Seraphimon b
Level Mega
Type (Ja:) Seraph
(En:) Angel
Attribute Vaccine
Family Wind Guardians
Virus Busters
Prior forms MagnaAngemon[1][2]
Next forms ShadowSeraphimon[3]
Slide forms Daemon[4]
Partners Takeru "T.K." Takaishi
Voice actors (Ja:) Miwa Matsumoto (Adventure 02/PSP/tri.), Nobuyuki Hiyama (Frontier)
(En:) Dave Mallow (Adventure 02/Rumble Arena), Jamieson Price (Frontier[5], Adventure tri.)
Cards (Ja:) St-153, St-243, St-437, Bo-284, Bo-951, Dα-250, 2-037
(En:) Bo-150, DT-62, DM-096

Seraphimon is an Angel Digimon whose names and design are derived from the mythological Seraph and the archangel Michael. As one of the "Celestial Digimon", it is the executor of the enlightened God's laws.[7] It is dressed in holy armor that shines silver, and possesses ten golden wings. As the highest-ranked being among Angel Digimon, it rules over them all. Although its true identity and personality are hidden behind a mask and cannot be glimpsed, it is the being closest to the Being of Goodness called "God". It is told that when it descends for the final battle against evil beings, it will purify everything. Also, it is said that Daemon, who fell to the Dark Area and became a Demon Lord Digimon, was originally a Seraphimon.[8] It bears the Crest of Hope on its plackart, and the DigiCode on its breechcloth are a quote of Sephiroth's from Final Fantasy VII which reads DC suDC beDC teDC haDC waDC reDC toDC toDC moDC ni (全ては我と共に Subete wa ware to tomoni?, lit. "All shall be one with me").

Digimon Adventure (PSP)

Digimon Adventure 02: Transcendent Evolution!! The Golden Digimentals

Digimon Tamers: Battle Spirit Ver 1.5

Digimon Tamers: Brave Tamer

Digimon Adventure tri.

Digimon Rumble Arena

Digimon Frontier

Main article: Seraphimon (Frontier)

D-Tector 3.0

Main article: Seraphimon (Frontier)

Seraphimon's DigiDigits are "1QM5W", and it is a Mega Digimon with the Wind Attribute, Ability Battle Type, and a Digimon Power of 10. Its basic stats are Level 80, 320 HP, 75 Energy, 140 Crush, 75 Ability.

It can be obtained through DigiDigits, Scanning Action, or Digi-Searcher after Seraphimon is defeated at MAP 4 (ICE). EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon's DigiDigits can be input once the player has obtained a Seraphimon, a Cherubimon (Good), and an Ophanimon.

Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01

Digimon Digital Card Battle

The Seraphimon card is #070 and is an Ultimate level Nature-type card with 1650 HP, needing 50 DP to digivolve into, and worth 20 DP in the DP Slot. Its B c attack, "Seventh Heaven", inflicts 900 damage, its B t attack, "Rising Halo", inflicts 510 damage, and its B x attack, "Divine Breaker", inflicts 420 damage, dealing triple damage to Darkness-type cards. Its support effect is "If opponent's Specialty is Darkness, own Attack Power is +200 & HP +200."

Digimon World 2

MagnaAngemon, Andromon, and Giromon can digivolve to Seraphimon, although this Seraphimon's wings are silver, and he doesn't use his signature attacks.

Digimon World 3

Seraphimon digivolves from Patamon at level 40 or MagnaAngemon.

The Seraphimon card is a white Mega card with 46/50 stats.

Digimon World 4

Seraphimon is the chief of the Digital World along with Ophanimon.

Digimon World DS

Seraphimon digivolves from MagnaAngemon.

A Seraphimon appears as a victim of the BT Boss, along with a Cherubimon and a GuardiAngemon that the protagonist must fight before he fights Zhuqiaomon at Lava River.

Digimon World Dawn and Dusk

Main article: Seraphimon (Dawn)

Seraphimon is #318, and is a Mega-level, Balance-class, Holy-species Digimon with a resistance to the Holy element and weakness to the Dark element. Its basic stats are 316 HP, 363 MP, 183 Attack, 139 Defense, 175 Spirit, 140 Speed and 80 Aptitude. It possesses the Heroic Heart, Nimbus, All Elements, and HealingWave traits.

Seraphimon digivolves from MagnaAngemon at Level 66 with 380 Spirit and 77777 Holy Exp. It can also DNA digivolve with Gallantmon into Gallantmon Crimson Mode.

A Seraphimon is in charge of Union Quests at the Shine Center.

Digimon Story: Lost Evolution

Seraphimon is #216, and is a Mega-level, Tank-class, Holy-species Digimon with a resistance to the Holy element and a weakness to the Dark element. It possesses the Sleep Barrier, 7 Lucky Gods, Master of Saving, and Healing Wave traits.

It dwells on Proxy Island. When defeated, it can drop the debug plate for MagnaAngemon or Seraphimon.

Seraphimon digivolves from MagnaAngemon. In order to digivolve into Seraphimon, your Digimon must be at least level 41 with 155 attack, 165 speed, and 100% friendship, but only once you have revived Seraphimon.

It can be hatched from the Busters DigiEgg.

Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Red and Blue

Main article: Seraphimon (Dusk)

Digimon Masters


  • Strike of the Seven Stars[9] (Seven Heavens)[10]: Fires seven super-heated spheres of light at the opponent.
  • Rising Halo[11] (Testament): Uses the deepest mystery to convert its mortal life into a Big Bang.
  • Hallowed Knuckle[12] (Divine Breaker): Launches an orb of light.
  • Excalibur: Attacks with the holy sword Excalibur generated from the armor on its right forearm.
  • Hallowed Ascension (Ascension Hallow): Calls down powerful bolts of divine lightning.

Unison Attacks

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