Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth (NTSC-J)

This is a list of characters from the Digimon game Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, its parallel story, Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory, and their one-shot mangas of the same titles.

Main characters

Kuremi Detective Agency

DSCS - Kuremi Detective Agency's office

The Agency's office.

The Kuremi Detective Agency (暮海探偵事務所 Kuremi Tantei Jimusho?) is an investigation firm run by Kyoko Kuremi. Aiba is an apprentice at the agency.[1]

Takumi and Ami Aiba, Terriermon, Palmon, and Hagurumon


Kyoko Kuremi

Kyoko Kuremi b

Kyoko Kuremi (暮海 杏子 Kuremi Kyōko?) is a cool detective who runs the Kuremi Detective Agency.[2]

Kyoko is a beautiful[1] woman with fair skin, black eyes, and waist-length blonde hair with a fringe covering her forehead. She wears black sunglasses with pink lenses, a collar, and a white T-shirt with long sleeves and red buttons. The shirt's topmost button is undone, leaving her cleavage highly exposed. She also wears black gloves, a black scarf with golden circuit-like lines in the shoulders, which is tied near the belly and passes on top of her hair in the back. She also wears black hotpants, and black high heels which are open in the top and have golden circuit-like lines in the bottom.

Kyoko Kuremi (暮海 杏子)
Name used in Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth. Officially romanized in a PlayStation Vita custom theme.
  • Ja: Kuremi (暮海?). Japanese surname that means "sunset sea".
  • Ja: Kyoko (杏子 Kyōko?). Japanese feminine name that means "apricot".

During Cyberspace EDEN's beta test, she has her mental data absorbed by an Eater. After that, Alphamon takes over her to be able to move in the Real World.

Nokia Shiramine, Agumon, and Gabumon

Arata Sanada and Keramon

Yuugo Kamishiro and Pabumon

Yuuko Kamishiro, Gaiomon, and Machinedramon

Keisuke Amasawa, Tentomon, Gotsumon, and Betamon

Erika Mishima and Wormmon

Ryuji Mishima and Cyberdramon

Chitose Imai and Ankylomon


Gorou Matayoshi

Gorou Matayoshi b

Gorou Matayoshi (又吉 五郎 Matayoshi Gorou?) is a detective. He was designed by Suzuhito Yasuda.[3]

Gorou is a middle-aged man with black eyes and black hair. He wears a buttoned white shirt with purple vertical stripes, under a black buttoned shirt, and a green hooded jacket with white cords and black handles. He also wears a black hat with green stripes, black pants, and shoes of undetermined color.

Gorou is a veteran officer, who has been refraining from retiring after two years with the Metropolitan Police Department's Cyber Crime Investigations Unit. While he may not be as intense as he used to be, he has an extraordinary obsession for uncovering the truth, and will do just about anything to find the truth. He was "demoted" in the Cyber Crime Investigations Unit due to his rather aggressive methods. He also lacks knowledge in things cyber-related. Kyoko's father is a former co-worker of his, and he has known Kyoko for quite a while for this reason. He often visits her to get some advice.[4]

When helping Keisuke Amasawa in Dominion battles, his partners are Birdramon, Tankmon and Starmon. In Territory battles, his Birdramon is a Garudamon. In the Master Cup, they have digivolved into SuperStarmon, Knightmon and Garudamon.

Makiko Date

Makiko Date (伊達 真希子 Date Makiko?) is a policewoman. She uses a team consisting of Terriermon, Lopmon, and Lunamon, and appears in Dominion Battles. By the time of the Master Cup, they have digivovled into Rapidmon, Crescemon and Antylamon (Good).

After Aiba returns to the Real World, Date shows up to disperse the crowd of bystanders gawking at Aiba's appearance, but is also scared by Aiba's glitched form. Later, when a digital portal spears in Shinjuku, Date once again shows up to disperse the crowd. She then recognizes Arata as a Hacker and chases after him, forcing Arata and Aiba to enter the portal. After the Shinjuku subway returns to normal, Date once again tries to chase Arata, but pauses and chases after Aiba when she spots them.

After Keisuke and Date track down Mysterious Digital Face, the Face claims that Date is a terrible cop compared to Matayoshi, the person he wanted to fall into his fake treasure trap. Lopmon gets angry, stating that Date is amazing and helped her not to be scared of humans, and digivolves to Antylamon (Good) in order to fight. After Face is defeated, he claims that was only round one, but let's them off when Matayoshi arrives. Despite claiming that the area was hacked to prevent escape, Face manages to escape anyway.


Wanyamon b

Mīko (ミーコ?), also known as Pete (ピート Pīto?), is a Wanyamon.

Pete was Yoshito Mizushima's cat. He became trapped inside a Vacuum Computer Room beneath Nakano Broadway. Years later, he asked for help from Aiba using the form of Fuyume Yuuki. After Aiba saves him from a Frigimon, Pete becomes Kyoko Kuremi's assistant.

Yu Nogi

Main article: Yu Nogi

Fei Wong Tomoe Ignacio and TigerVespamon


The Rebels (リベリオンズ Riberionzu?, lit. "Rebellions") are a Hacker team formed by Nokia Shiramine. They call themselves Tamers rather than Hackers.


Yasu (ヤス?) is a member of the Rebellions. He has a habit of ending his sentences in -ssu (っス?).



Hudie (フーディエ Fūdie?) is a Hacker team. They work as one of Zaxon's many hacker teams and occasionally take orders from Yuugo Kamishiro and Fei Wong Tomoe Ignacio. Their headquarters is the Net Cafe Hudie and their mascot is Wormmon. Most of its members are Malwares, Digimon the team uses for many purposes.


