MegaSeadramon b
Level Ultimate
Type (Ja:) Aquatic
(En:) Sea Animal
Attribute Data
Family Deep Savers
Prior forms SnowAgumon[1]
Next forms MetalSeadramon[3]
Partners Zudokorn
Ice Witch
Ferocious Hacker

MegaSeadramon is a Sea Animal Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Mega Seadramon". It was a Seadramon-species that lived long in the harsh environment surrounding Folder Continent, but digivolved in order to survive in the Digital World where the weak are food for the strong. Its body became a size larger, the carapace covering its head got harder, and a lightning-shaped blade has grown on its calvaria. Its intelligence has developed more than the Seadramon-species, so it chases its opponent persistently, like a seeking torpedo, and reliably brings them down. There is a generator device equipped in the carapace on its head, in order to enable its Special Moves.[4]

Digimon Adventure

Digimon Adventure 02

Digimon World

MegaSeadramon is an obtainable Ultimate digimon that digivolves from Seadramon, Garurumon, Whamon, Coelamon, and Shellmon. MegaSeadramon is one of the only obtainable Digimon who have no recruit counterparts for File City.

Digimon World 2

Main article: Akagi

MegaSeadramon digivolves from Seadramon, and can digivolve to MetalSeadramon. His special move in the game is an attack, "Lightning Spear" that spend 16 MP. It`s a single attack.

Digimon World 3

MegaSeadramon has golden skin and a blue helmet and tail.

It inhabits Amaterasu's Central Sector and South Sector. It drops a Thunder Chip when defeated.

It is also available as a Blue Ultimate Card with 32/32.

Digimon Digital Card Battle

The MegaSeadramon card is #042 and is an Ultimate level Ice-type card with 1870 HP, needing 40 DP to digivolve into, and worth 20 DP in the DP Slot. Its attacks are:

  • B c "Mail Storm": inflicts 650 damage.
  • B t "Lightning Javelin": inflicts 360 damage.
  • B x "Ice Reflector": inflicts 0 damage, and counters B c attack.

Its support effect is "B c Counterattack. Attack second."

A MegaSeadramon works for VenomMyotismon in the Infinity Tower. He speaks like a robot, saying that he has acquired the protagonist as his target, and is setting up his battle system. When the protagonist defeats him, he says that his systems have crashed.

Digimon World DS

MegaSeadramon digivolves from Seadramon, and can digivolve to MetalSeadramon or GigaSeadramon. MegaSeadramon also appears in Mangrove Woods.

Digimon World Dawn/Dusk

MegaSeadramon is #211, and is an Ultimate-level, HPtype-class, Aquan-species Digimon with a resistance to the Water element and weakness to the Earth element. Its basic stats are 225 HP, 235 MP, 129 Attack, 105 Defense, 101 Spirit, 104 Speed, and 55 Aptitude. It possesses the Powerful 4, ThunderSign4, and Mist Cape4 traits.

MegaSeadramon digivolves from Seadramon and can digivolve to MetalSeadramon or GigaSeadramon. In order to digivolve or degenerate to MegaSeadramon, your Digimon must be at least level 37, with 4000 Aquan experience and 155 attack. He is also available in Dawn's attack pack.

MegaSeadramon can also DNA digivolve from Ebidramon and GeoGreymon, or Ebidramon and Airdramon, if the base Digimon is at least level 32, with 3000 Aquan experience, and 185 attack. MegaSeadramon can DNA digivolve to MarineAngemon with Lillymon.

Digimon Story: Lost Evolution

MegaSeadramon digivolves from Seadramon, and can digivolve into MetalSeadramon or GigaSeadramon. Its digivolution plate is obtainable from Seadramon in the Palette Amazon.


  • Thunder Javelin[5]: Fires a powerful lightning strike from the blade on its calvaria.
  • Mail Storm[6] (Maelstrom): Creates an electrified tornado. In Digimon Digital Card Battle, it generates a tsunami.
  • Doramon Attack (Dramon Attack): Uses the blade on its calvaria to pierce through the enemy.
  • Ice Blast (Ice Arrow): Shoots ice blades at all foes.
  • Tail Blade (Stinger Surprise): Avoids attack while resting.
  • Ice Reflector (Ice Reflect): Flails at the ice, generating an ice quake.
  • Thunder Blade: Stabs the enemy with the electrified blade on its calvaria.
  • Mega Ice Blast
  • Shimetsukeru (しめつける? lit. "Squeeze"): Squeezes an enemy with its body.

MegaSeadramon X

MegaSeadramon X
(メガシードラモンX抗体 MegaSeadramon X-Antibody)
MegaSeadramon X b
Level Ultimate
Type Aquatic
Attribute Data
Family Deep Savers
Next forms GigaSeadramon[7]

MegaSeadramon X is a MegaSeadramon who has been affected by the X-Antibody.

Digimon D-Cyber


  • King Javelin
  • Maelstrom

Notes and References

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