Seven Great Demon Lords
Advent of the Seven Great Demon Lords Bo-1086 (DM)
General information
Intentions: To conquer or destroy the Digital World
Appearances: Digimon Data Squad
Digimon World Data Squad
Digimon World DS
Digimon Xros Wars (manga)
Digimon World Re:Digitize: Decode
Digimon Collectors
Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth
Digimon World: Next Order
Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory

The Seven Great Demon Lords (七大魔王 Nana Dai Maō?), also known as the Seven Deadly Demons, are a group of Demon Lord Digimon who each represent one of the seven deadly sins. They are based on various demons from within Judeo-Christian mythology, a reference to Peter Binsfeld's classification of demons, most notably Paradise Lost[3] by John Milton and Clavicula Solomonis Regis,[4] an anonymous 17th-century grimoire. There are also two "Super Demon Lords" who are closely related to the group.

The Seven Great Demon Lords are the chief nobility of the Dark Area and each member has the right to command legions of the "Nightmare Soldiers", if they so wish.[5] They are also able to subvert the cycle of reincarnation presided over by Anubismon—instead of having the chance to be reborn, the data of their victims becomes their own flesh and blood.[6] Despite their might, certain other demonic Digimon, such as GranDracmon, are powerful enough to stand outside their authority.[7] Some other Demon Lords such as MaloMyotismon are rumored to be part of this group, but are not members.[8] The group has a natural rivalry with the Royal Knights.[9][please confirm]


Some of the species that are members of the Seven Great Demon Lords have also appeared as characters in other media, but are not members of the group.

Digimon Crest Title Sin Demon Spirit Planet Color Level Alternates
Lucemon Chaos Mode b
Lucemon Chaos Mode
Crest of Pride dwds Paradise of Loss Pride Lucifer Och Sun Red 1 Lucemon b
Leviamon b
Crest of Envy dwds Abyss of Despair Envy Leviathan Ophiel Mercury Blue 2
Daemon b
Crest of Wrath dwds Hellfire of Chaos Wrath Satan Bethor Jupiter Orange 3 Daemon (Mantled) b
Daemon (Mantled)
Belphemon Rage Mode b
Belphemon Rage Mode
Crest of Sloth dwds Roar of Awakening Sloth Belphegor Phaleg Mars Indigo 4 Belphemon Sleep Mode b
Belphemon Sleep Mode
Barbamon b
Crest of Greed dwds Schemer of Gold Greed Mammon Aratron Saturn Purple 5

Beelzemon b

Beelzebumon (Behemoth Riding Ver.) 3352 (DCo)

Crest of Gluttony dwds Duelist of Finality Gluttony Beelzebub Hagith Venus Yellow 6 Beelzemon X b
Beelzemon X
Beelzemon Blast Mode b
Beelzemon Blast Mode

Laylamon b

Lilithmon (XW) EX 3599 (DCo)

Crest of Lust dwds Goddess of Darkness Lust Asmodeus Phul Moon Green 7

Super Demon Lords

Both of the Super Demon Lords (超魔王 Chou Maou?) wear the Crowns of the Seven Deadly Sins, are derived from the Beasts of Revelation, and digivolve from the Seven Great Demon Lords.[10]

Lucemon Shadowlord Mode b
Lucemon Shadowlord Mode
Ogudomon b
Super Demon Lord of Atonement First Beast


Each of the Seven Great Demon Lords possesses a unique "Crest" (紋章 Monshou?)[11] displayed in one of the seven colors of the visible spectrum. Each depicts a sigil of one of the "Seven Olympian Spirits", a group of mythological entities who, under God, ruled over the 196 provinces of Heaven and presided over the natural world for 490 years each.[12] Each Olympian Spirit is associated with a heavenly body, also depicted on the Crest.

