Ordinemon t
Level Mega
Type Unidentified
Attribute Unidentified
Debut Digimon Adventure tri.,
"Coexistence" [05]
Prior forms Ophanimon Falldown Mode + Raguelmon[1]
Partners Kari Kamiya and Meiko Mochizuki

Ordinemon is a Digimon.


Ordinemon is a white feminine humanoid Digimon. It has orange, green, and blue double helix-like appendages in place of hands and feet, and at the end of white hair-like appendages that cover its eyes. It has sharp teeth and three pairs of cat ears with orange highlights. It has large grey wings, each with a blue, pointed appendage, a violet jewel on the left wing, and a cyan jewel on the right wing.


Ordinemon (オルディネモン)

Name used in the storyboard for Digimon Adventure tri., "Coexistence".[2] No official romanization available.

  • It: Ordine. Order.


Digimon Adventure tri.

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