NiseAgumon Hakase

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NiseAgumon Hakase
NiseAgumon Hakase b
Level Rookie
Type Dinosaur
Attribute Virus

NiseAgumon Hakase is a Dinosaur Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Imitation Agumon, PhD" (「偽 アグモン 博士」 "Nise Agumon Hakase"?). It is a genius Agumon that has a doctorate in Digital Monster studies from Digital World University. It is said that its title is plagiarized from Agumon Hakase. It is not as knowledgeable about Digimon types and territories as Agumon Hakase, and instead it rather unscrupulously spreads lies, so caution is necessary. However, as only its feelings of rivalry for Agumon Hakase are genuine, it is diligent in not leaving Agumon Hakase any research ideas, in order to inconvenience it. From top to toe it is "Nise".[1]


  • Nise Hakase Bou (ニセハカセボウ? lit. "Imitation Professor's Hat"): Tries to enchant itself with cleverness through its hat.
  • Nise Hakase Bō (ニセハカセボー? lit. "Imitation Professor's Rod"): Tries to persuade the opponent with its rod.

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