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Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth (NTSC-J)

This is a list of characters from the Digimon game Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, and its one-shot manga of same title.

Main characters

Kuremi Detective Agency

DSCS - Kuremi Detective Agency's office

The Agency's office.

The Kuremi Detective Agency (暮海探偵事務所 Kuremi Tantei Jimusho?) is an investigation firm run by Kyoko Kuremi. Aiba is an apprentice at the agency.[1]

Takumi and Ami Aiba, Terriermon, Palmon, and Hagurumon


Kyoko Kuremi

Kyoko Kuremi b

Kyoko Kuremi (暮海 杏子 Kuremi Kyōko?) is a cool detective who runs the Kuremi Detective Agency.[2]

Kyoko is a beautiful[1] woman with fair skin, black eyes, and waist-length blonde hair with a fringe covering her forehead. She wears black sunglasses with pink lenses, a collar, and a white T-shirt with long sleeves and red buttons. The shirt's topmost button is undone, leaving her cleavage highly exposed. She also wears black gloves, a black scarf with golden circuit-like lines in the shoulders, which is tied near the belly and passes on top of her hair in the back. She also wears black hotpants, and black high heels which are open in the top and have golden circuit-like lines in the bottom.

Kyoko Kuremi (暮海 杏子)
Name used in Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth. Officially romanized in a PlayStation Vita custom theme.
  • Ja: Kuremi (暮海?). Japanese surname that means "sunset sea".
  • Ja: Kyoko (杏子 Kyōko?). Japanese feminine name that means "apricot".

During Cyberspace EDEN's beta test, she has her mental data absorbed by an Eater. After that, Alphamon takes over her to be able to move in the Real World.

Nokia Shiramine, Agumon, and Gabumon

Arata Sanada

Main article: Arata Sanada


  • Keramon: At some point, Arata captured a Keramon. Arata shows the Keramon to Aiba for the first time when they enter a digitalized Shinjuku subway, after the duo notices Digimon are able to materialize in the area. By the time Arata and Aiba have entered a digitalized Akihabara, Keramon has digivolved into Kurisarimon.

Yūgo Kamishiro

Yuuko Kamishiro, Samudramon, and Machinedramon

Keisuke Amazawa, Tentomon, Gotsumon, and Betamon


Gorou Matayoshi

Gorou Matayoshi b

Gorou Matayoshi (又吉 五郎 Matayoshi Gorou?) is a detective. He was designed by Suzuhito Yasuda.[3]

Gorou is a middle-aged man with black eyes and black hair. He wears a buttoned white shirt with purple vertical stripes, under a black buttoned shirt, and a green hooded jacket with white cords and black handles. He also wears a black hat with green stripes, black pants, and shoes of undetermined color.

Gorou is a veteran officer, who has been refraining from retiring after two years with the Metropolitan Police Department's Cyber Crime Investigations Unit. While he may not be as intense as he used to be, he has an extraordinary obsession for uncovering the truth, and will do just about anything to find the truth. He was "demoted" in the Cyber Crime Investigations Unit due to his rather aggressive methods. He also lacks knowledge in things cyber-related. Kyoko's father is a former co-worker of his, and he has known Kyoko for quite a while for this reason. He often visits her to get some advice.[4]

Makiko Date

Makiko Date (伊達 真希子 Date Makiko?) is a policewoman.

After Aiba returns to the Real World, and a crowd forms around the teen, shocked by their weird appearance, Date shows up to disperse the crowd, but is also scared by Aiba's glitched form. Later, when a digital portal apears in Shinjuku, Date once again shows up to disperse the crowd. She then recognizes Arata as a Hacker, and chases after him, forcing Arata and Aiba to enter the portal. After the Shinjuku subway returns to normal, Date once again tries to chase Arata, but stops for a moment. She sees Aiba, who was with Arata, and chase them instead.


Rie Kishibe

Rie Kishibe b

Rie Kishibe (岸部 リエ Kishibe Rie?) is an ambitious woman who supervises Cyberspace EDEN.[5]

Rie is a young woman with short greenish blonde hair, yellow eyes, and a large chest. She wears a butterfly-shaped pin in the left side of her hair, and another pin in the right side, a black blouse with small triangular cuts on the borders, an orange shirt with three black buttons and puffy shoulders, and black elbow gloves with triangular cuts on the borders, and gray hexagons on them. She also wears a short orange business skirt, stockings with a black flower pattern on them and a black band on the top, and black shoes with orange soles.

