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Ruthless Tuwarmon

Ruthless Tuwarmon is a Digimon whose English name is derived from "Ruthless Tuwarmon" and whose Japanese name and design is derived from "Deadly Tuwarmon". It is the DigiFuse of Tuwarmon and Axemon. Ewan and The Land of Illusion

Digimon Fusion

Ruthless Tuwarmon Beast Mode

Ruthless Tuwarmon Beast Mode is a Digimon whose English name is derived from "Ruthless Tuwarmon Beast Mode" and whose Japanese name and design are derived from "Deadly Tuwarmon Hell Mode". It is the DigiFuse of Tuwarmon, Axemon, the army of the Digital Underworld consisting of Sethmon, Dobermon, Grizzlymon, Bullmon, Oryxmon, and Gorillamon, and energy from the Digital Underworld itself. The Battle of The Young Generals

Digimon Fusion


  • Tuwarmon Missile Storm: Fires the spikes on its shoulders as missiles.
  • Ultimate Firestorm (Burning Boogie): Shoots the Digital Underworld's fire and lava from the Punpun Armor at the the opponent.
  • Mad Mantis Dance (Hell's Mantis Dance): An advanced version of Mantis Dance.

Notes and references

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