Miracle 4
(ミラクルIV Miracle IV)
The Miracle 4 Dm-02 (DB)
General information
Appearances: Digimon Adventure 02
Cards: (En:) Dm-02

The Miracle 4 (ミラクルIV (フォー) Mirakuru IV ()?, lit. "Miracle IV") is a group of Digimon who are related to the Golden Digi-Eggs of Miracles and Destiny.


Seraphimon b
Magnadramon b
Magnamon b
Rapidmon (Armor) b
Rapidmon (Armor)


Digimon Adventure 02

When the fight against the viral Kerpymon is at its most dire, Angemon and Angewomon decide that it is time to release the power of the Golden Digi-Eggs. To do so, they become Seraphymon and Magnadramon respectively. Kerpymon manages to defeat them, but not before they are able to form the Digi-Eggs of Miracles and Destiny. With that power, Davis Motomiya and Willis are able to armor digivolve their partners, Veemon and Terriermon into Magnamon and Rapidmon, who go on to defeat and purify Kerpymon. Digimon: The Movie



Main article: Magnamon (Adventure)

Rapidmon (Armor)

Main article: Rapidmon (Adventure)


Notes and references

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