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Never Give Up! is the first opening of Digimon Xros Wars. It is performed by Sonar Pocket and went on from episode 1 to episode 30.


What tough heart

Once I decided that I'd keep up the fight

My road has never stopped unraveling

Carrying a small bit of pride

With my fists clenched

I aim for the goal again step by step

Racing towards it with all my might

Sometimes it'll be a bad day

When nothing goes the way I want to

But even if the sky blurs through my tears

I'm sure my smiles will come back tomorrow

So it's okay

There's nothing out there to fear

I'll keep believing that I'm strong

And get going

With you around there's nothing to worry about now

I felt like the sky was saying that to me with a laugh

With the sweat and tears I build up

I'm sure I'll come out dazzling

Even if I feel anxious after all of that

As long as I believe I can do it

These footsteps taught me to

Always never give up

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