Rie is the corporate executive officer who puts together EDEN Project promotion work for Kamishiro Enterprise. Rie is a generous young lady who has a soft demeanor, great confidence in herself, and doesn't listen to the opinions of others.[6]

Rie Kishibe (岸部 リエ)
Name used in Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth.
  • Ja: Kishibe (岸部?). Japanese surname that means "shore department". Likely a pun on "knight" (騎士 kishi?).
  • Ja: Rie (リエ?). A Japanese feminine name. Possibly after "cavalier" (カバリエ kabarie?) or "chevalier" (シュヴァリエ shuvarie?), both French for "knight".

Akemi Suedou

Main article: Akemi Suedou

Royal Knights


Zaxon (ザクソン Zakuson?) is an evil Hacker group led by Yūgo. Fei is part of its executive staff.[3] The Zaxon are based on the Zaxon Forum.

Fei Wong Tomoe Ignacio

Fei Wong Tomoe Ignacio b

Fei Wong Tomoe Ignacio (フェイ・ウォン・巴・イグナシオ Fei Won Tomoe Igunashio?) is a member of Zaxon's executive staff. She was designed by Media.Vision's artwork team.[3] She is partnered to TigerVespamon.

Fei is a young woman with light blue eyes, brown hair, which is worn in a large odango, apparently formed by braids, and a small chest. She wears a yellow hairclip in the right side of the hair black and yellow cropped cheongsam, and a white and light blue jacket with a white losangle in the light blue part of the arm, and black gloves. The white and light blue parts of the jackets are separated by a blue borders. She wears a yellow cloth tied in the waist like a belt, black pants with a yellow vertical line on each side, and black and white sneakers.

Fei has an absolute sense of loyalty to her team leader and will calmly purge teammates if they don't follow orders.[4] She is half-Japanese, one quarter Chinese, and one quarter Brazilian.[7]



TigerVespamon b

TigerVespamon is Fei's primary Digimon. When Nokia picks a fight with Fei, she uses TigerVespamon to soundly defeat Agumon and Gabumon. When the battle for the Under Zero takes place, TigerVespamon is joined by Phoenixmon and Sakuyamon to fight Nokia again, this time being defeated by Omnimon. When it's revealed that Yuuko is being held captive, Fei joins the main character to rescue her, with TigerVespamon serving as a guest party member. Although Fei only saw Digimon as hacking programs to use, TigerVespamon reveals itself to be sapient and enjoys being Fei's partner. Fei has always treasured TigerVespamon because Yuugo gave her the Digimon.


Mephisto-san (メフィストさん Mefisuto-san?) is a Zaxon member. When the other masked Zaxon members address him, they call him "Mephisto-san-san", implying the first "-san" is actually part of his codename instead of a honorofic.

Mephisto-san is being controlled by a Growlmon who is making him steal the accounts of other EDEN users. When he orders Aiba to surrender their account to him, he does so in a very altered way, and the other Zaxons ask him if he's okay. Growlmon then reveals itself and fights Aiba. After Growlmon is defeated, Mephisto-san passes out.

Former members

Main articles: Jimmy KEN and Demons

A former Zaxon member gives Aiba Zaxon Forum's URL when they are searching for Makoto Yamashina's account data.


Demons (デモンズ Demonzu?) is an evil Hacker group led by Jimmy KEN, and formed primarily of former Zaxon members. They are based in the Demons Hideout.

Jimmy KEN

Jimmy KEN b

Jimmy KEN (ジミィKEN (ケン) Jimyi Ken?), usually shortened to Jimiken (ジミケン?), is the leader of the Demons,[3] and a former member of Zaxon's executive staff[8]. His real name, as accidentally revealed by Reiko, is Tanaka (田中?). He was designed by Media.Vision's artwork team.

Jimmy KEN is a young man with green eyes, and long black hair. He wears a white makeup on the face, with a purple star with black borders around the left eye, a black choker, an open black jacket, and long black fingerless elbow gloves with three zippers on it, a circular hole on the top of the hand, and a metallic sphere ornament on each knuckle. He also wears black pants with three zippers on each leg, a black belt with a square metallic buckle, and black boots with a purple inner part, and a zipper in the front. His pants also have two stars in the right side of the back; one star on top is purple with a white outline, and the other under it is completely white. His design appears to be a reference to Paul Stanley from Kiss.

Jimmy has the habit of constantly using English words, as always as shouting "I am Jimiken! Yahoo!" every time he shows up.

