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Porcupamon b
Level Champion
Type Puppet
Attribute Virus
Family Dark Area
Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms Phascomon[1]
Next forms Astamon[2]
Cards (Ja:) Bo-1144, Dα-208, Dα-274, Dα-384, 3-061

Porcupamon is a Puppet Digimon whose name and design are derived from the porcupine (Hystrix pumila). Categorized as one of the Red Data Digimon species, it is a rare Digimon that fears its extinction. Although it was not originally a species that inhabited the Dark Area, it was driven off by various species of Digimon, and now it lives in the Dark Area. Its body is covered in a special razor material, and although its wickedly-dressed suit is an extreme adaptation, it is thought to be camouflage in order to stay alive in the violent Dark Area.[3]


  • Madness Broach: Stabs the opponent with its sharpened body hair.
  • Slap and Rip: Slashes at the opponent with its edged claws.

Notes and References

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