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Lucemon on the Loose
戦えスサノオモン ルーチェモン人間界到達!!
(Tatakae Susanoomon—Rūchemon Ningenkai Toutatsu!!)
"Fight, Susanoomon—Lucemon Reaches the Human World!!"
(Ja:) Fuji Television
(En:) Sensation Animation
Airdate (Ja:) March 23, 2003
(En:) July 13, 2003
Written by (En:) Michael Sorich
Toei Animation

Koichi's sacrifice enables Takuya and Koji to become Susanoomon, a being formed from all twenty spirits. With this power, Lucemon is finally defeated and scanned, but this only makes things worse. Only the good part is scanned, leaving a colossal dragon composed of pure evil and with the power of the entire Digital World headed straight for Earth.


Takuya and Koji spirit evolve into Susanoomon and get ready to face off against Lucemon Chaos Mode. Lucemon uses the same Paradise Lost technique which destroyed the moons, but is countered by Susanoomon. As Susanoomon retaliates, harming Lucemon for the first time, Lucemon considers the possibility of failure. The idea enrages him and he afflicts Susanoomon with Dead or Alive, which comes close to destroying him. Inside Susanoomon, Koji and Takuya think over all that has happened to them, giving them strength. They willingly separate to escape the attack, then recombine to take Lucemon out. They scan his data, but only acquire his good half, which attempts to purify the Dark Area. Lucemon's evil data, however, absorbs the Dark Area's fractal code and transforms into Lucemon Shadowlord Mode. Everyone gives chase as Lucemon tries to get into the Human World, finding strength from their personal growth in their journies. Lucemon ascends to the Human World through the underground train station, and electrical surges occur all around Shibuya, taking with its Lucemon's message: "You Must Choose To Follow Me Or Be Destroyed". Meanwhile, the DigiDestined finally catch up with him, but Lucemon regenerates too fast for them to damage, and easily repels them.

Featured Characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans Rookie Ultimate Mega Hybrid Other


Takuya Kanbara 1 Susanoomon 2 Takuya Kanbara 3 Susanoomon 4 Takuya Kanbara 6 Aldamon
Takuya Kanbara t Arrow R.png Susanoomon t Arrow R Red.png Takuya Kanbara t Arrow R.png Susanoomon t Arrow R Red.png Takuya Kanbara t Arrow R.png Aldamon t
4-48 Spirits 4-48 Spirits 4-01 Flame Symbol
(w/ Koji) + Koji (w/ Koji) + Koji
Koji Minamoto 1 Susanoomon 2 Koji Minamoto 3 Susanoomon Koji Minamoto 6 BeoWolfmon
Koji Minamoto t Arrow R.png Susanoomon t Arrow R Red.png Koji Minamoto t Arrow R.png Susanoomon t Arrow R Red.png Koji Minamoto t Arrow R.png BeoWolfmon t
4-48 Spirits 4-48 Spirits 4-02 Light Symbol
(w/ Takuya) + Takuya (w/ Takuya) + Takuya
Lucemon Chaos Mode 5 Lucemon Shadowlord Mode
Lucemon Chaos Mode t Arrow R.png Lucemon Shadowlord Mode t
+ Lucemon Larva
Lucemon Chaos Mode 5 Lucemon Larva
Lucemon Chaos Mode t Arrow R.png Lucemon Larva t
+ Lucemon Shadowlord Mode
J.P. Shibayama 6 Beetlemon
J.P. Shibayama t Arrow R.png Beetlemon t
H Spirit of Thunder b
Zoe Orimoto 6 Kazemon
Zoe Orimoto t Arrow R.png Kazemon t
H Spirit of Wind b
Tommy Himi 6 Kumamon
Tommy Himi t Arrow R.png Kumamon t
H Spirit of Ice b


"You must choose to follow me or be destroyed!"


Other Notes

Continuity errors

  • Kumamon is shown to by flying under his own power when before he never had that ability.

Dubbing changes

  • Much of the DigiDestined's astral forms are censored by erasure.
  • Lucemon's message reads "Obey me or die. It's your choice." in the Japanese version.