Within the space between the two concentric circles is text stating a designated Level (this is "666" for all the crests, a reference to the "Number of the Beast" mentioned in the Book of Revelation), System (the demon that traditionally represents the Great Demon Lord's respective sin), and Code (the Great Demon Lord's respective sin). At the bottom of the inner circle is text which specifies a caution for a Purgatory Level ranging between 1 and 7, corresponding to the arrangement of Purgatory within Dante Alighieri's La Divina Commedia.

The structure of the text is in the following format:

LEVEL:___ SYSTEM:___ CODE:___ (repeated twice)

Crown of the Seven Deadly Sins

The Crown of the Seven Deadly Sins (7つの大罪の冠 Nanatsu no Daizai no Kanmuri?) is composed of all seven Crests arranged in an array and is worn by both Super Demon Lords, Lucemon Shadowlord Mode and Ogudomon.

Code Key

The Code Keys (コードキー Kōdo Kī?) are mystical cards which appear in Digimon World Data Squad. Each of the seven cards is can be used to transform a child exhibiting a deadly sin into the Great Demon Lord matching the Crest depicted on the card. The DigiCode on the back of each Code Key reads "THE SEVEN GREAT DEMON LORDS" (DC TDC HDC EDC SDC EDC VDC EDC NDC GDC RDC EDC ADC TDC DDC EDC MDC ODC NDC LDC ODC RDC DDC S) and "THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS" (DC TDC HDC EDC SDC EDC VDC EDC NDC DDC EDC ADC DDC LDC YDC SDC IDC NDC S), while the front of the card is unique for each code key and is structured in the following format, also written in DigiCode:


"LUCEMON FM" and "DAEMON" are used for Lucemon and Creepymon, respectively.

Gate of Deadly Sins

Gate of Deadly Sins Bx-148 (DM)

The Gate of Deadly Sins

The Gate of Deadly Sins (大罪の門 Daizai no Mon?) is engraved with seals depicting the Crests of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Towers of the Seven Deadly Sins

The Towers of the Seven Deadly Sins (七大罪の塔 Nanadaizai no Tou?) are mysterious buildings that appear in Digimon Collectors. Once they begin appearing across the Digital World, they attract Digimon exhibiting their respective sin, as well as the Protagonist, who is sent to investigate them by the Royal Knights. Although the protagonist defeats the Great Demon Lords lurking within each tower, this only serves to bring about the manifestation of Ogudomon's tower, as well as the Super Demon Lord itself.


Digimon Frontier

Though this group does not make an appearance in Digimon Frontier proper, the card based off of Lucemon Chaos Mode, Bo-137t, is a member of the Seven Great Demon Lords.


Digimon Data Squad

Sgdl savers

The Seven Great Demon Lords as they appear in a flashback of Digimon Data Squad. From left to right: Daemon, Lilithmon, Barbamon, Beelzemon, Leviamon and Lucemon.

Long ago, the Great Demon Lords almost brought ruin to the Digital World. However, they were stopped and reverted to Digi-Egg form, then sealed away to be forgotten.


5-37 01

Belphemon Rage Mode

Some time before Marcus's induction into DATS, Akihiro Kurata discovered a temple which hid the sealed Digi-Egg of the Demon Lord of Sloth, Belphemon. He retrieved the egg and it eventually hatched into Belphemon Sleep Mode, after which Kurata began a campaign to awaken the Great Demon Lord by collecting "Digimon life energy", which would allow him to conquer both the human and digital worlds. Using his army of Gizumon to permanently murder many different Digimon, Kurata eventually collects the required energy after slaying the massive ElDradimon. Believing he has successfully brought Thomas H. Norstein to his cause, Kurata uses the "Digimon control device" Thomas had made for him to command Belphemon. However, during Belphemon's attack, Thomas double-crosses Kurata and destroys the control device, forcing Kurata to reassert control by transforming himself into data and merging with Belphemon, which causes it to transform into its Rage Mode.

