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MusoKnightmon is an Enhancement Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Peerless (無双 Musō?) Knightmon". It is the "Darkness-rumbling Mode" (暗黒鳴動形態 Ankokumeidō Keitai?) born from the DigiFuse of AxeKnightmon and Tuwarmon, in which the "Gōradarai Gun" (強羅打雷銃? lit. "Strength of Silk and Strike of Thunder Gun") was added to AxeKnightmon, who boasts of overwhelming power, so that it became an even more destructive and fiendish Digimon. The shock wave when it fires is earth-shattering, and is enough that things sustain damage only by being in the surrounding area, even if they are not hit directly. After a bombardment at its maximum output, MusoKnightmon's power is set aside for forced cooling of the gun barrels, and it cannot fire rapidly. However, because it seems that there is no Digimon that can suffer this technique and remain safe, it can be said that there is no need for firing rapidly.[5]

Digimon Fusion


  • Gōradarai Gun (強羅打雷銃? lit. "Strength of Silk and Strike of Thunder Gun")
  • Wave of Destruction (超力鳴動破 Chōriki Meidōha?, lit. "Super Powered Rumbling Breaker"): Fires off a terrifyingly powerful bombardment that emits AxeKnightmon's and Tuwarmon's energy simultaneously from the Gōradarai Gun.
  • Majūryoku Jubakujin (魔重力呪縛陣? lit. "Demonic Gravity Curse Formation"): Before firing, casts a spell on its surroundings that restricts the opponent's movements, so that it can both keep from missing its target, and also be defended while firing.

Notes and References

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