Lucemon Shadowlord Mode
(ルーチェモン:サタンモード Lucemon: Satan Mode)
Lucemon Shadowlord Mode b
Title Dark Demon Dragon of the Apocalypse
(黙示録の暗黒魔竜 Mokushiroku no Ankoku Maryū?)
True Super Demon Lord
(真・超魔王 Ma Chō Maō?)
Level Mega[1]
Type (Ja:) Demon God
(En:) Wizard
Attribute Virus
Family Dark Area
Nightmare Soldiers
Debut D-Scanner 3.0
Prior forms Lucemon Chaos Mode[2]
Partners Bagra Army
Voice actors (Ja:) Ryusei Nakao (Frontier), Toshihiko Seki (Savers)
(En:) Mona Marshall (Frontier), Kirk Thornton (Data Squad)
Cards (Ja:) Bo-969, Bo-999, Bo-1097, Bo-140t, Dα-599, 4-075
(En:) DM-182

Lucemon Shadowlord Mode is a Wizard Digimon. Having the appearance of the dragon of Revelation, it is Lucemon's final form and the avatar of its evil.[7] As was told in the Revelation, it carries the Crowns of the Seven Deadly Sins upon its head, and it holds the orb of darkness, "Gehenna", which absorbs all attacks. All attacks are nullified before the Gehenna, and it is said that the world will perish when Lucemon takes this form. However, it is no more than Lucemon's shadow, and its true form, Lucemon Larva, operates it while hiding within the Gehenna.[8] Therefore, no matter how many times Shadowlord Mode is attacked, those attacks will not reach the true form, Lucemon Larva.[9]


  • Tide of Despair[10] (Purgatorial Flame): Exhales a flame of destruction which purifies everything.
  • Nihilism Maelstrom[11] (Divine Atonement): Fires a light of annihilation from the seven Crowns.
  • Dimension Slasher: Attacks with sharp claws that can pierce dimensional walls.
  • Wrath of Darkness (Wrath of Satan): Uses the orb, Gehenna, to emit a ray of destruction.


Lucemon Shadowlord Mode appears as a large, purple, winged dragon, taking inspiration from the dragon of Revelation in Abrahamic mythology. It has the Crown of the Seven Deadly Sins on its head, which is an array depicting the Crests of the Seven Great Demon Lords, and holds an orb of darkness within its golden claws. Compared to Lucemon and Lucemon Chaos Mode, this form represents the complete fall of Lucifer into Satan in Abrahamic mythology.


Lucemon: Satan Mode (ルーチェモン:サタンモード)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in Japanese media. Some media leave out the colon.

Lucemon Shadowlord Mode

Name used on DM-182.

Lucemon Wild 2nd Mode

Name used in the American English dub of Digimon Fusion.


Digimon Frontier

Digimon World Data Squad

Digimon Fusion

Digimon World 4

Lucemon Shadowlord Mode appears as the final boss of Venom Jungle.

Digimon Masters

Lucemon Wild 2nd Mode is a Burst Mode-level Mercenary Digimon. Lucemon Shadowlord Mode digivolves from Lucemon Chaos Mode, once the "Gehenna" has been applied to it. His Skills are Purgatorial Flame (2848 damage) and Divine Atonement (9500 damage). He used to be named Lucemon (Satan Mode) until a patch.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

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