Hachidori (ハチドリ?) is a malware used by Chitose help Keisuke track down Youji Shiga. Its species is unspecified and Keisuke used it before learning the Malwares are Digimon.


Poyomon b

Kumobachi (クモバチ?) is a Poyomon.


Botamon b

Himebachi (ヒメバチ?) is a Botamon.


Rie Kishibe

Rie Kishibe b

Rie Kishibe (岸部 リエ Kishibe Rie?) is an ambitious woman who supervises Cyberspace EDEN.[5]

Rie is a young woman with short greenish blonde hair, yellow eyes, and a large chest. She wears a butterfly-shaped pin in the left side of her hair, and another pin in the right side, a black blouse with small triangular cuts on the borders, an orange shirt with three black buttons and puffy shoulders, and black elbow gloves with triangular cuts on the borders, and gray hexagons on them. She also wears a short orange business skirt, stockings with a black flower pattern on them and a black band on the top, and black shoes with orange soles.

Rie is the corporate executive officer who puts together EDEN Project promotion work for Kamishiro Enterprise. Rie is a generous young lady who has a soft demeanor, great confidence in herself, and doesn't listen to the opinions of others.[6]

Rie Kishibe (岸部 リエ)
Name used in Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth.
  • Ja: Kishibe (岸部?). Japanese surname that means "shore department". Likely a pun on "knight" (騎士 kishi?).
  • Ja: Rie (リエ?). A Japanese feminine name. Possibly after "cavalier" (カバリエ kabarie?) or "chevalier" (シュヴァリエ shuvarie?), both French for "knight".

Akemi Suedou

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Royal Knights


Zaxon (ザクソン Zakuson?) is a next generation Hacker group led by Yūgo. Fei is part of its executive staff.[3] The Zaxon are based on the Zaxon Forum.

Fei Wong Tomoe Ignacio and TigerVespamon


Mephisto-san (メフィストさん Mefisuto-san?) is a Zaxon member. When the other masked Zaxon members address him, they call him "Mephisto-san-san", implying the first "-san" is actually part of his codename instead of a honorofic.

Mephisto-san is a hacker who steals the accounts of other EDEN users. Keisuke Amasawa and Ryuji Mishima track down Mephisto-san, thinking he might be the one who stole Keisuke's account. They defeat him and his Growlmon in battle, though upon defeat, his Growlmon roars at him, which then leads to Mepisto being covered in a dark aura. He then flees, with Keisuke and Ryuji in pursuit. They however, are slowed down due to having to fight all of Mephisto's minions. Whilst fighting them, Aiba arrives and confronts Mepishto for account stealing. Mephisto orders Aiba to surrender their account to him, in a very altered way, and the other Zaxons ask him if he's okay. Growlmon then reveals itself and fights Aiba, showing that after losing to Keisuke, Growlmon took matters into its own hands and mind controlled Mephisto. After Growlmon is defeated, Mephisto-san passes out. Keisuke and Ryuji arrive, only to see "another hacker" had got their before them and leave dejected at not getting there in time.

Former members

Main articles: Jimmy KEN and Demons

A former Zaxon member gives Aiba Zaxon Forum's URL when they are searching for Makoto Yamashina's account data.


Demons (デモンズ Demonzu?) is an evil Hacker group led by Jimmy KEN, and formed primarily of former Zaxon members. They are based in the Demons Hideout. After being defeated multiple times, Jimmy Ken goes into hiding, which allows K to take control of the group.

Jimmy KEN

Main article: Jimmy KEN

Youji Shiga

DSCSHM - Youji Shiga

Shiga (right).

Youji Shiga (志賀 ヨウジ Shiga Youji?) is a Hacker.

At some point, K contacted Keisuke Amasawa and accused Shiga of being the one who stole his account.

On May 1, 20XX, Keisuke and Ryuji Mishima track Shiga down. Shiga is trying to capture Agumon and Gabumon. When Shiga asks Keisuke and Ryuji to help him capture them, the two just allow Agumon and Gabumon to escape, and Ryuji holds Shiga from going after them. Ryuji tries to get Shiga to return Keisuke's account, and Shiga attacks them both with his Golemon, but Cyberdramon and Keisuke's Partner defeat it. Shiga shows his Digivice to prove he didn't steal Keisuke's account, and the two let him go. Shiga is then attacked by an Eater, and Keisuke is about to try to help him, but Ryuji, unaware of the EDEN Syndrome, dissuades from it claiming the monster only destroys accounts. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory



Main article: K

Tooru Kayaba

Tooru Kayaba (茅場 トオル Kayaba Tooru?) is a rich Hacker. He is the second person K names as a suspect of stealing Keisuke's account. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory


Akira Hosaka

Akira Hosaka (保坂 アキラ Hosaka Akira?) is a Hacker who collects EDEN accounts, keeping them on his Server.

At some point, Hosaka stole Keisuke Amasawa's account. He later sold it after growing board of how average Keisuke is. When Keisuke and Yu Nogi infiltrate his server, they see the hundreds of accounts on his server and confront him, with Akira stating he was exactly who Keisuke had been looking for this whole time but that he's too late as he sold the account. After Keisuke defeats him, Yu deletes his account though after finding out that Keisuke didn't get access to his account back and that he just deleted Keisuke's only lead, Yu apologises.

