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V-Tamer 01
ch 18
List of Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01 chapters 18
Potential for the Future!
(Mirai heno Kanousei! No Maki)
Publisher Shueisha
Release date (Ja:) April 21, 2000
Written by Hiroshi Izawa
Art Ten'ya Yabuno

Entering Hospitown, Taichi's group meet up with some of the Agumon who were being trained by Leo, now digivolved to their Champion stages. Revealing that Leo has reached his Ultimate stage, Taichi wonders when Zero will digivolve. Making a visit to Jijimon, he informs them that he will evolve when he is ready, and are soon attacked by Daemon's goons. Defeating the invader, the group leaves wondering about Zero's digivolution.

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