This is a list of episodes from the anime season Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters.


Ep# English title (top)
Japanese title (bottom)
air date
air date
01 "The Search Result is Haru Shinkai! Gatchmon Appears!"
"Kensaku Kekka wa Shinkai Haru! Gacchimon Arawaru!"
October 1, 2016 N/A
List of Digimon Universe - Appli Monsters episodes 01
A boy named Haru Shinkai acquires an Appli Drive and meets Gatchmon
02 "The Eerie Guide! I am Navimon!"
"Ayashiki Michisaki An'nainin! Sessa Nabimon de gozaru!"
(あやしき道先案内人! 拙者ナビモンでござる!)
October 8, 2016 N/A
List of Digimon Universe - Appli Monsters episodes 02
Haru and Gatchmon try to put a stop to a renegade Appmon, who is tampering with the GPS systems. 
03 "The Character I Raised is Stark Naked!? Ropuremon's School Dungeon!"
"Sudateta Kyara ga Supponpon!? Rōpuremon no Gakkou Danjon!"
(育てたキャラがスッポンポン!? ロープレモンの学校ダンジョン!)
October 15, 2016 N/A
List of Digimon Universe - Appli Monsters episodes 03
An Appmon based on role-playing games causes chaos to the statuses of every User's RPG characters. 
04 "I Shall Have You in Costume! Cameramon's Halloween Scandal!"
"Kasou no Kimi o Witadakimasu! Kyameramon no Harowin Sukyandaru!"
(仮装のキミをうぃただきます! キャメラモンのハロウィンスキャンダル!)
October 22, 2016 N/A
List of Digimon Universe - Appli Monsters episodes 04
Cameramon tricks the public to capture Haru, just so he can steal Haru's Appli Drive. 
05 "A Dokkan Punch To Your Heart! Eri is an Appmon Idol!"
"Anata no Hāto ni Dokkan Panchi! Eri wa Apumon Aidoru!"
(あなたのハートにドッカンパンチ! エリはアプモンアイドル!)
October 29, 2016 N/A
List of Digimon Universe - Appli Monsters episodes 05
Haru encounters an idol named Eri and her Appmon Dokamon
06 "The Finest Gourmet Report! Gourmet App Perorimon!"
"Saikou no Gurume Repōto! Gurume Apuri Perorimon!"
(最高のグルメレポート! グルメアプリ・ペロリモン!)
November 5, 2016 N/A
List of Digimon Universe - Appli Monsters episodes 06
Eri turns to Perorimon to help her learn about rating foods. 
07 "The Third Appli Drive! Torajiro is an App Tuber!"
"3tsu-me no Apuri Doraivu! Torajirō wa Apuchūbā!"
November 12, 2016 N/A
List of Digimon Universe - Appli Monsters episodes 07
Haru and Eri encounter Torajirou, a famous App Tuber, and his Appmon, Musimon
08 "Not Feeling Very Good in a Big Pinch!? Astra's Interesting Movie Operation!"
"Dai Pinchi de Chou Nore-nee!? Asutora no Omoshiro Douga Daisakusen!"
(大ピンチで超ノレねえ!? アストラのおもしろ動画大作戦!)
November 19, 2016 N/A
List of Digimon Universe - Appli Monsters episodes 08
While Recomon helps Astra with his Apptube Videos, another renegade Appmon thwarts his attempts. 
09 "Aiming at Rank Number One! Appmon Championship in Cyber Arena!"
"Mezase Kakudzuke Nanbā Wan! Apumon Senshuken in Saibā Arīna!"
(めざせ格付けナンバーワン! アプモン選手権 イン サイバーアリーナ!)
November 26, 2016 N/A
List of Digimon Universe - Appli Monsters episodes 09
The heroes' Appmon compete in games to see who is the best, then a young man with His Appmon Hackmon appear... 
10 "The Aspiration of the Appmon! The Legendary Seven Code Meeting!"
"Apumon-tachi no Akogare! Densetsu no Sebun Kōdo-kai!"
(アプモンたちのあこがれ! 伝説のセブンコード会!)