Jimmy KEN is a famous singer in a band, and has released a new song titled Setsunai no Humming-bird (刹那いのハミング・バード Setsunai no Hamingu-Bādo?, lit. "Ephemeral Humming-bird") by the time Aiba first returns from Coulomb. Nokia and Sakura are fans of him. When the Zaxon members who were trying to capture Agumon and Gabumon are defeated by Aiba, Jimmy KEN shows. Nokia suddenly has her dreams crushed when she realizes Jimmy KEN is evil. Jimmy KEN challenges Aiba, but when his Devimon and two Meramon are defeated, he tries to challenges the teen again with another Digimon, but is stopped by Yūgo and Fei, who say he must adhere to Zaxon's rules. Jimmy, irritated, leaves.

  • Tsutawaru? Kono Feeling (伝わる?このフィーリング Tsutawaru? Kono Fīringu?, lit. "Is it Coming? This Feeling"): Lowers a Digimon's defense while raising its attack.

Other characters


Jude (ジュード Jūdo?) was a Hacker team led by Arata. According to a Hacker in Coulomb Lv. 4, they have stopped showing up.

Formers members

Main article: Arata Sanada


Oruru b

Oruru (おるる?) is an attendant at the Online Colosseum. She was designed by Media.Vision's artwork team.[9]

Mr. Navit

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth PV - Mr. Navit

Navit-kun (middle).

Mr. Navit (ナビットくん Nabitto-kun?, lit. "Navit-kun") is EDEN's official mascot.


DLC delivery clerk

Reiko Tawa

Reiko Tawa b

Reiko Tawa (田和 玲子 Tawa Reiko?) is a mascot of Tower Records' TOWERanime store, and was designed by Suzuhito Yasuda.

Yukino Aiba

Yukino Aiba (相羽 雪乃 Aiba Yukino?) is Aiba's mother.

Ryota Takei

Ryota Takei (武井 リョウタ Takei Ryouta?) is Aiba's classmate.

When in Shinjuku to test if their data body is capable of freely walking through the Real World, Aiba meets Ryota and Sakura. Ryota rhetorically asks if Aiba was in a deserted island during the last days, and is unable to remember which country Aiba has supposedly been too. Ryota is impressed after learning Aiba became a cyber sleuth, and envies his friend for being able to skip classes.

Sakura Fujisaki

Sakura Fujisaki (藤咲 サクラ Fujisaki Sakura?) is Aiba's classmate.

When in Shinjuku to test if their data body is capable of freely walking through the Real World, Aiba meets Ryouta and Sakura. After Ryouta asks which country Aiba has been too, she guesses Gunma, unil Ryouta reminds her Gunma is in Japan.

Mr. Kuremi

Mr. Kuremi was Kyoko's father. He was a detective, and a friend of Gorou Matayoshi.

Kyoko's father was killed by someone from Kamishiro Enterprise. Kyoko often talks about her father, sometimes quoting him.

Satoru Kamishiro

Satoru Kamishiro (神代 悟留 Kamishiro Satoru?) was the father of Yuuko and Yūgo Kamishiro, and the former president of Kamishiro Enterprise.

Satoru was killed by Crusadermon. His death was reported by news outlets as being suicide. One year later, Yuuko goes to Kuremi Detective Agency. Denying her father killed himself, she asks Kyoko and Aiba to investigate his death, believing Makoto Yamashina might know something about it.

After Mother Eater is defeated, reality is altered into a world where Satoru was never killed.

Makoto and Chika Yamashina

Makoto Yamashina (山科 誠 Yamashina Makoto?) is a man who lives with his only daughter, Chika Yamashina (山科 チカ Yamashina Chika?).

Makoto Yamashina had his EDEN account stolen by Mephisto-san. One day, Yuuko Kamishiro goes to the Kuremi Detective Agency claiming to be "Yuuko Yamashina", and that her father is missing, and asks for help to retrieve his account. After Mephisto-san is defeated, Aiba and Kyoko go to Yamashina's house to investigate. They ask him about the missing person, and Makoto states he is Makoto Yamashina, and doesn't know anything about a missing person. Kyoko asks to see his daughter. Chika arrives at this moment, and the duo is surprised to see she is not Yuuko. Kyoko asks if he has another daughter, but Makoto states Chika is the only one. Makoto asks Chika if she heard of ay disappearance, but she states she hasn't heard of it. Kyoko then tells Makoto about the theft of his EDEN account, and the man suddenly gets nevous after hearing the name "EDEN". Chika then orders Kyoko and Aiba to leave.


Wanyamon b

Mīko (ミーコ?), also known as Pete (ピート Pīto?), is a Wanyamon.


Etemon b


Digimon World Re:Digitize
Digimon World Dusk
Main articles: Sayo and Dianamon (Dawn)

Notes and references

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