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Sarah Damon (大門 小百合 Daimon Sayuri?) is a fictional character in the anime series Digimon Data Squad.


She has brown hair, just like her children Kristy and Marcus. She has her hair curled and put on her right shoulders. She also have olive-colored eyes.


Sarah is Marcus and Kristy's kind caring mother, as well as Spencer Damon's wife. When she first appeared, she reacted somewhat casually to Agumon's presence, giving the impression that she was somewhat simple-minded. However, it was eventually revealed that she had been knowledgable of the existence of Digimon for some time. Though kind and supportive of her son, she is somewhat fearful when he voiced that he had to go to the Digital World and stop the machinations of Kurata. Her memories of the family's time with Agumon were temporarily erased, but that seems to have been reversed. She later appears to give the former DATS team dinner, and is very dumbfounded when meeting BanchoLeomon for the first time.

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