(ネオ N.E.O)
Level None[1]
Type Unidentified
Attribute None, Unidentified
Family None
Prior forms DigiMemories[2]
Cards (Ja:) Dα-563

NEO is a digital lifeform whose name is derived from neo- and whose design incorporates elements from the eight DigiMemories. It is the future of Digimon, born from the eight DigiMemories to recreate the world.

Digimon Next

Main article: NEO (Next)


  • Judgment: Reduces anything composed of data into 1s and 0s.
  • Zero Genesis: Separates space and time and manipulates both at will.

Notes and references

  1. NEO's level is listed as "Unidentified" in Digimon Next.
  2. Digimon Next, "NEO!" [23]
  3. Dα-563

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