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Mervamon t
Appears in:Digimon Fusion
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Ryoko Shiraishi
(En:) Tara Platt
Partner(s):Nene Amano
Gender Female
Known relatives Ignitemon (Younger brother)

Mervamon is a native of Honey Land that becomes Nene Amano's main partner.


Mervamon is one of the larger Digimon at Nene's disposal. Standing well over the young human, she posesses a well-endowed, athletic body, with yellow, reptilian eyes and long, green hair braided into two tails that reach almost to her ankles.

In the English dub, Mervamon's brassiere is enlarged in order to cover her entire chest, similar to a mini turtleneck.


Mervamon was originally a freedom fighter against Zamielmon in Honey Land, forced to fight her younger brother Ignitemon. When Xros Heart arrives to Honey Land, Mervamon saves them, and unknowingly drags them into her battle against Zamielmon. Mervamon is aided by Nene in making Ignitemon open his eyes and stop helping Zamielmon in his evil deeds. After Zamielmon is defeated, Mervamon decides to become Nene's partner and join Xros Heart.

From that moment on, Mervamon becomes one of Nene's more frequently used Digimon, being more used than any other. Even after Xros Heart splits and goes their seperate ways, Mervamon stays with Nene and protects her from harm. During the battle at Hell's Field, she develops a crush on Beelzemon, which he eventually reciprocates, and is heartbroken after he sacrifices himself to finish off Laylamon (Monster).

Other forms


6-78 XrosUpMervamon

XrosUpMervamon is the DigiFuse of Mervamon and Beelzemon. It adds Beelzemon-like details to Mervamon's clothes, including armored greaves, extra blades on her boots, and a Goddess Mask-like design on her helmet. Additionally, the Medullia's mouth opens to reveal the barrel of a large cannon, resembling the end of Beelzemon's main cannon.

A Great Legendary Hero Gathering! The Digimon All-star Showdown!!


  • Sexy the Cannon: Fires a shot from the cannon on her Medullia arm.

Other DigiXros forms

Other appearances

Mervamon appears without the Medullia in one of the Digimon Xros Wars manga's omakes. She is acting as a track coach for Beelzemon and some Troopmon.

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