Soon after, Thomas comes to join the fight, with Marcus Damon on his way as well. MirageGaogamon faces off against Belphemon only to be stomped on. He might have been finished if Rosemon hadn't seized Belphemon's arm. Belphemon Rage Mode blocks the attacks shot by Rosemon and defeats Crowmon, who reverts back to Falcomon. Through Keenan Crier's rage, Falcomon double warp digivolves to Ravemon and attacks Belphemon but is unable to do anything more than anger him. Belphemon launches an attack at Marcus and Thomas, which Ravemon blocks. Due to his increasing anger, Kurata loses control to Belphemon's true conciousness as he is in "Rage Mode". Unlike Kurata, Belphemon's only goal is destruction. Marcus's Digi-Egg hatches and digivolves from Koromon to Agumon.

Once Agumon digivolves into ShineGreymon, Kurata's face emerges from Belphemon's chest. He then drains electricity from the city to cause Belphemon Rage Mode to grow and swallow a number of space oscillation devices to give it the power to tear rifts between both worlds, threatening to bring both worlds crashing together. He defeats RookChessmon and BishopChessmon, who revert back to the two PawnChessmon. ShineGreymon digivolves into Burst Mode and destroys Belphemon Rage Mode, with help from Marcus' D.N.A. going straight through Belphemon Rage Mode's chest, where Kurata's face is.

Despite the fact that, normally, Belphemon's Sleep Mode is not considered a member, the voice over for Belphemon Sleep Mode includes it as one.

Digimon World Data Squad

The "Mao Digimon" are created when one of the Code Keys of the Seven Deadly Sins is merged with a person who exhibited the respective sin. However, they can be destroyed with enough hard work before they can fully regain their strength.

During a series of Digimon attacks, earthquakes, and disappearances, the Mao Digimon reveal themselves with an attack from Creepymon. Five of them, Belphemon, Barbamon, Lilithmon, Beelzemon, and Leviamon, are quickly defeated, releasing their respective Code Keys and the children they were each made from. Lilithmon is revealed to be created from Yuma Kagura, the little sister of one of DATS's researchers, Tsukasa Kagura. Meanwhile, a private investigator named Kosaburo Katsura and his Digimon Biyomon attempt to steal the Code Keys.

After Leviamon is defeated, Tsukasa appears and reveals that he is behind both Kosaburo and the Mao Digimon, as he wants to release Lucemon in order to become the strongest Tamer. He had his henchmen DemiDevimon kidnap the children and transform them into the Mao Digimon, while Creepymon would take the Code Keys of the defeated Mao Digimon to apply to Lucemon's seal.

After a defeat in the Doomsday Forest, Creepymon attack DATS Headquarters but is defeated again. A young girl named Manami Nitta runs to the dying Creepymon, who reverts to his human form and is revealed to be her father, a lost DATS member named Masaki Nitta. Kagura had told Creepymon that the only way to return home to the Real World was to retrieve the Code Keys and release the seal on Lucemon. Masaki reveals that Kagura already has the Code Key of Wrath, but as Thomas realizes that Creepymon's attack was merely a distraction to give Kagura time to release the seal, Masaki begins to dissipate, as he had spent too much time as Creepymon and was no longer anything more than mere data.

Kagura finally releases Lucemon, who fights DATS but is defeated. However, its defeat proves to be only temporary, as Lucemon quickly revives himself and transforms Kagura into the Code Key of Pride, then absorbs him. While the first six Code Keys removed the seal on Lucemon, and the Digisoul charge awakened him, the Code Key of Pride allows him to leave the Dark Area entirely. Although Lucemon is defeated once again, he transforms into the terrifying "Cho-Mao". Despite this form's overwhelming power, DATS manages to defeat him as well, freeing an ashamed and repentant Kagura and ending the Mao Digimon crisis. However, the cards still exist and the data of the Mao digimon has not yet been deleted.

