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Mecha Rogue (メカローグ Meka Rōgu?) is the name of a type of lifeform in Digimon World 4 and one set of antagonists.



Mecha Rogue (メカローグ)

Name used in Digimon World 4. No official romanization available.

  • (En:) Mecha, large robot or machinery in general.
  • (En:) Rogue, malicious software that misleads users into believing there is a virus on their computer.


Mecha Rogue 01

Mecha Rogue 01 are flying Digimon has a tendency to spawn into large numbers in groups. These evil, vicious robotic Digimon are looked like flying bats which sting using a sharp spike at their ends. It has been said to be reminiscent of a small Manta Ray.

Mecha Rogue 02

Mecha Rogue 02 is a small scorpion like digimon which has a tail with two arms that has scorpion like claws. Like Mecha Rouge 01, they usually spawn into large numbers in groups. They attack using their claws at short range or fire a poisonous barb from their tail, that drains player's health.

Mecha Rogue 03

Mecha Rogue 03 is a robotic dog type digimon that has spikes on its back. Just like the previous two, they spawn in large groups, and their attacks are deadly rockets and charges.

Mecha Rogue 04

Mecha Rogue 04 is a human soldier robot type digimon, this digimon has 3 main attacks, it can fly around its opponent really fast while slashing its claws, firing a short burst cannon from point blank range which causes player's digimon stunned for a while, and a twin laser shot attack.

Mecha Rogue 05

Mecha Rogue 05 is the second strongest Mecha Rogue, this type of digimon looks like a 4 legged monster with a human body, and a snake like head with horns, he has a sword on his right hand and a gun on the left. It has only 2 attacks, one is a hexagonal patterned shield which can deflect the player's attack and damages them instead, the other one is shock-wave attack that it uses from its sword arm. Its kind alike a swift sword laser attack.

Mecha Rogue X

Mecha Rogue X is the final boss of Digimon World 4 who you will fight throughout the game. At the beginning of the game he is known simply as Mecha Rogue. He takes control of Leomon, damaging his mind. At the final battle on Machine Pit Mecha Rogue X has three forms. The first is a knight-like form that copies itself and teleports as well as turn into a super fast fireball. The second form is like a cocoon who freezes, weakens and poisons you. The last is a dragonic monster that has a lot of attacks that he uses throughout the deadly battle against you and your friends.

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