(オハナモン Ohanamon)

Nene (Ohanamon) t

Mikey (Ohanamon) t


Petalamon is a spoof Digimon whose names and design are derived from the petal and the flower (お花 Ohana?).

Digimon Fusion

Petalamon, known initially as Flowerymon, is "created" by Mikey Kudo and Nene Amano as a disguise to avoid detection. Mikey's version is just Mikey wearing a wreath of flowers, done at the last minute by Lillymon. Back to the Digital World! Hot Time in Dragonland! Nene's version is much more convincing, consisting of a costume that looks like a tulip and the illusion of actually attacking. With this disguise, Nene and Sparrowmon manage to save Mikey and Shoutmon from Dorbickmon and spirit them away. Take a Stand, Christopher! Fusion Fighters' Rescue Mission!


  • Pollen Hurricane (花粉ハリケーン Kafun Hurricane?): Unleashes a storm of debilitating pollen from the Weeping Dragon flower.

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