After each Mao Digimon is defeated, a new incarnation of its trait appears at the location of its demise. The DATS team tracks each new incarnation down, and the Mao bestow their power onto the member of the team that best exemplifies their trait, generally after a fight. This allows the team member's Digimon to take the Mao Digimon's form through Digivolution. Agumon gains Belphemon's and Creepymon's, Lalamon gains Lucemon's, Gaomon gains Barbamon's, Falcomon obtains Leviamon's power, Biyomon gains Beelzemon's, and Renamon gains Lilithmon's.


As the Cho-Mao (超魔王 Chō Maō?, lit. "Super Demon Lord"), leader of all the other Mao Digimon, it takes all six of the other Code Keys to release Lucemon from his seal in the Ice Caverns. He used his dark powers to manipulate Tsukasa Kagura's bitterness towards Thomas to have him begin a quest to retrieve the Code Keys from his fellow Mao Digimon's data to free him from imprisonment, all the while making him think he was in charge of the evil Digimon working for him. Upon being unsealed and given a DigiSoul Charge from Kagura, Lucemon proceeded to fight the DATS team, but lost. Seeing that he needed to gain more power from the Dark Area, Lucemon betrays Kagura by turning him into the Code Key of Pride and absorbing him to gain freedom from the Digital World. Confronting the DATS team again, Lucemon digivolves to the Demon Lord form, the final boss, only to be defeated once more.


As Lucemon Chaos Mode
  • Paradise Lost : Causes a powerful explosion of red energy.
  • Dead or Alive : Deals damage based on a clock's roullete result.
  • Deadly Roll
  • Terrible Dance: Performs a spin kick.
As Demon Lord
  • Dimension Slasher: Slashes the enemy and turns the Digimon into Digi-Eggs.
  • Purgetorial Flame: Summons the seven crests of the Mao digimon, sending out a powerful blast of fire.


Leviamon dwds

Leviamon is the boss of the Sea Precipice Jerapilus and is formed from an envious child and the Code Key of Envy. Upon his defeat, he wondered how the hearts of the DATS operatives could be so pure.


  • Rostrum
  • Cauda
  • Anima


Creepymon dwds

Creepymon first appears and defeats Marcus Damon and Agumon at Walter Island, after the pair defeat Tylomon. While overlooking the sealed Lucemon, it meets Tsukasa Kagura, who promises to give it a portal to the Real World. It later encounters the DATS team in Doomsday Forest Ruins, where they beat it. However, Kagura keeps his end of the bargain and by using five of the Code Keys, breaks down the barrier between the two worlds enough for it and other dangerous Digimon to leave. In the real world, it tries making contact with former DATS member Misaki Nitta's daughter, who sees that he is within the evil Digimon. However, a final battle between Creepymon and the DATS team frees Nitta from him, but at a heavy cost. Not only did he give the "Code Key of Wrath" to Kagura, he is not able to return to normal because he was Creepymon for an extended point of time, remaining as data fragments in the Digital World.


  • Flame Inferno : A powerful blast of fire.
  • Chaos Flare : A more powerful blast of fire.
  • Double Dust: Slams fists over target's head.


Belphemon dwds

Belphemon is the boss of the Rage Caverns and was created from a missing boy and a "Code Key of Sloth" card. After the DATS team defeat him, the boy and card return to normal. Belphemon was responsible for seismic activity that the DATS team felt during their search for him.


  • Lampranthus
  • Gift of Darkness : Summons a damaging storm of darkness.
  • Dark Horn: Charges head-first into a target.


Barbamon dwds

Barbamon is the boss of the Mirage Museum and was created from a missing girl and a "Code Key of Greed" card. After the DATS team defeat him, the girl and card return to normal.


  • Pandemonium Lost A swipe of Barbamon's staff.
  • Death Lure : Instant death spell used on single target.
  • Hell's Flame : Blast of fire from Barbamon's staff.


Beelzemon dwds

Beelzemon is the boss of the Digital Dungeon. He is made from the Code Key of Gluttony and a gluttonous child. Upon his defeat, he admits the DATS team is "cool".


  • Double Impact Two gunshots.
  • Darkness Claw : Single claw swip.
  • Heart Break Shot A powerful, single gunshot.