It is later revealed that Yu, as K, worked together with Akira to steal accounts with Yu asking Akira specifically to get Keisuke's account. When Keisuke was getting closer to finding out who took it, Yu stole Akira's account and then used it himself as a "bad guy" for the "heroes" to defeat so that Keisuke would pay more attention to Yu and fall in love with him for helping him to defeat the one who stole his account. This isn't how the situation played out however, so Yu took his plan even further and eventually revealed that he was the one who stole it.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory




Inoden Occult Research Club

The Inoden Occult Research Club (井ノ電オカルト研究部 Inoden Okaruto Kenkyuu-bu?) is a club of the Inoden High School that investigates supernatural phenomena.

Mei Kokusho

Mei Kokusho (国生 メイ Kokusho Mei?) is the president of the Inoden Occult Research Club.


Kenji (ケンジ?) is the vice president of the Inoden Occult Research Club.


Manaka (マナカ?) is a member of the Inoden Occult Research Club.

Lily Douguchi

Lily Douguchi (洞口 リリィ Douguchi Riryi?) is a member of the Inoden Occult Research Club. She also works at a maid cafe. Unown to the other members of the club, she calls herself a spirit medium and uses a familiar to cleans spirits and send them back to their world. Lilly hires Keisuke Amasawa to help her deal with a "ghost" that she and her friends in the Inoden Occult Research Club (and also Aiba and Kyoko Kuremi) accidentally summoned from another realm, which is supposedly the ghost of a girl who killed herself by jumping in front of a truck. They track down the ghost in Shibuya, though suddenly countless copies of her appear. After chasing down multiple of them, they find the original one, which reveals itself to be a Dragomon in disguise and alongside Lily's Kyubimon, which was originally her "familiar", which her shocked to see it now being a Digimon, defeat the Dragomon. It escapes into the Shibuya underground however and has to be chased again, with more impostors on the way. They find the real one again and after Kyubimon digivolves into Taomon they defeat the Dragomon once again and send it back to where it came from. Despite not wanting her friends to know however, they had overheard her talking about it and watched her deal with the Dragomon and forced her to make them magic charms to get forgiveness for not telling them.


Hudie's clients

Royal 3

DSCSHM - Royal 3

Royal 3 (ロイヤル3世 Roiyaru 3-sei?) is Rumi's boyfriend.

On May 5, 20XX, he has a date with Rumi, but when she doesn't show up, Royal asks Hudie to search for her. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory


Riko (リコ?) is a young girl.

On May 4, 20XX, she asks Hudie to search for her sister, who disappeared while on Nakano Broadway's elevator.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory

Ken Akao

Ken Akao (赤尾 賢 Akao Ken?) is one of Hudie's clients.


Lillymon b

Togemon b

Lillymon, as a Togemon, hires Keisuke Amasawa to help her "hack" out an illness she had suffering from as she assumed it was a virus. Keisuke was unable to do so, so Togemon told Keisuke to find Dr Datamon as he specialises in helping sick Digimon. Upon finding the Datamon, he states multiple Digimon have been suffering this same virus and that he had cured them all and had created a new even more powerful medicine to help out Digimon suffering the virus and that he's happy Keisuke came along as he needed a "test subject" to use the medicine on. Upon being taken to Togemon, Datamon has Togemon drink it only for Togemon to go out of control, attacking Keisuke and Datamon. After being defeated, Togemon feels fine and Datamon states that was one of the side effects. Suddenly, Togemon digivolves into Lillymon, with Datamon stating that suddenly digivoling must be another side effect and that he will now use it on other Digimon to make them more powerful. Lillymon thanks Keisuke and says that if he ever needs help, he can call her and she'll help him as he saved her life. Should Keisuke ask for her help, she helps him out in Domninion battles and during their bonding times after those battles, Lillymon asks what kind of girl he likes, tries to make him laugh because "guy's like girls that can make them laugh" as well as saying that a hacker should be able to "hack a Digimon's heart to see how they feel" and is really happy when Keisuke says he likes Lillymon acting normal, so she didn't have to go to so much effort to impress him. She also accidentally reads aloud about holding human male's hands and giving them gifts they like to make them like you in front of Keisuke, though denies it has anything to do with him and that she was just "researching about relationships". This shows that Lillymon is in love with Keisuke after he saved her life. Keisuke thinks to himself about if she is in love with him but ends up denying it, thinking it wouldn't be possible for her to be in love with him.

Sistermon Blanc and Sistermon Noir

Sistermon Blanc b

Sistermon Blanc (Awakened) 3009 (DCo)

Sistermon Noir b

Sistermon Noir (Awakened) 3008 (DCo)

Sistermon Blanc and her older sister, Sistermon Noir (Sistermon Ciel in USA) get separated from Gankoomon and Hackmon, finding themselves in Eden. Without knowing how to get back to the Digital World, they decide to set up a training area in Kowloon level three. The two sisters hire Keisuke Amasawa to act as a lackey so that people would attend their training course, as they didn't want to be seen as "too cute and weak" to help train Digimon and Keisuke, whilst wearing a mask to look more intimidating helps them out.

