Sakkakumon cannot absorb attacks of multiple elements and that Sakkakumon has a core sphere which he protects. This knowledge allows them to defeat the Warrior of Steel for good. 
30 "O, Brother, Who Art Thou?"
"Soaring! Warrior of Darkness Velgrmon"
"Hishou! Yami no Toushi Berugumon"
(飛翔! 闇の闘士ベルグモン)
11-03-2002 02-19-2003
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 30
As Duskmon and BeoWolfmon continue to fight, Patamon leads the rest of the gang to Koji, but are stalled by Cherubimon's traps. Duskmon begins to remember his origins as Koichi Kimura, Koji's twin brother, but Cherubimon whisks him away and forcibly implans the B Spirit of Darkness in him, and Koichi's psyche is buried under Velgemon's influence. He almost defeats Koji, but Ophanimon interferes by forcing him to remember, and Velgemon flees. 
31 "Workin' On The Train Gang"
"Sleep in Darkness, The Trailmon Graveyard"
"Yami ni Nemuru, Toreirumon no Hakaba"
(闇に眠る トレイルモンの墓場)
11-10-2002 02-20-2003
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 31
After the gang finally gets back together again, Koji decides to run off after Duskmon to find out their connection while Takuya chases after him. Zoe, J.P., and Tommy decide to find some information about the Rose Morning Star, and they find a Trailmon who has some information but he wants some favours doing first. He finally spills the beans and tells them that Ophanimon is being held there in a castle at the Rose Morning Star. 
32 "My Brother In Spirit"
"Revealed Past! Duskmon's Secret"
"Akasareta Kako! Dasukumon no Himitsu"
(明かされた過去! ダスクモンの秘密)
10-17-2002 03-24-2003
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 32
Duskmon feels doubt in his mission, but Cherubimon stirs Koichi's latent anger and jealousy, which rouses him to action. Duskmon attacks and reveals everything to Koji, who finds himself reluctant to fight. Takuya spurs him to action, as he knows what it is like to be a brother, and the two manage to defeat Duskmon, taking his Spirits in the aftermath. 
33 "Ne'er The Twins Shall Meet"
"The New Warriors of Darkness! Louwemon & KaiserLeomon"
"Atanaru Yami no Toushi! Rēbemon & KaizāReomon"
(新たなる闇の闘士! レーベモン&カイザーレオモン)
11-24-2002 03-25-2003
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 33
Koichi is released from the form of Velgemon and explains his full backstory to the others. Cherubimon arrives to try and turn Koichi back to his side, swatting aside the others' attempts to stop him. Koichi acknowledges the darkness within him but also masters it, giving him the L and K Spirits of Darkness and the Loweemon and JagerLoweemon forms. 
34 "Operation: Free Ophanimon"
"Decisive Battle! Rose Morning Star, Ofanimon's Rescue Plan"
"Kessen! Bara no Myoujou, Ofanimon Kyūshutsu Sakusen"
(決戦!バラの明星 オファニモン救出作戦)
12-01-2002 03-26-2003
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 34
The group heads to the Rose Morning Star to free Ophanimon, but when they get there, two Phantomon wait for them. Koichi destroys them, and when they enter the castle an Oryxmon leads them to where Ophanimon is kept. She tells the story of how Cherubimon became tainted. Cherubimon turns up and destroys Oryxmon as the prelude to their battle. 
