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Moosemon b
Level Armor[1]
Type (Ja:) Ancient Beast
(En:) Ancient Animal
Attribute Free
Family Nature Spirits
Prior forms Hawkmon + Digi-Egg of Hope[2]
Partners Ren Tobari
Voice actors (Ja:) Eiji Itou (Frontier)

Moosemon is the Armor Digivolved form of Hawkmon through the Digi-Egg of Hope. He is the protector of nature and can bring hope to a land of despair. Despite its name, its appearance is closer to that of an elk (Cervus canadensis).

Digimon Frontier: Island of Lost Digimon

Digimon World Data Squad

Moosemon is a playable digimon which is found in Gaomon's digivolution galaxy.


  • Horn Blade: Slashes the enemy with its large horns.
  • Hanging Twister: Calls forth a massive twister that tosses the opponent about.

Notes and References

  1. Moosemon's Armor level is equated to that of a Champion in the card games.
  2. Digivice: D-3 Version 2

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