Digivice(s):Cyan Appli Drive
Grade 7th
Known relatives Naoto (older brother)
Occupation Student

Mio (ミオ?) is a character in Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters (3DS).


Mio is a teenage girl wirh short blonde hair and amber eyes. She wears pink hair ribbons, a pink dress with wrist-length sleeves, a flower-shaped turtleneck, and a pocket on each side of the waist. The dress is yellow on the hemlines, the end of each sleeve, and the opening of the pockets. She also wears white stockings, and blue, purple, and white sneakers.



Mio (ミオ)

Name used in Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters (3DS).

  • Ja: Mio (ミオ?). A Japanese female name.


Mio is Naoto's younger sister. She is attends Hifumigaoka Middle School and is friends with the Protagonist and Yukari. At some point she got sick.[1] Some time after recovering from sickness, she goes to the Protagonist's house, and tells them that Naoto is keeping some kind of secret from her.

Buddy Appmon


Tutomon b

Tutomon is Mio's Buddy Appmon.

When Mio is being held hostage by Jammingmon, Tutomon delivers an Appli Drive to Mio, and becomes her Buddy Appmon.


Recomon b

Recomon is one of Mio's Appmon.

When Mio receives her Appli Drive from Tutomon, Recomon becomes her Appmon.

Notes and references

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