December 3, 2016 N/A
List of Digimon Universe - Appli Monsters episodes 10
The same guy who interrupted the Championship wants something from Haru's team. 
11 "Dive into the Net Ocean! Follow Super Hacker Rei!"
"Netto no Umi ni Daibu-seyo! Sūpā Hakkā Rei o Oe!"
(ネットの海にダイブせよ! スーパーハッカーレイを追え!)
December 10, 2016 N/A
List of Digimon Universe - Appli Monsters episodes 11
Haru and his friends go after Rei and Raidramon in pursuit of their 7code Appmon
12 "Sakusimon—Defeat With Super Applink!"
"Sakushimon—Chō-Apurinku de Uchiyabure!"
(サクシモン 超アプリンクで打ち破れ!)
December 17, 2016 N/A
List of Digimon Universe - Appli Monsters episodes 12
Everyone winds up battling Sakusimon
13 "Christmas Has Vanished! Calendar Thief Calendarmon!"
"Kurisumasu ga Kiechatta! Koyomi Dorobou Karendamon!"
(クリスマスが消えちゃった! 暦泥棒カレンダモン!)
December 24,2016 N/A
List of Digimon Universe - Appli Monsters episodes 13
Christmas has been mysteriously removed from all digital calendars. 
14 "The City Center is a Puzzle Game!? Puzzlemon Rampage!"
"Machijuu ga Pazurugēmu! ? Pazurumon Daibousou!"
(街中がパズルゲーム!? パズルモン大暴走!)
January 7, 2017 N/A
List of Digimon Universe - Appli Monsters episodes 14
All door and window locks become a bit of an enigma. 
15 "Able to See the Whole Future!? Mysterious Fortune-teller Tellermon"
"Mirai wa Zenbu Mieteiru!? Shinpi no Uranai Terāmon"
(未来は全部見えている!? 神秘の占い・テラーモン)
January 14, 2017 N/A
List of Digimon Universe - Appli Monsters episodes 15
Team Haru seeks help from an infected Fortune Telling Appmon. 
16 "A Message through "Time"—The Truth of the Appli Drive"
""Toki" o Koeta Messēji—Apuri Doraivu no Shinjitsu"
(『トキ』を超えたメッセージ アプリドライヴの真実)
January 21, 2017 N/A
List of Digimon Universe - Appli Monsters episodes 16
Timemon explains the meaning of the 7codes and the Applidrivers. 
17 "Eri is Multiplying by Copy-paste!? Reclaim, the Stage of Dreams!"
"Eri ga Kopipe de Daizoushoku!? Torimodose, Yume no Sutēji!"
(エリがコピペで大増殖!? とりもどせ、夢のステージ!)
January 28, 2017 N/A
List of Digimon Universe - Appli Monsters episodes 17
A copy-and-paste Appmon is after our idol. 
18 "Haru and Yujin's Bond—Stop! Rampaging Resshamon!"
"Haru to Yūjin no Kizuna—Yamero! Bousou Resshamon!"
(ハルと勇仁の絆 止めろ!暴走レッシャモン!)
February 4, 2017 N/A
List of Digimon Universe - Appli Monsters episodes 18
The source of the L-Virus is revealed as a train Appmon is on the run. 
19 "The Net Ocean is in a Big Pinch! The "Time" has Come, Ultimate App Fusion!"
"Netto no Umi ga Dai Pinchi! "Toki" wa Kita, Kiwami Appu-Gattai!"
(ネットの海が大ピンチ! [時]は来た, 極アプ合体!)
February 11, 2017 N/A
List of Digimon Universe - Appli Monsters episodes 19
The ultimate level is unleashed as a fellow Appmon gets infected. 
20 "Goodbye Astra!? Dreammon's Nightmare"
"Sayonara Asutora!? Dorīmon no Akumu"
(さよならアストラ!? ドリーモンの悪夢)
February 18, 2017 N/A
List of Digimon Universe - Appli Monsters episodes 20
Astra has to decide between his father's training, or his videos. 
21 "The Road to the Top Idol! Coachmon's Intensive Training"
"Toppu Aidoru he no Michi! Kōchimon no Moutokkun!"
(トップアイドルへの道! コーチモンの猛特訓!)