35 "Takuya and Koji's Evolution Revolution"
"Turn the Spirits Into One! Takuya and Kōji's Ultimate Evolution"
"Supiritto wo Hitotsu ni! Takuya to Kōji no Kyūkyoku Shinka"
(スピリットを一つに! 拓也と輝二の究極進化)
12-08-2002 03-27-2003
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 35
The battle begins, but the group finds that their attacks are useless inside the room of light holding Ophanimon. Takuya and Koji fusion evolve to take Cherubimon outside while the others try to free Ophanimon from her cage. Cherubimon defeats and steals the Spirits of all of the Warriors, but Ophanimon is freed in time to help. She attempts to return Cherubimon to his Holy state but fails due to the intensity of his evil. Cherubimon, believing he's been tricked, destroys Ophanimon, but she uses the last of her power to take the Spirits back and upgrade Takuya's and Koji's D-Tectors. They discover the power to unified spirit evolve by taking half of the Spirits each, and they become EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon
36 "Ice Ice Baby"
"The Flight Towards Victory! Confrontation at Cherubimon's Castle"
"Shouri he no Hishou! Taiketsu Kerubimon no Shiro"
(勝利への飛翔! 対決ケルビモンの城)
12-15-2002 03-28-2003
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 36
Takuya and Koji start to fight Cherubimon, and thanks to their new evolution they are actually winning. They send Cherubimon flying, and he doesn't come back. The ground where the others are standing starts to crumble, but Takuya and Koji save them to rest. The commotion frees IceDevimon, an omnicidal maniac who freezes Takya and Koji's D-Tectors so they can't use them. The rest manage to dispatch him, but then Cherubimon begins to make his next move. 
37 "Cherubimania"
"Decisive Battle! As Long As There Is Life, Get Back the Digital World"
"Kessen! Inochi aru Kagiri, Dejitaru Wārudo wo Torimodose"
(決戦!命ある限り デジタルワールドを取り戻せ)
12-22-2002 05-11-2003
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 37
Data starts streaming to the sphere that Cherubimon has, and it finally finishes absorbing the data of the Digital World. Cherubimon empowers himself using the data, but EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon want to stop him; they try their best, but they are no match now he has all that data. Takuya tries to charge up his attack, firing it at Cherubimon, making the whole bottom half of Cherubimon disappear. It regenerates, though, and Koji realizes to kill Cherubimon they must strike him in the head. Takuya manages it with his sword, which kills him, but the ball of data sinks into the core of the Digital World. Lucemon partakes in this energy and sends off his two Royal Knights
38 "It Can't Be! Lucemon Reappears"
"The Endless Death Match! Prelude of Lucemon's Revival"
"Owaranai Shitou! Rūchemon Fukkatsu no Kokyoku"
(終わらない死闘! ルーチェモン復活の序曲)
01-05-2003 05-12-2003
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 38
The kids are confused as to why the Digital World hasn't been restored and end up meeting with Baromon who tells them the history of Lucemon and the prophecy of Lucemon's return. When told, the gang refuses to go home, but the Royal Knights show up. Everyone spirit evolves to try and defeat them but are easily defeated even with Unified Spirit Evolution, and Baronmon gives up his life to protect them as they are sent toward the Blue Moon
39 "The Man In The Moon Is You"
"This is the Digital World!? Escape from the Moon!"
"Kore ga Dejitaru Wārudo!? Tsuki kara no Dasshutsu!"
(これがデジタルワールド!? 月からの脱出!)
01-12-2003 05-13-2003
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 39
After being sent flying by Dynasmon's attack, the gang has somehow ended on one of the three moons. Koichi is the first to wake and flags down some Starmon led by SuperStarmon to help get the others to safety at the Moon Base. Numerous attempts to return to the Digital World fail until they stumble upon the Burgermon's test rocket, which they use the tracks on the Starmon's vehicles to make a giant slingshot to head back. Halfway through the trip they start to lose power, so Takuya spirit evolves to BurningGreymon to give the rocket a boost, and they finally make it back. 
40 "The Bully Pulpit"
"The Chosen Ones!? The Children Who Manipulate Angemon!"
"Erabareshimono!? Enjemon wo Ayatsuru Shounen!"
(選ばれし者!? エンジェモンを操る少年!)
01-19-2003 05-14-2003
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 40
The gang is back on the Digital World and try to figure where to go next. At Steel Town, they are attacked by a bandit Sagittarimon and have their battle interrupted by Angemon, who is protected four kids who refused Ophanimon's order to return home: Katsuharu, Teppei, Chiaki, and Teruo. Katsuharu and Teppei were Tommy's bullies in the real world, and they continue to refuse to return despite the Warriors' pleas about the worsening state of the world. Sagittarimon returns with an army of Centarumon, and Tommy saves his former bullies as the Warriors reveal their might. The Royal Knights turn up, destroy Angemon, and kidnap the four new kids, but Tommy rides with them. 
