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What could possibly be wrong with gaining knowledge and information?

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Monimon t
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Kokoro Kikuchi
Partner(s):Nene Amano
Kotone Amano

Monimon is a miniature version of Monitamon that Nene often cradles in her arms.


Monimon looks like a small, light green monitor, which has four stubby legs and an emoticon for a face.


Mikey Goes To Another World! Treasure, Traps, and Trouble - Oh, My! Clash in the Clouds

Monimon is seen during the final battle against MegaDarknessBagramon. Final Fusion - The Fight For Earth!


  • Rappa (乱破? lit. "Ninja")[1]: Leaps upon the opponent in a group.
  • Suppa (水破? lit. "Ninja")[1]: Fires a water pistol from its mouth.
  • Toppa (突破? lit. "Ninja")[1]: Instantaneously runs away at high speed.

Other forms

DigiFuse Forms

Animal form

Xros Heart United Army (Animal forms - Monimon) m

Notes and References

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 "Rappa" (乱破? lit. "War-breaker"), "Suppa" (水破? lit. "Water-breaker"), and "Toppa" (突破? lit. "Stab-breaker") are early colloquialisms for the ninja, and are largely distinct from their literal meanings.

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