RustTyranomon b
Title Tyrant Dragon
(暴君竜 Bōkun Ryū?)
Level Mega
Type Cyborg
Attribute Virus
Family Metal Empire
Prior forms MetalTyrannomon[1]

RustTyranomon is a Cyborg Digimon. It is the Mega of Tyrannomon, which has been living through the fierce, long-lasting battles since the Digital World's birth by digivolving alongside it. It has endured many years in harsh environments as MetalTyrannomon, and its whole cyborg body is rusting. Its tactics specialize in annihilation warfare, mowing down its enemies along with their base as one. RustTyranomon predates on Digimon, gorging on hundreds of thousands of Digimon within a short period without leaving any trace. As a Cyborg Digimon, it forces the opponent to yield in close combat with its top-class power and destructive force.[2]


  • Terror's Cluster: Extends the gun battery on its back forward and fires the large electromagnetic cannon.
  • Rust Breath: Spews deep scarlet flames, the same color as its body, which have a rusting effect on that which is touched by its front.


RustTyranomon is a rusted cyborg Tyrannosaurus rex. It has a large cannon on its back, and light green light-emitting objects on its chest, tail, and cannon, and blue objects on its knees.


RustTyranomon (ラストティラノモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


RustTyranomon was created by Kenji Watanabe and designed by As'maria, as an intended homage to Tyrannomon, the first Digimon to be designed, who was having less opportunities to appear in the anime. When designing RustTyranomon, As'maria intended to put As'ma Green on it, but wasn't sure whether the Cyborg was a carrier of the X-Antibody, so he changed the color slightly so it can be interpreted as sensor lights or a DigiCore or anything else.[3]


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