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This article is about the Digimon named "Mercurymon" in English materials. For the Digimon named Mercurymon in Japanese materials, see Merukimon.

Mercurymon is a Mutant Digimon. It possesses power over Steel which bears the might of AncientWisetmon. It acts as an advisor among the Warriors of Evil, to whom it imparts its wisdom. Due to its aristocratic tendencies, it often obsesses over making sure things are done to its liking; this obsession carries over into battle, where it explains its tactics and the splendor of the equipment it uses one by one. While its brilliant mind allows it to come up with various strategies, at the same time, it often ends up arguing with itself in a fast-paced soliloquy because of it. The powerful mirrors on both of its arms are referred to as the "Irony no Tate" (イロニーの盾 Ironī no Tate?, lit. "Shield of Irony"), and they reflect any damage dealt to it by the opponent's attacks back at the opponent. It also utilises a peculiar trick where it reflects itself in its mirror, then proceeds to enter the mirror and vanish without a trace.[6]


  • Dark Reflection (Generous Mirror): Uses the reflection of an opponent in the "Irony no Tate" to reflect an attack.
  • Dark Reflection (Offset Reflector): Absorbs projectiles in one "Irony no Tate" and releases them from the other mirror with their characteristics reversed.


Mercurymon wields an "Irony no Tate" (イロニーの盾 Ironī no Tate?, lit. "Shield of Irony") on each arm.


Mercuremon (メルキューレモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used through the series.


Name used in the American English dub of Digimon Frontier as well as many localized materials.


Digimon Frontier

Digimon Frontier (manhua)

Main article: Mercurmon (Frontier)

Digimon Fusion

Main article: Disc Zone Residents

Notes and references

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