Nokia Shiramine is their first customer of training gym, so Keisuke and the Sistermons fight Agumon and Gabumon and win. After being scolded by Noir that Nokia doesn't love her Digimon and merely stands in the background supporting them and Keisuke telling her to show her affection to her partners, Nokia responds that they're right and she is why they aren't strong. She then blows kisses to her partners, showing her love for them. Agumon and Gabumon don't seem to understand but say they're feeling happy and fuzzy which results in them digivolving into Greymon and Garurumon. The Sistermons then continue their training, slide evolving into their Awakened forms. They then instruct Keisuke to join Nokia's side and with Keisuke's help Nokia defeats the Awakened Sistermon sisters. Blanc ends up really angry that they lost, whilst Noir explains that doesn't matter because their goal was to help train their customers, which they managed successfully. Blanc doesn't care though and starts attacking the surrounding area, leading Noir to sing a lullaby that Gankoomon had taught her to calm down Blanc. When Blanc recognises the lullaby, she stops - only to be punched in the face by Noir, which puts Blanc to sleep - reverting her to her original form. Noire explains that her sister's awakened form causes her to love battling a little too much but that the lullaby and a punch to the face calms her down every time, though explains that the lullaby reduces any damage when Keisuke and Nokia show concern about Blanc being punched in the face. Noir then thanks Keisuke and states she will hire him again in the future.

Upon returning to the Digilab, Keisuke is greeted by the two Sistermon. They explain that after word spread about their successful training centre, they got loads of clients - only for Blanc to completely destroy the arena when her Awakened side lost control again. They then came across Mirei Mikagura who brought them to the Digilab for temporary accommodation until their arena is fixed. They then express happiness upon learning Keisuke that visits the Digilab a lot, so state they will help him out and then any time he speaks to them, they explain the mechanics of raising Digimon, such as what ABI is, or how personalities affect his Digimon.


Renamon b

A Terriermon hires Keisuke to help find his friend Renamon as she had gone missing in Asauksa. Keisuke comes across Renamon in the digital shift in Asakusa, where she is protecting a child from a MegaSeadramon. Renamon tells Keisuke to leave as she doesn't trust hackers and tries to fight MegaSeadramon on her own. Due to the level difference, Renamon loses easily, so Keisuke steps in and defeats the MegaSeadramon. Renamon is surpised and the two get the child out of the Digital Shift. Renamon thanks Keisuke, saying she is now interested in him due to having strong partners and allows him to call her in for help during dominion battles. Terriermon then reveals that Renamon has a soft spot for small children and that she had no choice but to go rescue her, not caring what would happen to herself in the process.


Beelzemon b

A member of the Seven Great Demon Lords, Beelzemon hires Keisuke to remove a wall that a human had made, as he was a Digimon and was unable to do so. He states that a SkullMeramon had been killing weak Digimon for no reason other than to show his power and that this pissed off Beelzemon. Keisuke goes to the Shinjuku Digital Shift and removes the wall. Upon going further in, Keisuke finds the SkullMeramon in the middle of bullying a DemiDevimon, so Keisuke jumps in and defeats the SkullMeramon, saving DemiDevimon. SkullMeramon doesn't care he lost though, so attempts to attack DemiDevimon again. At this point Beelzemon drives in and tells of his disgust of what SkullMeramon has been doing. SkullMeramon begs for mercy and Beelzemon states he doesn't pick on the weak... except that this is an exception and kills the SkullMeramon. He then thanks Keisuke for his help and to pay him back, allows Keisuke to call him in for help during a Dominion Battle should be need it.

Beelzemon is later killed by Aiba when they kill all seven Demon Lords to free Sayo's Dianamon. All seven members remaining data is then merged into a Monzaemon by Mirei Mikagura, though Sayo and Aiba kill that too.


Leomon b

Leomon hires Keisuke to help deal with his friend WarGrowlmon as he had suddenly lost control in the Shibuya Digital Field. Leomon explained that they had lived with their friends peacefully, only for Arcadiamon to kill everyone except for Leomon and WarGrowlmon, with WarGrowlmon then determined to get revenge for his fallen friends. He spent all of his time training, which then lead to him digivolving into Megidramon. The new found power than caused him to lose control and go on a rampage, so Leomon hires Keisuke in the hope that he can help turn him back into a WarGrowlmon because he doesn't want his only friend to be killed. When Leomon and Keisuke find Megidramon, he's in the middle of trying to destroy the area and doesn't remember who Leomon is, so they team up to stop him. However, this doesn't help to revert him back to WarGrowlmon, so Keisuke suggests to kill him and have him revert back into a Digiegg. Leomon doesn't want to do this however so says he will try one last time to talk to him before they do that. Leomon says that he's happy he wanted to get so strong but that their friends wouldn't he happy to see him this way and that this isn't true strength. Megidramon is able to understand this and agrees that their deceased friends wouldn't want to see him this way. He then willingly degenerates back into WarGrowlmon. He says that training with the sole intention being revenge is a bad idea as it only leads to negative feelings. Leomon then thanks Keisuke and states he can call Leomon for help whenever he needs it.

Three Great Angels

Ophanimon b

Seraphimon b

Cherubimon (Good) b

Ophanimon hires Keisuke Amasawa to help her, as Kerpymon (Good) and Seraphimon are fighting and she doesn't know why. Upon getting to the two fighting angels, Keisuke learns that they are fighting as they both want to marry Ophanimon but only one of them can. They then decide that they one who defeats the human deserves her, though both lose to Keisuke. They then decide they will need to train for a rematch with the human, so that they can one day be the suitor for Ophanimon. Ophanimon learns of this and uses it to her advantage to have them both behave, then fixes the area the two destroyed. After they agree to stop fighting as Ophanimon doesn't like it, the three leave. Later on, Ophanimon warns Keisuke that he needs to look out as they both plan to defeat Keisuke one day to prove who should get to marry her.