Lilithmon dwds

Lilithmon is the boss of Livilus Island. Lilithmon is created from Yuma Kagura and the "Code Key of Lust" card. Befitting the sin that created her, Lillithmon seeks to flirt with men. She insults and then fights Yoshino, but after the DATS team defeats her, Yuma and the card return to normal.


  • Darkness Love: Uses a lustful aura to disrupt the opponent's mind.
  • Phantom Pain: Curses the opponent with a dark breath.
  • Razor Nails (Nazar Nail): Rots the opponent by attacking with demon claws.
  • Evil Sigh: Blows an evil sigh upon the opponent.

Digimon World DS

After getting the final quest, the Seven Great Demon Lords send the protagonist a message to challenge the Tamer King to a fight before they destroy the Digital World. The protagonist is challenged to battle by each of the seven in turn, with each victory unlocking a new area. Afterwards, they challenge the protagonist to fight all seven of them one after the other in a series of battles to the death. After Belphemon Rage Mode is defeated[please confirm], Beelzemon reappears, having managed to reform its evil ways, and grants its power to the protagonist in the form of scan data.

Lucemon Chaos Mode

Lucemon Chaos Mode B vg

Lucemon Chaos Mode first appears at Core Field at level 75, then at Destroyed Belt.


Leviamon vg

Leviamon is fought in the Demon Lord quest at the Undersea Drive and again at Destroyed Belt.


Daemon B vg

Daemon must be defeated by the player as part of the quest to defeat the Seven Great Demon Lords and is the first Great Demon Lord that the player fights. The fight happens at the Hard Mountains and then at Destroyed Belt.

Belphemon Rage Mode

Belphemon Rage Mode vg

Belphemon is one of the final bosses in Digimon World DS. After defeating the first Great Demon Lord, Belphemon challenges the player by luring him/her into the final domain, where he and the other Great Demon Lords ambush the player. When the first six fall in battle, Belphemon will personally fight the player. He appears as the strongest Great Demon Lord and the strongest unobtainable boss or even the strongest Digimon in the game.


Barbamon B vg

Barbamon appears first at Lava River, then at Destroyed Belt.


Beelzemon vg

Beelzemon appears first at Sky Palace and then at Destroyed Belt. He is the second Great Demon Lord that the player fights. He is also the only obtainable Digimon that is a member of the Great Demon Lords, obtaining a 100% data scan of him and Calumon's after completing Quest 60. Then, any Infermon can digivolve into Beelzemon.


Lilithmon B vg

Lilithmon appears first at Tropical Isles at Level 75, then at Destroyed Belt at Level 99.

Digimon Next


Barbamon n

Barbamon is the Demon Lord who has taken over the Host Computer Yggdrasill in the System World, where he now makes his base. He aims to take over the Digital World by obtaining all the DigiMemories for the future of Digimon, NEO, already having the Dark DigiMemory. For that purpose, he creates the Commandments and recruits Shou Kahara and Peckmon, who have the Bird DigiMemory.

As a member of the Seven Great Demon Lords, he forces himself into System World and confronts Yggdrasill on the policies of "Art" Digimon, Digimon born with Tamers. Upon deciding that revolution is in order, Barbamon merges with Yggdrasill and became the host computer itself. He fights Tsurugi Tatsuno but is killed when VictoryGreymon destroys him. His last act is to give his gathered DigiMemories to NEO, giving him consciousness.

Barbamon appears one last time when the other DigiMemory holders restrain NEO; his Dark DigiMemory imprinted with his consciousness gives NEO the ability to attack Tsurugi and Yuu Inui, only to have his own Commandments turn on him.