February 25, 2017 N/A
List of Digimon Universe - Appli Monsters episodes 21
Eri recieves help from one of the enemy's underlings. 
22 "Lend Me Your Power! Rei and Hackmon, the Meeting on That Day"
"Omae no Chikara o Ore ni Kase! Rei to Hakkumon, Ano Hi no Deai"
(お前の力を俺に貸せ! レイとハックモン、あの日の出会い)
March 4, 2017 N/A
Rei and Hackmon encounter the Appmon they met when the two of them first became partners. 
23 "Reclaim the 7code Appmon! Showdown—Ultimate VS Ultimate!"
"Torimodose Sebunkōdo Apumon! Taiketsu—Kiwami VS Kiwami!"
(とりもどせセブンコードアプモン!対決 極VS極!)
March 11, 2017 N/A
It all comes down to the Applidrivers against Mienumon to reclaim Weatherdoramon. 
24 "Colossal Cometmon Strike!? Open the Door, Dantemon!"
"Choukyodai Komettomon Shūrai!? Tobira wo Ake, Dantemon!"
(超巨大コメットモン襲来!? 扉を開け、ダンテモン!)
March 18, 2017 N/A
Dantemon is ready to be completed, but a comet-sized Appmon won't let that happen. 
25 "Finally, Infiltration of the Deep Web! The Mysterious Cyber-Kowloon!"
"Tsui ni Sen'nyū Dīpu Webu! Nazo no Saibā-Kūron!"
(ついに潜入ディープウェブ! 謎のサイバー九龍 (くーろん)!)
March 25, 2017 N/A
The Applidrivers make it into the Deep Web, only to come across a mysterious town. 
26 "I'm a Protagonist!? The Meeting with Gatchmon"
"Boku ga Shujinkou!? Gacchimon tono Deai"
April 1, 2017 N/A
Haru and Gatchmon recap on how far they've come. 
27 "The Fifth Applidriver!"
"Goninme no Apuridoraivā!"
April 8, 2017 N/A
A classmate of Haru's joins the team with an Offline Appmon. 
28 "Appli Drive DUO! Offmon Appears"
"Apuri Doraivu Dyuo! Ofumon Arawaru"
(アプリドライヴDUO (デュオ)!オフモンあらわる)
April 15, 2017 N/A
Haru learns how Yujin became a driver as they confront a corrupted muscle-building Appmon. 
29 "No Longer Buddies!? Gatchmon Runs Away"
"Badi Kaishou!? Gacchimon no Iede"
April 22, 2017 N/A
Overwhelmed by Haru's attention towards Offmon's cuteness, Gatchmon runs away. 
30 "Dokamon in Love!? Gourmet App—Maripero Raid"
"Dokamon no Koi!? Gurume Apuri—Maripero Shūrai"
April 29, 2017 N/A
Dokamon falls for a female Perorimon, only for a renegade Racing Appmon to interfere. 
31 "Traveling with Friends!? Tripmon's Fearsome Trip"
"Tabi wa Michidzure!? Torippumon no Kyoufu Torippu"
May 6, 2017 N/A
A rogue Appmon under Satellamon's serve purposely misguides the Applidrivers. 
32 "Let's All Bring him Out! The Shut-in Offmon!"
"Min'na de Tsuredase! Hikikomori no Ofumon!"
May 13, 2017 N/A
Offmon struggles to control his Ultimate form. 
33 "High School CEO! Knight Unryuji Appears!"
"Koukousei CEO! Unryūji Naito Arawaru!"
May 20, 2017 N/A
The Appli-Drivers go to confront the CEO of L-Corp. 
34 "Thank You Future! Welcome to the City of AI!"
"Sankyū Mirai! Jinkō Chinō no Machi he Youkoso!"
May 27, 2017 N/A
The entire city gets a dangerous upgrade. 
35 "Aim for the 9 GODs! Appliyama 470 Elections!"
"Mezase Kyūnin Goddo! Appliyama Yon'nanamaru Sousenkyo!"
(めざせ9人ゴッド!アプリ山470 (ヨンナナマル)総選挙!)