Other hacking groups

Keisuke and his friends fight against multiple rival hacker groups in Dominion and Territory battles. Due to working directly under Zaxon, Hudie are hired to take out these other groups, so defeat them in the name of Zaxon. When Eden is down due to Eater attacks, Yu Nogi rounds up the leaders of each group and together they all hack the system, allowing Hudie access to Eden.

Young At Heart

Young At Heart are a group of young school girls, who's goal is to get boyfriends. They fight Keisuke and two of his friends in repeatable Dominion battles. They specialise in Rookie level Digimon. Upon being defeated, the leader wonders if Keisuke Amasawa is her Prince Charming, though proceeds to deny that, stating her Prince Charming would be more handsome. They use ToyAgumon, Patamon, Lunamon, Kudamon, Terriermon and Lopmon.

Black Silver

Black Silver are a group of old men. They specialise in "antique" Digimon. They fight Keisuke and two of his friends in repeatable Dominion battles. They use Renamon, Kyubimon, Gabumon, Biyomon, Otamamon and Kudamon.

Fire Powers

Fire Powers are group of young men who wear shirts with fire patterns on them. They fight Keisuke and two of his friends in repeatable Dominion battles. They specialise in Fire type Digimon. They use Agumon, ToyAgumon, BlackAgumon, Dracomon, Birdramon and Meramon.

Spread Wings

Spread Wings are a group of women. They specialise in Bird type Digimon. They fight Keisuke and two of his friends in repeatable Dominion battles. They use Birdramon, Garudamon, Aquilamon, Peckmon and Hippogriffomon.

Ocean Animals

Spread Wings are a group of women. They specialise in Water type Digimon. They fight Keisuke and two of his friends in repeatable Dominion battles. They use MegaSeadramon, Whamon, Dragomon, Zudomon and ShogunGekomon.

Tokyo Shock Groove

Tokyo Shock Groove are a group of women who wear hats and battle Keisuke in a territory quest. They specialise in Electric type Digimon. Until all their flags are taken, Keisuke's Digimon will be paralysed in every battle. Collecting all flags causes their Digimon to be paralysed instead. They use Guardromon, Guardromon (Gold), Tentomon, Betamon, Elecmon, Waspmon, Tankmon and MetalGreymon.

Cat Ear

Cat Ear are a group of girls who work in a cat maid cafe and wear their uniform during the territory quest. They specialise in cute Digimon. Until all their flags are taken, Keisuke's Digimon will have their Speed lowered in every battle. Collecting all flags causes their Digimon to be have their speed lowered instead. They use Nyaromon, Gatomon, Wanyamon, Frigimon, Kudamon and BlackGatomon.

Masked Maids

Masked Maids are a group of girls dressed as maids but also wears masks that cover their faces and battle Keisuke in a territory quest. They specialise in Dark type Digimon. Until all their flags are taken, Keisuke's Digimon will be confused in every battle. Collecting all flags causes their Digimon to be confused instead. They use Impmon, Dracmon, Sangloupmon, Devimon, LadyDevimon, Bakemon, DemiDevimon and Myotismon.

Dust Alliance

Dust alliance are a group of children. They specialise in poop Digimon and battle Keisuke in a territory quest. Until all their flags are taken, Keisuke's Digimon will be poisoned in every battle. Collecting all flags causes their Digimon to be poisoned instead. They use Sukamon, Nanimon, Numemon, PlatinumSukamon, Chuumon, Vegiemon, Geremon, Monzaemon, BlackKingNumemon, ShellNumemon and PlatinumNumemon.

Rabbit Circle

Rabbit Circle are a group of women who wear rabbit masks. They specialise in Rabbit and Data type Digimon and battle Keisuke in a territory quest. Until all their flags are taken, Keisuke's Digimon will be asleep in every battle. Collecting all flags causes their Digimon to be asleep instead. They use Terriermon, Lopmon, Lunamon, Turuiemon, Reppamon, Dorugamon, Gargomon, Lekismon, Crescemon and Silphymon.

Spike and Shield

Spike and Shield are a group of men. They specialise in weapon Digimon and battle Keisuke in a territory quest. Until all their flags are taken, Keisuke's Digimon will have their Defence lowered in every battle. Collecting all flags causes their Digimon to have their Defence lowered instead. They use Tankmon, Guardromon, MetalTyrannomon, Megadramon, Gigadramon, Rapidmon, Gargomon, ZubaEagermon and Duramon.


Spike and Shield are a group of men. They specialise in Dinosaur Digimon and battle Keisuke in a territory quest. Until all their flags are taken, Keisuke's Digimon will have their Attack lowered in every battle. Collecting all flags causes their Digimon to have their Attack lowered instead. They use Coredramon (Blue), MegaSeadramon, SkullGreymon, DoruGreymon, Growlmon, Tyrannomon, Monochromon, Airdramon, Wingdramon, MetalGreymon (Virus), ExVeemon, KendoGarurumon and BurningGreymon. After defeating them, they reward Keisuke with the Beast Spirts of Lihght and Fire, to allow Keisuke to get his own KendoGarurumon and BurningGreymon.

Akiba Flannel

Akiba Flannel are a group of men who wear Flannel shirts and like to dance. They specialise in Support Digimon and battle Keisuke in a territory quest. Until all their flags are taken, Keisuke's Digimon cannot use their support skills every battle. Collecting all flags causes their Digimon to be unable to use support skills instead. They use MachGaogamon, DoruGreymon, Digitamamon, Dinobeemon, Paildramon, Etemon, Infermon and MetalGreymon (Virus).

