Pafumon b
Level Fresh
Type Spirit
Attribute None
Next forms Kyaromon[1]

Pafumon is a Spirit Digimon whose name is derived from "Puff", and as such is soft and light. It possesses a translucent body, and since its body is as light as down, it is constantly drifting through the air. It has the habit of moving upon the winds, and it is said that, if the wind's condition is suitable, it will migrate very far. It dislikes fights and has a gentle personality.[2]

Digimon Accel: Ultimate Genome

Pafumon hatches from the Digi-Egg, and digivolves to Kyaromon after waiting about an hour.


  • Puff Balloon: Surprises the opponent by opening its mouth wide, sucking in air, and swelling its body up to three times its usual size, then seizes the opportunity to expel the air and escape.

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