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Minami Uehara (上原 美波[1] Uehara Minami?) is an animated fictional character who appeared in the first Tamers movie Battle of Adventurers.


Minami is a young girl with blue eyes and short brown hair, worn in pigtails with yellow hairclips. She wears a yellow dress with red straps, and white and pink sandals.



Minami Uehara (上原 美波)

Official name used in Digimon Tamers: Battle of Adventurers.

  • Ja: Uehara (上原?). Japanese surname that means "top field", and is derived from Okinawan "Wiibaru" (上原?).
  • Ja: Minami (美波?). Japanese female name that means "beautiful wave".


Notes and references

  1. Although her given name is written in kanji as "美波", it's listed in katakana as "ミナミ" in the credits.

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