Legend Angels

Legend Angels are a group of nurses. They specialise in Angel Digimon and battle Keisuke in a territory quest. Until all their flags are taken, Keisuke's Digimon have their Intelligence lowered in every battle. Collecting all flags causes their Digimon to have their Intelligence lowered instead. They use Lucemon, Angemon, MagnaAngemon, Angewomon, Gatomon, Chirinmon, Cherubimon (Good), Ophanimon and Seraphimon.

Steam Dealers

Legend Angels are a group of men in business suits who wear gas masks. They specialise in Defensive Digimon and first battle Keisuke, Ryuji Mishima and Chitose Imai in a Dominion Battle. Hudie assumes they work for Mephisto, though deny this. It isn't until Chitose states that Keisuke is a psychopath who doesn't talk and will attack them all until they talk that they admit to working them them. Hudie then defeat them in battle and learn of Mephisto's location. They later fight Keisuke in a Territory quest. Until all their flags are taken, Keisuke's Digimon have their Intelligence lowered in every battle. Collecting all flags causes their Digimon to have their Intelligence lowered instead.

In the Dominion battle they use Clockmon, Gotsumon, Monodramon, ToyAgumon, Hagurumon, Solarmon and BlackAgumon. In the Territory battle they use Andromon, HiAndromon, Groundramon, Breakdramon, Dorugoramon, Datamon, MetalMamemon, Machinedramon, RustTyranomon and GroundLocomon.

Nakano Stripes

Nakano Stripes are a group of women who wear striped jumpers and hats and hate men. Yuri Kashiwagi is a former member and spied on Hudie by pretending to be their receptionist. Keisuke fights them in Kowloon when attempting to find information on Mepshito. During this information gathering, they use Wanyamon, Nyaromon, Gabumon, FanBeemon, Biyomon, Betamon, Guilmon and BlackGabumon. Later on, Yuri quits Nakano Stripes, which angers the leader. This leads to Keisuke, Chitose and Yuri's Angemon fighting against them. In that battle, they use Togemon, Aquilamon and BlackGarurumon and allow Yuri to leave after losing.

Muscle Gym

Muscle Gym are a hacker's group.


101 are a hacker's group.

Wheel Lovers

Wheel Lovers are a hacker's group.

Forest Girls

Forst Girls are a hacker's group.

Other characters


Jude (ジュード Jūdo?) was a Hacker team led by Arata. According to a Hacker in Kowloon Lv. 4, they have stopped showing up.

Formers members


Oruru b

Oruru (おるる?) is an attendant at the Online Colosseum. She was designed by Media.Vision's artwork team.[7]

Mr. Navit

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth PV - Mr. Navit

Navit-kun (middle).

Mr. Navit (ナビットくん Nabitto-kun?, lit. "Navit-kun") is EDEN's official mascot. When fighting Aiba during the Master Cup, he uses Omnimon Zwart and ChaosGallantmon, though when fighting Keisuke Amasawa during the Master Cup, he uses three members of the Four Great Dragons - Megidramon, Goldramon and Magnadramon.


DLC delivery clerk

Reiko Tawa

Reiko Tawa b

Reiko Tawa (田和 玲子 Tawa Reiko?) is a mascot of Tower Records' TOWERanime store, and was designed by Suzuhito Yasuda.

Yukino Aiba

Yukino Aiba (相羽 雪乃 Aiba Yukino?) is Aiba's mother.

Ryota Takei

Ryota Takei (武井 リョウタ Takei Ryōta?) is Aiba's classmate.

When in Shinjuku to test if their data body is capable of freely walking through the Real World, Aiba meets Ryota and Sakura. Ryota rhetorically asks if Aiba was in a deserted island during the last days, and is unable to remember which country Aiba has supposedly been too. Ryota is impressed after learning Aiba became a cyber sleuth, and envies his friend for being able to skip classes.

Sakura Fujisaki

Sakura Fujisaki (藤咲 サクラ Fujisaki Sakura?) is Aiba's classmate.

When in Shinjuku to test if their data body is capable of freely walking through the Real World, Aiba meets Ryouta and Sakura. After Ryouta asks which country Aiba has been too, she guesses Gunma, unil Ryouta reminds her Gunma is in Japan.

Mr. Kuremi

Mr. Kuremi was Kyoko's father. He was a detective, and a friend of Gorou Matayoshi.

Kyoko's father was killed by someone from Kamishiro Enterprise. Kyoko often talks about her father, sometimes quoting him.

Satoru Kamishiro

Satoru Kamishiro (神代 悟留 Kamishiro Satoru?) was the father of Yuuko and Yūgo Kamishiro, and the former president of Kamishiro Enterprise.

Satoru was killed by Crusadermon. His death was reported by news outlets as being suicide. One year later, Yuuko goes to Kuremi Detective Agency. Denying her father killed himself, she asks Kyoko and Aiba to investigate his death, believing Makoto Yamashina might know something about it.

After Mother Eater is defeated, reality is altered into a world where Satoru was never killed. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

Mishima family

The Mishima (御島?) family consists of Erika, Ryuji, and their parents.

At some point, they died. When Keisuke Amasawa visits the Memory Server, he sees Erika's memories of them.

After Mother Eater is defeated, reality is altered into a world where they never died. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory

Makoto Yamashina

Makoto Yamashina (山科 誠 Yamashina Makoto?) is a man who lives with his only daughter, Chika Yamashina.

