Rina Shinomiya
(四ノ宮 リナ Shinomiya Rina)
Rina Shinomiya b
Appears in:Digimon World Re:Digitize: Decode/Digimon World Re:Digitize: Encode
Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth
Digimon World -next 0rder-
First appearance Digimon World Re:Digitize: Decode
Last appearance Digimon World -Next 0rder-
Actor(s):(Ja:) Haruka Tomatsu
Gender Female
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Tamer

Rina Shinomiya (四ノ宮 リナ Shinomiya Rina?) is a character in Digimon World Re:Digitize: Decode.

She is a player of Digital Monster, whose Partner is Veevee, and has a pink mobile phone.


Rina is a teenage girl with fair skin, orange eyes, green hair that is long on the sides, and a large bust. She is described as "cute" by text in "Mysterious Girl". She wears an X-like hairpin on her hair, a black hooded shirt that is zipped near the bottom, with a white vertical line on the back, orange eye-like marks on the hood, two points in the hood's back, and orange wavy marks on the sleeves. She also wears Bike Goggles around her neck, a black and white bikini top, black bike shorts with a vertical white stripe on each side and a vertical white line along its inseam, black stockings, and long black and white boots.


Rina has the Decode ability.[1]

Rina's personality can be seen as very bright, big, and excitable, in contrast to her partner, Veevee, who tends to be serious. Due to her easy excitement, Rina often has a habit of boasting that she and her partner are the greatest, and she also has a habit of mispronouncing her words. She also often acts without thinking.

Like Marcus Damon, Rina is one of the few humans that is able to harm a Digimon, as seen in Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth where she manages to kick Barbamon.


Rina Shinomiya (四ノ宮 リナ)

Official name used in Digimon World Re:Digitize: Decode and other materials. Officially romanized as "Shinomiya Rina" in Digimon World Re:Digitize: Decode trailers.[2]

  • Ja: Shinomiya (四ノ宮?). Japanese surname composed of the kanji for "four" (?), katakana "no" (?), and the kanji for "palace" or "Shinto shrine" (?). The name appears to be a reference to Rina's role in the "The Scheming Demon Lords" chapter, as the number four is the source of many superstitions in the Japanese culture due to it being homophonous to "death" ( shi?). "Miya" may be a reference to the fact she fights the Seven Great Demon Lords, or simply a reference to Davis Motomiya, the protagonist of Digimon Adventure 02, who is also partnered to a Veemon.
  • Ja: Rina (リナ?). A Japanese feminine name. Possibly from Linux (リナックス Rinakkusu?). It may also be derived from "real" (リアル riaru?) as a reference to Real World, as Kazumasa Habu described Rina as "the other protagonist who watches over the Human World"[3], and "seven" ( nana?) as a reference to the Seven Great Demon Lords.




Mysterious Girl Gravel Wasteland Birdramon Flutters Northward

Other appearances

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

Rina first appears when the protagonist travels to her world in search of UlforceVeedramon. After greeting the player, she tells him or her that she will help so long as the protagonist helps her regain Veevee's lost power stolen by Barbamon. After finding Barbamon, she manages to kick the Demon Lord in the face before engaging him in battle, much to Veevee's annoyance as she rushes in recklessly. After defeating Barbamon, Veevee warp-digivolves to to UlforceVeedramon and agrees to help the player, though he and Rina have a tearful goodbye, until Rina follows her partner and the player back to the player's dimension. It is also implied that Rina may have a crush on the protagonist.

Rina is a Tamer that can be challenged to battle in a certain quest.[citation needed] Once defeated, she will award the player[citation needed] with scan data for UlforceVeedramon.

Digimon World -next 0rder-

Notes and references

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