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Muchomon b
Level Rookie
Type Bird
Attribute Data
Family Deep Savers
Wind Guardians
Prior forms Tokomon[1]
Next forms Sinduramon[1]

Muchomon is a Rookie Level Bird Digimon. His appearance is almost the same of that of Penguinmon, but is coloured differently and exact opposite as he inhabits warm climates, He loves to dance and lives in peace. His tropical feathers are very conspicuous, but are loved by many people. They cannot fly but live and dream to. His name may come from "mucho", the Spanish of "lots of". They are capable of speaking Spanish, shown in Digimon World game.

Digimon World

Muchomon is a wild Digimon who appears in Tropical Jungle and Great Canyon. When he defeated, he drops Various. They also speak Spanish before you battle.

He also appears as a customer in the Monochrome shop, usually asking for Medicine. They are very unpredictable, either accepting a high bid or walking out on a lowered price, even if their customer indicator shows a different result.

Digimon World 2

Only obtained via GameShark Code.

Digimon World 3

Muchomon is only available as a Black Rookie Card with 1/1.

Digimon World DS

Muchomon digivolves from Kuramon, and can digivolve further into Akatorimon depending on its stats.

Digimon World Dawn and Dusk

Muchomon is #61 in Digimon World Dawn and Dusk, and is a Speed-class Bird species Digimon with a resistance to the Wind element and a weakness to the Thunder element. Its basic stats are 95 HP, 116 MP, 70 Attack, 54 Defense, 67 Spirit, 71 Speed, and 24 Aptitude. It possesses the Sylph Aegis 2 and Lucky Medal 1 traits.

It dwells in the Palette Amazon.

Muchomon digivolves from Chicchimon at level 11 and can digivolve into Diatrymon or Akatorimon. In order to Digivolve or degenerate to Muchomon, your Digimon must be at least level 11.

Muchomon can be hatched from the Cloud Patterned Digi-Egg.


  • Tropical Beak: Smashes an opponent with its sharp beak.
  • Ardent Flare: Launches a blast of fire at its opponent.
  • Endless Faceslap (無限ビンタ Mugen Binta?): Slaps an opponent with its flippers.

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