SaviorHuckmon b
Level Ultimate
Type Dragon Man
Attribute Data
Prior forms BaoHuckmon[1]
Next forms Jesmon[1]

SaviorHuckmon is a Dragon Man Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Savior Huckmon", though it is also a pun on "Saber". It is a form of BaoHuckmon[2] which repeatedly met and parted with Digimon over its long journey, lived through many scenes of carnage, and digivolved. It militarily intervenes in the strife that occurs incessantly throughout the Digital World, seeking ceasefires, and has brought aid to the Digimon on-site who have suffered harm. The result is not always a success, but the tears it sheds before those tragic scenes make SaviorHuckmon strong, and it earnestly reaches out to the next Digimon to cry for help. Its legs are capable of walking bipedally despite being blades, crimson blades are produced from both of its arms and its tail, and its whole body has taken on the aggressive style of a blade. The crystal in its chest is a crystal of proof that it refined its power with no lack of effort.[3] It wears goggles on its mantle.


  • Rage Streit
  • Meteor Flame
  • Trident Saber

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