Makoto Yamashina had his EDEN account stolen by Mephisto-san. One day, Yuuko Kamishiro goes to the Kuremi Detective Agency claiming to be "Yuuko Yamashina", and that her father is missing, and asks for help to retrieve his account. After Mephisto-san is defeated, Aiba and Kyoko go to Yamashina's house to investigate. They ask him about the missing person, and Makoto states he is Makoto Yamashina, and doesn't know anything about a missing person. Kyoko asks to see his daughter. Chika arrives at this moment, and the duo is surprised to see she is not Yuuko. Kyoko asks if he has another daughter, but Makoto states Chika is the only one. Kyoko then tells Makoto about the theft of his EDEN account, and the man suddenly gets nevous after hearing the name "EDEN".

Chika Yamashina

Chika Yamashina (山科 チカ Yamashina Chika?) is Makoto Yamashina's daughter, and lives with him.

When Aiba and Kyoko are investigating the supposed disappearance of Makoto Yamashina, Chika arrives in the middle of their conversation with her father. Chika tells Kyoko that she hasn't heard of any disappearance. When her father gets nervous from hearing the name EDEN, Chika then orders Kyoko and Aiba to leave.

When trying to get access to Yuuko Kamishiro's account, Chitose Imai and Keisuke Amasawa go into Shibuya to flirt with girls, as Chitose claims that if they flirt with Yuuko she will allow them access to her account and to flirt with random girls here to get experience for "the real thing". After Chitose fails multiple times, Keisuke has a try and winds up trying to flirt with Chika. After pulling a "funny face", Chika laughs and they end up sharing digi line information, to the shock of Chitose, though he snaps out of it saying it only happened because of how well he has just trained Keisuke. Keisuke and Chika then proceed to frequently send each other messages over Digiline, with Chika usually talking about food or her father's job.


Etemon b


Tentomon b

Tentomon is one of the Digimon attending the festival in Ueno.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth


Knightmon b

A Knightmon guards something in Under Zero and multiple hacker groups have attempted to hack into it over the years, including Jude. Jude's attempts to hack into it lead to the deaths of nearly all their members, with Arata Sanada, Chitose Imai and Ryuji Mishima being notable survivors. This leads to Arata quitting Jude and Ryuji creating Hudie in retaliation.

Another attempted is lead by Zaxon, alongside countless other group that work directly under Zaxon, Including Hudie though before they can attempt to do so, Crusadermon summons a large group of Eaters causing most of the Hackers to end up suffering from EDEN Syndrome, including Chitose. This leads Ryuji to depression and he winds up freeing what Knightmon was guarding, Arcadiamon. The two then team up to terrorise the Real World and Eden. Where Knightmon was at this point is unknown.

Just before going to the Digital World, Arata asks Aiba to come with him to Under Zero to attempt hacking it again. Should Aiba do so, they fight the Knightmon and successfully kill it. Arata's happiness at finally being able to successfully hack the server leads to his Infermon digivolving into a Diaboromon.

Victory Uchida

Victory Uchida is a man who hides all over Japan and Eden and if found, provides rare items and medals to both Aiba and Keisuke Amasawa, some of them only obtainable from Victory himself. He can be found a total of 20 times by Aiba and 18 times by Keisuke. He is based on and voice by the real life Victory Uchida.



Rumi (right).

Rumi (ルミ?) is Royal 3's girlfriend.

On May 1, 20XX, she has a date with Royal 3, but she was kidnapped by Lunamon before being able to attend it.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory

K-Cafe Owner

The K-Cafe Owner owns K-Cafe, a restaurant Aiba, Keisuke Amasawa and other like to visit, though all state the coffee is terrible but can't stop drinking it despite that. He has a cat maid who works for him, though any time she gets mad, she demands a raise or else she'll get him into trouble, leading him to give her a raise every time.

Keisuke is hired by a young girl to save her sister who had gone missing when she tried to get into the elevator. She explains they had heard if you pressed the buttons in a certain order, a black dog will appear and then you will disappear and that they tried it and her sister did indeed disappear. The K-Cafe owner decides to help Keisuke during the event, which leads to the three of them trying out the combinations. They then hear a bark and when coming out the elevator, find everyone other than those three have disappeared. The lights are out but everything else seems fine. They attempt to open K-Cafe only to find the door locked and assume they're in an alternate dimension, which leads to the owner stating to kick the door in and that if it's the real door, Keisuke will have to pay for it. Keisuke is worried but breaks it anyway. This leads to a different area entirely, filled with Digimon instead of it being K-Cafe. They wander through and eventually find a Sangloupmon, who turned out to be the dog who would bark. He's annoyed humans keep getting into his "room" and attacks, though is defeated. After losing he just decides to leave because of everyone who comes through and that he'll find a new area to sleep with no humans around. After being asked where the sister was, he states she wouldn't stop crying due to being lost so he put her to sleep because he couldn't sleep due to her crying but that otherwise, she's fine. He lets her go, then leaves as he didn't want to deal with humans. The four then leave, with the sisters thanking Keisuke and the owner for saving them.

