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Mari Goutokuji (豪徳寺 マリ Goutokuji Mari?) is a member of the Alias III partnered to Rosemon.




Mari Goutokuji (豪徳寺 マリ)
  • Ja: Goutokuji (豪徳寺?). Japanese surname that means "temple of strong benevolence".
  • Ja: Mari (マリ?). A Japanese feminine name. With Rosemon it is likely a pun on "rosemary" (ローズマリー rōzumarī?).


Mari is the second member of the Alias III to fight Taichi Yagami and Zeromaru for Neo Saiba. Her partner is Rosemon, and she kicks Ninjamon after he steals her notepad and reveals her plan. She is then stopped by Rei Saiba who yells at her, and Rosemon is defeated by Zero. She and Rosemon helped out in the battle against Arukadhimon, that takes place after Neo dismisses the Allias III, where Rosemon was presumed to have been killed. Mari still maintains her friendship with the others on her return trip to the Real World where she can be seen accompanying Sigma.

During her battle with Taichi and Zero she first appeared as a ditzy, flirty, bimbo talking about such things as that in the real world she is a kind of net pop idol and how that when Neo becomes king of the digital world she would be his queen, but this is all an act she uses to distract others. She becomes very cold and almost sadistic when she drops her act going as far as stomping on an already injured enemy.

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