June 3, 2017 N/A
It's election day in Appliyama 470 as 9 idols will be selected. 
36 "Election Results! The Hands of Evil Aproach Eri!"
"Sousenkyo Kecchaku! Eri ni Semaru Ma no Te!"
June 10, 2017 N/A
L-Corp's CEO pays an evil visit to Eri. 
37 "Attack! Ultimate Appmon—The Ultimate 4!"
"Shūrai! Kiwami Apumon—Arutimetto Fō!"
(襲来!極アプモン・アルティメット (フォー)!)
June 17, 2017 N/A
The Ultimate 4 show their faces to the Applidrivers. 
38 "Bring Gatchmon Back! Grandpa Den'emon's Test!"
"Gacchimon wo Torimodose! Den'emon-jīchan no Shiren!"
June 24, 2017 N/A
As Haru wonders what to do, Den'emon shows up and points him a way to reunite with Gatchmon. 
39 "A New Power! Appli Drive DUO!"
"Aratana Chikara! Apuri Doraivu Dyuo!"
(新たな力!アプリドライヴDUO (デュオ)!)
July 1, 2017 N/A
The Applidrivers arrive at the Appmon Cemetery
40 "The Ultimate 4 Once Again! Cloud's Written Challenge!"
"Arutimetto Fō no Futatabi! Kuraudo no Chousenjou!"
July 8, 2017 N/A
The Applidrivers continue the "Ultimate Tour" challenge. 
41 "Extreme Battle! Globemon Vs Charismon"
"Kyokugen no Gekitō! Gurōbumon VS Karisumon!"
(極限の激闘! グローブモンVSカリスモン)
July 15, 2017 N/A
There's one more Ultimate 4 Appmon left to collect. 
42 "Rei's Determination! Operation "Search for Hajime"!"
"Rei no Ketsui! Hajime Sousaku Daisakusen!"
(レイの決意! はじめ 捜索 大作戦!)
July 22, 2017 N/A
Rei is now more determined than ever to get Hajime back. 
43 "Awaken, Sleepmon! Appmon Championships Again!!"
"Mezamero, Suripumon! Apumon Senshuken Futatabi!!"
July 29, 2017 N/A
The Appmon Championship is back with more competitors. 
44 "Fugitive - Following Bootmon!"
"Tōbōsha・Būtomon wo Oe!"
August 5, 2017 N/A
The search for Bootmon begins. 
45 "Legendary Battle!? Gatchmon VS Agumon!"
"Daigekitō!? Gacchimon VS Agumon!"
(大激闘!? ガッチモン VS アグモン!)
August 12, 2017 N/A
A legendary monster has finally appeared. 
46 "Oath of the Starry Sky! The Astra Rescue Operation!"
"Hoshizora no Chikai! Asutora Kyūshutsu Daisakusen!"
August 19, 2017 N/A
Astra is kept in the Arukatora Temple by his uncle. 
47 "The Truth About Yujin"
"Yūjin no Shinjitsu"
August 26, 2017 N/A
Yujin finally exposes his true nature. 
48 "Boot Up! The Humanity Applification Plan!"
"Kidou! Jinrui Apurika Keikaku!"
(起動! 人類アプリ化計画!)
September 2, 2017 N/A
Yujin starts the Humanity Applification Plan
49 "Miraculous Final Evolution! The God Appmon Descend!"
"Kiseki no Saishū Shinka! Kami Apumon Kourin!"
(奇跡の最終進化! 神アプモン降臨!)
September 9, 2017 N/A
Eri, Astra, and Rei achieve the God Grade and fight Deusumon. 
50 "The Bond of Hope! Haru and Gaiamon!!"
"Kibou no Kizuna! Haru to Gaiamon!!"
(希望の絆! ハルとガイアモン!!)
September 16, 2017 N/A
Leviathan starts to turn humans into apps. 
51 "An Artificial Intelligence's Dream"
"Jinkou Chinou no Miru Yume"
September 23, 2017 N/A
The God Appmon have been eaten by Leviathan. 
52 "Our Singularity"
"Boku-tachi no Shingyuraritī"
September 30, 2017 N/A
Minerva has finally awakened. 

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