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Best Tamers 2 Makino Ruki & Renamon (ベストデジモンテイマーズ(3) 牧野 留姫 & レナモン) is a single from Digimon Tamers.

Best Tamers 2 Ruki Makino & Renamon

CD Data

Catalog Number NECA-13017
Format CDA
Release Date August 1, 2001
Price ¥ 1,300

Track listing

# Title Translation Artist Length
1. "Moon Fighter" Fumiko Orikasa
(Ruki Makino)
2. "Flaming Ice" Yuka Imai
3. "Last Piece—Tsuyoku Naritakute -" Last Piece -We Wanted to Become Strong- Fumiko Orikasa & Yuka Imai
(Ruki Makino & Renamon)

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