Digimon Xros Wars (manga)

Digimon World Re:Digitize: Decode

Mirei Mikagura states that due to Sayo killing the Seven Deadly Demons of her world, the Seven Deadly Demons of every world, including Mirei's, become stronger. They then become stronger once more when Aiba kills the Cyber Sleuth Deadly Demons. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth


Barbamon (Re-Digitize) b

Later, Aiba travels to the Re:Digitize world in search of an UlforceVeedramon, which leads Aiba to find Rina Shinomiya. After greeting them, Rina tells them that she will help so long as they help her regain Veevee's lost power, which was stolen by Barbamon. After finding Barbamon, she manages to kick the Demon Lord in the face before engaging him in battle, much to Veevee's annoyance as she rushes in recklessly. After defeating Barbamon, Veevee warp-digivolves to to UlforceVeedramon and agrees to help them. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth


Beelzemon (Re-Digitize) b


Belphemon Sleep Mode b

Belphemon Rage Mode b


Daemon b


Leviamon (Re-Digitize) b


Laylamon (Re-Digitize) b

Laylamon is aware of Barbamon's true plot, but she is not interested in it as she has her own plans to rule over the Digital World. Consequently, she is put as a decoy by him in the 60F of the DigiTower.


Lucemon (Re-Digitize) b

Lucemon Chaos Mode (Re-Digitize) b

Lucemon Shadowlord Mode (Re-Digitize) b

Digimon Collectors

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

The Seven Deadly Digimon are Digimon who stand above all demons. They are crowned the Highest of the High and have evil within them at their creation. They exist in all parallel worlds simultaneously, which is also a defense mechanism. They are a natural, primal factor of the world.

In another universe, the Digimon Tamer Sayo of the Night Claw organization killed the Seven of her world and thus increased the power of the Seven Deadly Digimon in every other. In punishment, she lost her partner Dianamon. To regain her partner, she must kill the Seven of Aiba's world. Without her partner, however, she lacks the strength, so Mirei Mikagura contracts Aiba to kill the Seven and explains the backstory to them. Aiba accepts, and though Sayo disagrees with having someone else fight for her, she decides to trust them. Mirei alerts Aiba to the location of each of the Seven, and they kill each of them in turn, obtaining one of the Evidence of Sin each time as their spoils. Each one is inherent to one of the Seven and is also proof of Dianamon's punishment, so gathering them all will free her. After killing all of the Seven, Aiba hands over the Evidences of Sin to Mirei, who laughs and is excited at the prospect of allowing new values to arise.

In a ritual, Mirei returns Dianamon returns to Sayo. Normally, Aiba should be subject to the same fate as Sayo for killing the Seven, but Mirei intervenes. She uses the Evidences of Sin to spawn what she calls the ultimate Digimon that shares the new values with the gathered Evidences: Monzaemon. Sayo resolves to fight, and Aiba and Sayo take down Monzaemon. Though Mirei performed the experiment to introduce something new into the world, Mirei instead finds her own eyes opening and ends up pleased with the results of her experiment. With Aiba and Sayo's journey together complete, Sayo and Dianamon return home.



Lilithmon dl

When Beelzemon puts up the request on the BBS for Keisuke Amasawa, Lilithmon comments that the situation is interesting and that she will "maybe" go take a look. She is later killed by Aiba, who kills all members of the group to free Dianamon.

Digimon World: Next Order

The Seven Great Demon Lords lived in the Demon World. After their world was lost they went to the Digital World.


Beelzemon dl

Beelzemon is one of the Seven Great Demon Lords.

Despite being one of the Seven Great Demon Lords, Beelzemon doesn't like being put in a group, and acts separately from the others. After Takuto or Shiki defeats Omegamon Alter-B, Beelzemon will challenge them to a fight when approached. After being defeated, he'll go to Floatia's Dimensional District, where he'll warn Takuto or Shiki about the other Seven Great Demon Lords.


Belphemon Sleep Mode is one of the Seven Great Demon Lords.

At some point, Belphemon starts to sleep in the Concealed Gorge. Cherubimon detects its power, but fears to be corrupted if they get too close, and asks Takuto or Shiki to defeat Blephemon. After being defeated, Belphemon goes to Floatia's Dimensional District and Jijimon wonders what it is planning to do.

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