41 "Jerks And The Beanstalk"
"Don't Let Them Scan! The Beanstalk of Friendship"
"Sukyan Saseruna! Yūjou no Mame no Ki"
(スキャンさせるな! 友情の豆の木)
01-26-2003 05-15-2003
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 41
The Royal Knights take their captives to a village called Beanstalk Village and ask them for the village's key, which would allow them to scan the area. The children do not know and are imprisoned with the Mamemon who the other four aided before. They free themselves only to be confronted by the Royal Knights, but the other Warriors arrive in time to save them. Unfortunately, the Mamemon Elder capitulates due to the Warriors' loss, and the Beanstalk Village is scanned for its data. 
42 "Glean Eggs And Scram"
"Protect the Digitama! The Disappearing Miracle of Life"
"Dejitama wo Mamore! Kieyuku Inochi no Kiseki"
(デジタマを守れ! 消えゆく命の奇跡)
02-02-2003 05-16-2003
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 42
The gang end up at the Village of Beginnings where Digimon are born. They are introduced to Swanmon, who takes care of all the babies, but the Trailmon are too scared to take them to their families. The group helps Swanmon take care of the babies as well as get to the root of why the Trailmon aren't helping, but the Royal Knights show up. The Royal Knights again rout the the Warriors, but first the babies fight back and then the fallen Warriors themselves take astral forms to protect them. It isn't enough though, and the Royal Knights scan the village as they flee. 
43 "Bad To The Bones"
"Annihilation of the Hometown! Messenger of Hell, SkullSatamon"
"Furusato Shoumetsu! Jigoku no Shisha SukaruSatamon"
(故郷消滅! 地獄の使者スカルサタモン)
02-09-2003 07-06-2003
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 43
The gang find out that the place where they started, the Village of Flames, is under attack so go to help straight away. Terrorized by SkullSatamon and demoralized by the Warriors' repeated losses, the local Digimon are about to give up. The Warriors, on the other hand, stand up to the SkullSatamon and bring hope to the Digimon, only to be betrayed at the last moment by a scared local. They manage to defeat the SkullSatamon, but Crusadermon swoops in and steals the data at the last moment. 
44 "Now You See It, Now You Don't"
"Fight Together! Gottsumon and Kōji's Vow"
"Tomo ni Tatakae! Gotsumon to Kōji no Chikai!"
(共に戦え! ゴツモンと輝二の誓い)
02-16-2003 07-07-2003
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 44
Gotsumon is defending itself and sacred ruins from some Knightmon, but the Royal Knights appear and destroy the jewels protecting the data. Gotsumon joins their march to Seraphimon's Castle, which is protected by a large barrier. Gotsumon, digivolving to Meteormon, and MagnaGarurumon try to hold off the Knightmon forces outside while the others search for the key in the barrier, but Dynasmon levels the entire place instead. In the ensuing battle, Dynasmon manages to have the key destroyed and scans the Forest Kingdom
45 "All Aboard The Tag Team Express"
"The Data of Operation! Defend Akiba Market"
"Dēta Kakuran Sakusen! Akiba Māketto wo Boueiseyo"
(データかく乱作戦! アキバマーケットを防衛せよ)
02-23-2003 07-08-2003
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 45
With only two areas left, the Warriors regroup at the Autumn Leaf Fair and evacuate the populace. The Royal Knights are initially thwarted by the Warriors' schemes, but they eventually figure out what is going on. Crusadermon reveals that Koichi is naught but a spirit in the Digital World with no physical body to call his own, and though the Warriors get the closest they have ever been to winning, the Autumn Leaf Fair is still scanned. 
46 "To Make The World Go Away"
"Annihilation of the Digital World!? Lucemon's Rule of Darkness"
"Dejitaru Wārudo Shoumetsu!? Rūchemon Ankoku Shihai"
(デジタルワールド消滅!? ルーチェモン暗黒支配)
03-02-2003 07-09-2003
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 46
Ophanimon's Castle is the final area that remains. Guarded by Nefertimon, the Warriors search for the key to the data and admit to each other their fears for the future. The Royal Knights appear to scan the last area, and the Warriors fight. Nefertimon reveals that she herself is the key and that her death would insure that the area would remain safe, but Takuya hesitates, and the Digimon is scanned. With the last area fallen, Lucemon revives completely, and the DigiDestined flee to the Yellow Moon
47 "When Knights Fall..."
