Petermon b
Level Champion
Type Fairy
Attribute Data

Petermon is a Fairy Digimon whose name and design are derived from the fictional Peter Pan. It has the appearance of a boy that dances freely in the sky. It tempts young and childish Digimon that refuse to evolve with, "Let's make a country just for children," calling them to the children's world of "Never-Ever Land" that it built. It's said to have a naive and innocent personality, but thanks to its purity there a brutality lurks within. In particular, although it calls it a "Pretend Punishment", it mercilessly beats Digimon who break their promises. With Petermon's first-class handling of its sword, it delicately manipulates the knife on its hip to punish the opponent.[1]


  • Snipe Sting: Smiles scornfully while relentlessly chases its opponents with dazzling swordplay whose blows hit their vitals precisely.
  • Twinkle Shoot: Throws its knife so that it pursues the opponent until it hits.
  • Midnight Fantasia: Breezily whistles a melody that allows it to freely manipulate the young Digimon sleeping nearby while they are still asleep.

Notes and References