MameTyramon b
Title (Ja:) Tiny Tyrant
(En:) Small Tyranny
Level Ultimate
Type Mutant
Attribute Data
Family Unknown
Metal Empire
Next forms Dinorexmon[1]
Partners Ponch

MameTyramon is a Mutant Digimon and carrier of the X-Antibody whose name and design are derived from Mamemon and Tyrannomon. It is a tiny Digimon feared as the "Small Tyranny" (Tiny Tyrant).[3] It condensed Tyrannomon's data into its tiny body, pushing its ferocious nature and combat instinct to the surface, where they have strikingly manifested in its behavior. While its body may be tiny, rather than assaulting opponents en masse, it always acts by itself, swooping down on Digimon roaming its own territory without wasting breath on discussion, and always making a show of being the strongest in its domain. However, because its body is tiny, its territory is not very wide. With its physical strength condensed several hundred-fold into its tiny body, and its tenacious jaw that can crunch even super-hard armor, it possesses fighting strength that surpasses even that of gigantic Dinosaur Digimon.[4]

Digimon D-Cyber

MameTyramon is one of Duke's servants. A somewhat vicious and arrogant character, he subjects the kids to several tests. When his helmet is destroyed, he gains greater speed and power.

Digimon World Dawn and Dusk

MameTyramon is #266, and is an Ultimate-level, Attacker-class, Machine-species Digimon with a resistance to the Steel element and weakness to the Water element. Its basic stats are 221 HP, 228 MP, 130 Attack, 117 Defense, 91 Spirit, 99 Speed, and 54 Aptitude. It possesses the Fire Aura4, Protect 4, and Critical 3 traits.

It dwells in the Access Glacier. Also, in Dawn, Ponch uses one during the normal tournament. It is Lv.42.

MameTyramon digivolves from Deputymon . In order to digivolve to MameTyramon, your Digimon must be at least level 37, with 3900 Dragon experience and 170 defense.

MameTyramon can also DNA digivolve from any two of Ebidramon, Shellmon, and Monochromon, if the base Digimon is at least level 32, with 3100 Dragon experience, and 200 defense. MameTyramon can DNA digivolve to Cannondramon with Brachiomon or Vermilimon, to Darkdramon with MetalGreymon or MetalTyrannomon, or to WarGreymon with Flamedramon.


  • Mame Bite 1000: Snaps at the opponent many times over at super-speed.
  • 'met Lariat: Removes the Helmet on its head if it seems like it's losing, and strikes at the opponent in an attempt to reverse its fortunes.

Notes and references

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