The owner of K-Cafe then becomes close friends with Keisuke and Yu Nogi. Knowing this, Keisuke is hired by a girl called Sawako to "get access to the special drink that only regulars can have". Upon arriving to K Cafe, she asks if she can order the menu, then states she is Keisuke's girlfriend. The owner is surprised, saying he's happy Keisuke finally got a girlfriend and that since he's a regular, he will count his "girlfriend" as one too and allows them to drink the special coffee. He states that he is only able to make 13 of these drinks a year, so they're lucky he likes Keisuke so much. Upon the pair drinking it, they both pass out and awaken in a dungeon. Upon reaching the end, Keisuke comes across a Mushroomon. The owner states it is his partner and that he uses it to remove the memories of those who drink the coffee, as they get addicted and want more, so to save them the trouble of addiction, he and his Mushroomon removes their memories, though he admits he sells the memories of drinking it to make large amounts of money. Keisuke isn't happy with this and fights the Mushroomon, defeating it. The owner states he has already removed Sawako's memories but that the memory removal didn't end very well but states that she is okay. He then removes Keisuke's memory, even though he lost the fight. Keisuke is then moved back to the cafe whilst knocked out through the effects and upon waking up, is questioning why he's at a dating booth in the cafe. The owner states that "he came in alone and started daydreaming" and Keisuke just accepts that explanation and orders a regular coffee. Sawako then walks in and asks what she should order, with Keisuke saying "not to order the coffee because it's gross", which leads her to state that she "hates coffee" and orders orange juice instead, meaning the mind erasing ended up altering her entire personality.

Later on, the K-Cafe owner and his Mushroomon take part in the Master Cup, except it is now a Puppetmon.

Yuri Kashiwagi

Yuri is Hudie's receptionist and Chitose Imai has a crush on her. At one point, she suddenly quits, with Chitose forcing Keisuke Amasawa track her down, only to find out she had been working as a double agent for another team, the Nakano Stripes the entire time. She quit due to feeling bad about spying on them after seeing how much the Hudie members care about their Digimon. She is partnered to an Angemon and attempted to release him back into the wild as she felt bad about treating him as a tool. Before she could though, the leader the Nakano Stripes arrived, not happy about Yuri quitting not only the double agent job at Hudie but also her hacker group. The leader attacks Yuri, though Chitose, Keisuke and Angemon defend her, defeating the leader. Yuri tries to get rid of Angemon but Angemon refuses to leave her. Still feeling bad about how she treated Angemon though, she offered for Chitose to take him as they "fought well together to protect her". Chitose and Angemon accept each other and Chitose is extremely happy to have "gotten his first gift from the woman he is in love with", as well as Yuri agreeing to carry on working as Hudie's receptionist. Once Digimon invade the real world, Yuri still works as the receptionist, though admits the reason she still does so is because "Ryuji Mishima doubled her wages to keep her working there during the invasion". Arcadiamon destroys the Hudie base and only Erika Mishima and Fei Wong Tomoe Ignacio are mentioned to survive, so it is likely she was killed in the explosion.


Shigenobu is student at Inoden High School, who is bullied by all of his classmates. They force him into using an illegal technology that allows him control over all 39 other students in his class. They use this tech to cheat in exams, with him being the smartest member of the class. All students score perfect scores over and over, which leads the class teacher hiring Hudie to find out what is going on. After spending days researching, Ryuji Mishima discovers the plot and even manages to find where the students are hiding in Eden whilst their bodies are being controlled. Scoping out the area using the hacking skill Stealth Hide to make them invisible, Ryuji and Keisuke Amasawa confirm their suspsicous, so come up with a plan to catch them in the act, though Ryuji overhears Shigenobu planning some sort of revenge for the other classmates bullying him. Come the time of the final exam, all 40 students are prepared to take the exam, with Keisuke and Ryuji watching the students telling Shigenobu to not write all 40 exams the same way because that will make it too easy to catch them out. His response however is that he will no longer listen to them and reveals he has full control of all 39 of their bodies. He then forces all 39 of his classmates to watch, as they all pull out knives, all murdering their teacher by stabbing him to death. After that, he has each student go to the roof and jump off one by one - each dying by "suicide". The students are all freaked out with some trying to log out but Shigenobu informs them that they can't because they have no bodies to return to and that once he logs out and deletes the server, their minds will also be erased forever and he did it this way to make them all suffer even more. At this point, Ryuji breaks the Stealth Hide, saying that now they've all had their fun but that play time is over. Everyone is shocked at not only being dead but that some random guy called 40 deaths "play time". Shigenobu is also pissed and screams he will mind control the two hackers to kill themsevles as well and has his Greymon, Meramon and Airdramon attack, though Keisuke and Ryuji defeat his partners. After losing, Shigenobu suddenly regrets what he's done as he's just murdered 40 people. Ryuji then states that no one is dead because what they saw what a simulation he had hacked into the server to make them all think the events had happened and that they couldn't log out because as a hacker, he was now in charge of the server so disallowed them from logging out. When questioning why he would do something so sick, he states that all 40 students needed to learn their lesson and that this was the best way to do it. The students are relieved that no one is dead, forgive Shigenobu and say they will never cheat again. Ryuji says it's good they say that, as their teacher had also witnessed the events, so if they ever cheated again he would force them all to repeat their school year again. The students freak out at the notion of having to do more school and thank the two hackers for setting them straight. They tell Shigenobu they will not inform the police about what had transpired, which relieves Shigenobu as he regretted doing 40 murders.


After defeating all of his friends he made over the course of his journey, as well as Mr. Navit during the Master Cup, Keisuke Amasawa has to defeat a Volcanomon. When he is one attack away from winning however, the Volcanomon digivolves into PileVolcamon and is an even tougher challenge. After a long fought battle, Keisuke defeats PileVolcamon and becomes champion of the Master Cup. Keisuke is then able to challenge the Master Cup again any time he wants.


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