"The Royal Knights Disperse, And then...!!"
"Roiyaru Naitsu Chiru, Sorete...!!"
(ロイヤルナイツ散る それて・・・!!)
03-09-2003 07-10-2003
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 47
The DigiDestined arrive on the Yellow Moon, where the Digi-Eggs saved from the Village of Beginnings are stored. Patamon finds the eggs of Ophanimon and Cherubimon, which hatch into Salamon and Lopmon respectively, and the Celestial Digimon are reunited. Meanwhile, Dynasmon and Crusadermon anger Lucemon by their impatience for the key to the Human World, and during the fight on the moon between EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon, they are defeated because of the Warriors' resolve to protect what is left of the World. Lucemon, however, discards his servants and absorbs their fractal code. He digivolves to his Chaos Mode and takes out Takuya and Koji, destroying the three moons in the process. 
48 "The Brothers Yin and Yang"
"Turn Light and Darkness into One! Kouichi's Last Wish"
"Hikari no Yami wo Hitotsu ni! Kōichi Saigo no Negai"
(光と闇を一つに! 輝一最後の願い)
03-16-2003 07-11-2003
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 48
Lucemon goes into the Dark Area to open a path to the Human World, as that is the only thing that remains for him. The DigiDestined manage to summon the will to go forth once more, and they confront Lucemon in the Dark Area. Lucemon handily defeats them all, but Loweemon takes the hit for the other Warriors and bequeaths his Spirits to his twin as he is scanned. A miracle arises in the aftermath, as Takuya and Koji use all of the spirits to become the ultimate warrior: Susanoomon
49 "Lucemon on the Loose"
"Fight, Susanoomon, Lucemon Reaches the Human World"
"Tatakae Susanoomon, Rūchemon Ningenkai Toutatsu!"
(戦えスサノオモン ルーチェモン人間界到達!!)
03-23-2003 07-13-2003
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 49
Takuya and Koji ancient spirit evolve to Susanoomon to combat Lucemon and easily defeats him. They manage to scan the good part of his data, but the evil portion becomes Lucemon Shadowlord Mode and heads to the Human World. The remaining Warriors make a valiant effort to stop him, but he proves too powerful and rebuffs them, announcing his impending arrival on all digital devices. 
50 "End of the Line"
"Cross Over Time! The Birth of a New Legend"
"Toki wo Koete! Aratana Densetsu no Hajimari"
(時を越えて! 新たな伝説の始まり)
03-30-2003 07-14-2003
List of Digimon Frontier episodes 50
Defeated, the Warriors wonder what is left for them. At their lowest point, the Ten Legendary Warriors who have been with them their entire journey give them strength, and the Celestial Digimon as well. With all of their hearts in unison once more, they recreate the miracle which birthed Susanoomon and drag Lucemon kicking and screaming back into the Digital World. Piercing his Gehenna, they knock out the Lucemon Larva hiding within, which allows them to defeat the Shadowlord form as well. With Lucemon finally defeated, the humans take the crumbling portal back to the Human World where Koichi manages to awaken. The DigiDestined sally forth into their future, strengthened by their experiences, and the Digimon left behind tell tales of the new legend: of the Legendary Warriors who saved their world. 
M7 "Island of Lost Digimon"
"Revival of the Ancient Digimon (Revival of Ornismon)!!"
"Kodai Dejimon Fukkatsu (Onisumon Fukkatsu)!!"
(古代デジモン復活 (オニスモンふっかつ)!!)
07-20-2002 10-23-2005
List of Digimon Frontier episodes M7
The DigiDestined stumble across the Lost Island where human and beast Digimon war. Kotemon and Bearmon are two friends separated by the divide, and the DigiDestined work to discover the root of the conflict. They discover that the leaders of both sides, Darcmon and Hippogriffomon, are actually the same Digimon: Murmukusmon, who works to revive the sealed Ornismon. The DigiDestined manage to reveal this fact and take down both Murmukusmon and Ornismon, bringing peace to the warring factions at the same time. 

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